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  • Sting: No Police 2 – Broken In! (with Preview trailer)

    When two lads in need of quick cash decide to break in to a local warehouse they didn’t bargain on getting caught. In some ways they were lucky as their captors gave them an alternative answer to calling the police. In others ways their luck had run out as that alternative was to be corporal punishment with no questions asked.


    The first boy (New Sting Lad Kevin Ellis) is ordered to face the wall while his partner in crime (Nicholas Slater) is taken over the knee. It’s the warehouse Forman who is going to start by giving him a good spanking just like a naughty boy should receive who’s been caught red handed. His accomplice can only now stand and glance back in fear to see his friend’s quickly reddening bare bottom.


    But now he too is over the knee, this time however it’s the warehouse owner whose stinging palm is cracking down! 


    Having never been spanked before this is quite a shock and his very rounded and protruding bare bottom, now scorching from the onslaught, is a very attractive target indeed!


    The warehouse owner has a prior appointment but as they have photos of the lads caught in the act he leaves further and final punishment safely in the hands of his Forman. The two boys are ordered to stand side by side, now stripped naked, to bend over the table. 


    The Forman takes up a thick leather strap kept amongst the many contents of the warehouse. He then delivers a stinging and burning session of strapping to the two boy’s bare bottoms.


    They have to take it there is no choice and although their backsides are on fire the one consolation is that at least no police will be called. 

     The Cast
    View the preview trailer Online

    Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

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  • Sting: Preview Trailer for Busted ‘N’ Disgusted

    Scroll Down for the Preview Trailer for Busted ‘N’ Disgusted


    View the preview trailer Online

    Alternatively full a sized High Definition version of the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.

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  • Sting: Busted ‘N’ Disgusted

    Sting’s latest release is Busted ‘N’ Disgusted


    When Terry (Oscar Hart) decided to rope his friend Jack (New StingLad Barnaby Hall) to engage in some petty larceny at his Uncle’s house he never realised just how wrong things can go! Caught in the act due to an untimely arrival back home by the said Uncle the two lads get an ultimatum.


    The crime gets dealt with on the spot or further, much more unpleasant repercussions are likely to follow. Wanting to get it over with the boy’s decided to go along with Terrys Uncle’s punishment. Caught red handed is going to mean red backsides for the pair of them.


    First Terry’s friend Jack is ordered over the knee. Having never been spanked before it comes as a bit of a shock especially when his underpants are taken down and his smooth bare bottom is on the receiving end of these painful stinging slaps.


    He knew he should have never listened to Terry in the first place!

     Now though it is Terry’s turn and his Uncle certainly knows how to turn an insolent young lad’s bare bottom a scotching red.


    Terry is far too cocky for his Uncle’s liking and after being cheeky with it is dragged back over for more. His rounded little bottom is certainly showing all the signs of discipline taken!


    However as a closing scenario both boys are ordered to bend over the back of the sofa.


    With already spanked and sore bare bottoms raised high its Uncles old leather belt that is now burning their tender butts. Crack after crack on their bare backsides has them yelping ..

     .. but an unwelcome change to the riding crop (whip) is the turning point.

    This little woven black leather demon really stings and both lads are certainly learning a lesson. Stealing is for mugs or at the very least lads with tougher backsides than they have!
    Preview Trailer to follow
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  • Sting – “Sore 1”

    Sore 1:  The Bad boy says “I am a sinner. I don’t repent. I won’t get caught or punished. I play games, silly games. Will I lose?” Well considering its Margusta as the story’s firm handed protagonist the answer is a definite “yes!”


    Stings second crew under director Rob Leahman are not afraid to try something new. In this horror flick parody we find Dexter absorbed in to a world of fantasy where reality catches up with him and he pays from his crimes. The spectre of Margusta, his heavy hand pounding down on Dexter’s defenceless bare bottom is awe inspiring. Now turning a devilish shade of red his poor butt must endure the full force of retribution. 


    However it doesn’t end there, Margusta now brings the strap to bear. Lash after lash of the cruel leather soon has Dexter’s pert and rounded backside raw and well punished.

    Two souls this day are to receive a sinners beating and suddenly waking in the strange cell like room is StingLad Toby Haines. Is this a dream – no! The apostle of punishment gets to work on the young graffiti artist’s backside. Dragged across Margusta’s knee that well known heavy hand soon has Toby bucking and yelling.


    Never one to leave a job unfinished the punisher now applies the heavy wooden handled strap. Kneeling is in forgiveness, his bare bottom thrust out, the burning licks bring the fire of hell to Toby’s backside. “It isn’t a dream, is it? I am a sinner, I got caught – and lost! If I don’t behave now it could be a case of Sore Two.”


    “Sore 1” is an experimental, modern day horror themed, story, staring Dexter, Toby Haines and Margusta … Something just a little but different from Sting!!:

    Margusta is watching you!

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  • Sting – Crime Spree (Part 2)

    Posted on by Ward
     Sting’s new top Aslan

    A second set of high quality pictures from Sting’s new modern day download Crime Spree

    Dexter and Dale have been caught trying to steal Aslan’s car, and he knows just how to deal with them.


     First with his hand……

    Then with his strap….

    In a different scene two burglars  (British actors, Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason) get caught breaking into a policeman’s apartment

     And pay a painful price!! …..

