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  • New Sting Raw Guest Directors Production – A Bad Week For Barry

    A Bad Week for Barry is the latest Sting Raw Guest Production – Directed by Dr. Skelpz.

    It seems Barry really is having a very bad week after first being tempted to break in to a house when seeing a door left open. Trouble for Barry comes when he gets caught by the returning owner who, to say the least, is none too pleased to find this young tearaway rifling through his possessions. There is some hope though, after pleading he doesn’t want the police involved the owner decides to punish Barry in his own way. A good over the knee bare bottom spanking is his alternative to being nicked by the local fuzz.

    Regrettably next day things don’t get any better. After being expelled again from school his irate father knowing how expensive it will be to kit him out for yet another change of school decides he needs to be taught a proper lesson at home! Out comes the leather belt and Barry is soon writhing and howling as he lays across his bed for a real skelping.

    Surely now things must improve but not yet! This time Barry’s probation officer gets involved having heard about all the goings on and missed meetings. Barry knows the judge will have to be informed and that could mean a return to prison. Again he desperately pleads his case. & Well I know what would happen in my day’s says the probation officer, OK let’s do that, replies Barry wanting to find any solution other that a return to incarceration. What follows may not have been what he was expecting. The probation officer has his own methods and a biting rattan cane is soon swishing and cracking across Barry’s well rounded bare backside. Bent double over the table and howling for the caning to stop!

    Well this certainly has been a Bad Week For Barry. Directed by Dr Skelps this debut contemporary spank film with its guerrilla style approach and honest adaptation certainly hits the target.


    A Bad Week For Barry Download

    There is a link to the Sting Pictures 18.USC.2257 proof of age / record keeping declaration in the right hand column of this blog

  • Sting Raw – Guest Production “The Loose Cannon” – Staring Brett Stevens

    Posted on by Ward
    The Loose Cannonis the first of the Sting Raw Guest production, it is produced and directed by (Dr.) Richard Barton, and shot on location in the UK, The movie hosted and distributed by Sting Pictures. Sting hope to showcase other directors soon on Sting Raw and also enable the more frequent appearance of some of the other Brit Sting lads.

    This first guest Production features Brett Stevens, who gets caned, hand spanked and takes a dose of the hairbrush!

    Story line: All is not well at Barton College. Senior lad Stevens (Brett) has taken it upon himself to perform a prank at the yearly prize giving ceremony. After putting laxative in the Governors and staff tea urn, one after another rushes from the stage to deal with their unfortunate position. Red faces all round but soon not to be the only part that’s red! The Headmaster’s face certainly is as he tears a strip of Brett and orders him to receive a good caning. Unfortunately for Brett this isn’t the end of it. Brett’s Dad (Dr. Barton) on getting a call from the frustrated head is in no mood to compromise. He’s angry with the lad, not for the prank but for actually getting caught with the evidence! A spanking and sharp session with the hairbrush follow for the hapless prankster giving him a red hot reason to remember next time to plan it better and not to get caught!


    The movie can be downloaded from the sting site at:

    High quality stills are available from Brett’s Images4Sale site at

    Brett’s video clip site is http://clips4sale.com/store/44826