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  • Red Tails Spanking Magazine Fall 2017 Issue 104

    Red Tails Spanking Magazine Fall 2017 Issue 104

    Man’s Hand’s long running male spanking magazine’s brand new 104th issue is up on their website.

    The approximate 50 page, full color magazine comes out quarterly. Here is a sample of some of the recurring features of the magazine







    Red Tails Magazine is the longest running male spanking magazine still in publication. It has unique content of stories, art, news, advice, photos and opinion and humor

    Published, on line, once a quarter as the central feature of Man’s Hand Members Only subscription.
    The annual subscription is $50.00 a year.

  • Mans Hand Films – “My Worst Day”



    Shane Omen

    Ken Stocker and Paul Morrison


    Introducing Shane Omen as Chuck Harrison. The lad narrates what you’re watching as the worst day of his young life.  Have you ever had one of those days when nothing went right?  Well, Chuck’s day starts out with a wake-up spanking from his dad which is followed by a visit to the principal’s office for a paddling on the seat of his jeans because he was late for school, again! 


    He’d have been on time if not for the spanking!  Later on he gets another trip to the principal’s office for punching a kid in the nose who gave him a pantsing to see the results of the  paddling Chuck had just taken.   This time he got paddled on the bare butt.  Of course Dad then spanked his bare, sore, ass twice as hard when he got home!



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  • Mans Hand Films : Spanking Motivation in “The Motivator”


    Parker Lowe, Andy Pinecrest, Ben Shaw and
    Fred Stevens as “The Motivator

    When three handsome young detainees at a California juvenile correctional center are ordered to attend the weekly Detention Work Detail for the fifth week in a row, the Director decides that an alternative form of discipline is required and he calls in a specialist – The Motivator.  Sent to their barracks to wait, once Fred Stevens shows up the lads’ attitudes quickly begin to change.   Starting on their jeans, he thoroughly spanks each boy before ordering them all to strip to their government issued white briefs. 

    After a second spanking, and while the boys all stand alongside each other, they are ordered to strip naked for the third phase of their punishment.  Finally, each bare boy is told to select an implement from Fred’s collection of paddles and straps, to put the finishing touch on each of their sessions with the disciplinarian.  Our very popular model, Andy Pinecrest, returns for his third appearance in a Man’s Hand production, while British newcomer Ben Shaw makes his premiere with us and Parker Lowe who briefly appeared in “In Hot Water” gets his first taste of spanking in this video.





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  • Mans Hand Films: “Red Tails” Male Spanking Mag 25 Year Anniversary

    It’s the 25 year Anniversary of Mans Hand Films‘ Red Tails Magazine. Here is a message from Vern at Mans Hand Films


    Man’s Hand Is Headed Off to Camp Red Tails but don’t worry you orders will be taken care of.

    Jacob The Office Boy will be on the job to handle emergencies.

    We hope you enjoy reading the 25 Year Anniversary Issue.
    That’s right it Happens to be 25 Years ago that the very first issue of Red Tails was “printed” and distributed.


    Here are some excerpts from this special Summer Issue,103 of Red Tails Magazine.


    Click on the images to see the full sized pages




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