    As the off duty cop gets to the bottom of the problem!

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  • Sting – Crime Spree

    Posted on by Ward
     Crime spree is a new modern day story from Sting staring a mixture of Czech and new British lads

    The easy route to riches seems to be the modern way. However, it can be full of surprises and not all nice ones.Two young lads (Brit guys, Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason) are down on their luck and need cash fast. One of them has the idea that breaking in to a local flat might net them some fast cash.

    They get inside a property and begin to collect the loot. Unfortunately their choice of apartment is a bad one; it belongs to a police officer. He of course arrives home at the most inopportune moment catching the young felons red handed. The angry Police officer calls a colleague and between them they thrash out a deal.

    Thrash being the operative word as the boys agree to let their crimes be dealt with there and then. Firstly a good spanking from the younger detective followed by a sound strapping on their already sore and reddened bare bottoms. Sharp and sudden justice indeed for the novice pair who have never before experienced corporal punishment……

    The second story features two would be car thieves (Dale Brady and Dexter) who are caught by the owner whilst trying to hot wire his vehicle. Having recorded the incident on his mobile phone the athletic car owner (new Sting top Aslan Brutti) marches the pair back to his flat. 

     They have both chosen a punishment from him rather than having the police called. With his video evidence neatly secured he certainly has the upper hand. This he wastes no time in using after stripping off the villains under wear. Now the two lads are feeling his pounding gym trained arm, with the stinging flat of his hand zipping down on their rounded, exposed and now inflamed bare backsides. 

    Not content with just a spanking he too with relish wields an old heavy leather belt hard across the lads red and tender bottoms. His strong right arm never lets up once and it will be sometime before the two boys will be able to sit down properly let along go out on another Crime Spree.

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  • New from Sting – “Scott Listen and Learn”

    “Scott Listen and learn” is modern day sting story this time staring Damien Drake as Scott


    Young Scott (Damien Drake) is a lad with much potential until it comes to sport that is. Yet again he has failed to take his sports kit to school and now his PE Teacher has had enough. None too happy he sends him off to get the Rugby ball for the afternoon practice. Scott however has other ideas and decides to take a nap in the changing room only later to be rudely woken by a whistle and an angry PE Teacher …………..

    Totally fed up by his laziness he is given a good spanking

     .. quickly followed by a dose of the plimsoll on his sore spanked bottom …..

     But it’s not over yet as Scott’s father is waiting for him to arrive home……….

    Trying to sneak in doesn’t work and soon his Dad makes good use of Scott’s unused ping pong bat! With his butt now burning from that his undies are ordered off!  ……

    Finally he gets a humiliating spanking which ends in tears, much shame and a very sore backside with an early night in bed!


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  • New Sting Raw Download – Laid Back and Bare

    Laid Back and Bare is an experimental Sting Raw short video by Rob Leahman, set in modern times, a young student ( Gino Marks) should be at college studying but instead decides to go home and get stoned and play loud music.. that is until his brother arrives (Dexter) who is none too happy and sends him off for a cold shower!
    Dexter then takes advantage of the joint his younger brother had made… Pretty soon the music annoys him and he wants to know what his brother is doing in the shower.


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  • Sting: Dexter in “Office Agony”

    Dexter frequently plays a disciplinarian in Sting Movies, however, this time its he who is on the receiving end of the discipline. Office Agony is also a departure for Sting as it is a modern day, office based story rather the mid 20th Century storyline Sting are best known for.
    Anthony Parker (Dexter) works as a junior with Peacocks Accountcy firm. In need of some extra cash temptation gets the better of him and he dips in to the petty cash tin kept in his bose’s office. Unfortunately for him Anthony is not aware that his boss has recently fitted a covert security camera and his every move is being picked up. 
    Later when challenged as to his activities he finally admits to pinching the cash. For his boss perhaps this is just petty cash and a petty crime has been committed but it has to be punished! 
    Back in the old days the firm’s founder Major Peacock had his own way of disciplining young employees, by offering them the option of taking a caning rather than being sacked or reported to the police and Anthony’s boss decides to do the same for Anthony

     The lad quickly makes up his mind to take his punishment and move on! The police and a court room were not really an attractive alternative at this stage in his career!…………..

     Firstly he is ordered to bend over the desk and is given a good whacking over his tight grey trousers. 

     These then come down and more stinging cuts are laid over his thin white pants.

     Now it’s time for young Anthony to bare his red and sore bottom for a final set of painful biting cuts from the old school cane……….

     If he thinks it’s the end he’s got another think coming! Mr Braithwaite has his own methods too and young Anthony’s raw bare bottom is soon feeling the stinging licks of his boss’s brown leather belt.

     Now things really are hotting up and for good measure the young employee is taken over his boss’s knee for a final humiliating spanking on his already caned and strapped red bare bottom.

    Its unlikely Anthony will pilfer from the cash tin again for if he does he knows full well that it’s going to be another and even harder dose of office Agony! 



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  • Woodland Vandals – New from Sting Premium

    Woodland Vandals is the latest download available from Sting and stars Rusty, Sebastian and Dexter. Due to a number of requests, Sting have included some on jeans spanking.


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    Sting Premium will cease to exist in its current form as from January 31 2010
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