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  • ‘Spank me’: Catholic schoolboys rally in SUPPORT of paddling as corporal punishment is debated

    News Story: It’s unlikely most schoolboys would want to be spanked and end up with a red bottom when they misbehave.

    But students at St Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana, have been holding a rally to support corporal punishment at the school, including paddling.

    The practice was put on hold this year by the board of trustees after the Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, 61, said it does not belong in a Catholic school.

    Hundreds of students at the predominately African-American school chanted in unison during a rally: ‘Leave St Aug alone, leave St Aug alone’.

    St Augustine student Ajani Gibson told the crowd: “Regardless of how you may personally feel about the paddle – what our school is doing works.”

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    Hat Tip: Rich from Sting