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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Jason Caught Peeping At Girls (Part 1 of 2)

    Jason Caught Peeping At Girls

    (This is actually part 3 of the series, and the third time that naughty young Jason has been caught peeping)

    No matter how often they are punished for the same misbehaviour, some lads just never learn, do they? Teenager Jason, the youngster we have already seen spanked over his coach’s knee and subsequently leathered by his dad for spying on girls in the sports club changing rooms, has been at it again.

    In this week’s update from Straight Lads Spanked, however, we discover that naughty Jason is no longer content with just hanging around the girls’ changing room and spying on them; he has progressed to leaving his phone in there with the camera running, to record the netball team getting changed!

    The escalation of Jason’s misbehaviour has left the coach with no option but to call in the big guns. Jason is summoned to a disciplinary appointment with Mr X!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked (Part 2 of 4): Alex – Real Punishment “Bad Attitude”

    Straight Lads Spanked: Alex – Real Punishment “Bad Attitude”

    This is the second in a series of four postings featuring recent updates by Straight Lads Spanked:

    In something of a departure from the studio’s usual format, the punishment meted out to the star of this male spanking movie is very real, and very well deserved!

    Eighteen-year-old Alex had originally arranged to film a spanking movie on Wednesday. Dave even shelled out for his train ticket from the north of England, and went to the station to meet him. The problem was that Alex had decided in the meantime that he didn’t want to get spanked by a man after all, didn’t bother to let Dave know….and instead used the ticket to go on a day trip with a mate! And Dave? Well, let’s just say that he wasn’t best pleased…

    Fast forward to Saturday. Alex is still broke, still needs to make some ready cash, and has now decided to go through with the filming. Generous to the last, Dave has agreed…. but on the condition that before he gets paid to make any spanking movies, Alex is going to be punished for real, for messing Dave around and letting him down. He is going to get the good spanking that he thoroughly deserves!

    Alex isn’t thrilled by the prospect, you can tell, but he does at least admit that he probably deserves it, and in any case, if he wants to make some cash, he has got no choice! So over Dave’s knee he goes, for a spanking which Dave admits he is going to enjoy administering!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Parker – Office Bully Spanked

    Parker has been caught fiddling the office expenses! The co-worker who caught him gave him an ultimatum, go to Mr X to get punished or the boss gets informed. 
    Mr X soon discovers that Parker has been a mean bully and has been terrorising the colleague who caught him stealing. It’s time he received some of his own medicine.
    Parker, is a cocky and, arrogant young man. Most offices have them! Well in this case you get to see the mean bully brought down to size and given the hard, humiliating, bare bottom over the knee spanking he so clearly deserves!
     A bully about to get his comeuppance

     Starting with a series of resounding smacks on the seat of his smart, snug fitting, suit pants

     Parker begins to realise that spanking stings – and its only just begun
    Get that shirt off ……………….. and now your pants!! 

    The thin cotton of Parker’s tight underpants offers little protection from Mr, X’s remorseless and well practiced palm …

    Now Parker will be spanked hard and long on his, already burning and bright red, bare bottom – the ultimate humiliation

     Now he’s really feeling it!! 
     But Mr. X has only just started

    Kicking his legs like a naughty child

     Attitude Adjustment!

    Comment by JockSpank: Believe me, after the first couple of minutes you will really want to see Parker get spanked, and when he does there is a really satisfying sense of pleasure at seeing this smug arrogant bully getting his just deserts.

    The transition from a cocky swaggering bully to a contrite, red bottomed, and very sorry for himself brat will leave most spanking fans ready to cheer! – certainly one of Mr. X’s most deserving victims 


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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Wayne & Adam – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (Part Two)

    This movie follows on directly from Part One, which was posted here recently

    Wayne and Adam are not having a good day! They have already been spanked by Adam’s Dad and now they are waiting for him to return and receive a belting!

    They day seems like a week as the sorry lads await their fate.
    Dad eventually gets home and wastes no time in lashing their bottoms with his belt.

    It goes from bad to worse though as Dad then tells the lads to remove their underwear!

    It’s a sight to behold as both lads are naked, lying next to each other on the bed as the belt comes lashing down on their already, sore, red bottoms!

    These are now two very sore boys- will they think twice before they misbehave in future? I wonder!

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  • Coach Bailey – Revenge Is Sweet

    Coach Bailey – Revenge is sweet was the video members of the Straight Lads Spanked voted first choice to be released last week 

     Coach Bailey has been taking matters into his own hands when it comes to disciplining the swimming team. The parents have decided that he has taken things too far and in fact Dom’s Dad has filed a complaint and said that if Bailey is not properly disciplined he will be reported to the Police for the brutal paddling he gave Dom in Coach Rules Hard

    So Bailey has been sent to see Mr X to ensure that the arrogant bully receives a taste of his own medicine. 
     Things turn out far more humiliating than Bailey could ever of dreamed of!
     Guess who’s here!!
    Dom describes how Coach Bailey spanked and then paddled him
    Coach Bailey is mortified that the young player will observe his humiliating punishment

    Pants down and spanked on the seat of his tight underwear
    Dom enjoys the spectacle

    Now naked Bailey’s embarrassing comeuppance continues

    Spanked on his bare bottom while his previous victim watches it all

    Now for the paddle

    12 Swats of the stinging wooden paddle

     Revenge is Sweet


     The (*very sore*) End


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  • Who’s next for a spanking at Straight Lads Spanked?

    Straight Lads Spanked are giving their members a choice between three new videos, featuring a choice between four handsome lads for the next update 

    Ryan – Bubble Bath Blues
    Wayne & Adam – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home – Part One
    Coach Bailey – Revenge Is Sweet
    This selection has caused quite a stir on the site blog, already generation over 120 comments – click here to read the views
    Which do you think should win? only Straight Lads Spanked members can vote, but you can have your say in the comments section below this posting
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  • Interview with a Spanker – An update from Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked

    In a further installment of JockSpank’s ongoing series of interviews with well known spankers, we have an update from the infamous Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked

    So then Mr X (or do we call you Dave)? It’s been a little while since the last interview. It seems that there have been some exciting changes at Straight Lads Spanked. What’s been going on?
    A: Hi Ward, well please call me Dave! Yes, there has been some big changes and I hope improvements to the website. A lot of the stuff has been boring behind the scenes tech stuff, but the most noticeable change is that I can now offer the members streaming as well as downloads.

    That sounds great, so what made you go down the streaming route?

    A: Well it really comes down to how quickly technology is changing and the different ways that people are accessing the internet. Over the past year or so, it is becoming much more common for people to only use their phones (iPhones and Samsung Galaxy for example) or tablets like the iPad to access the net. In fact, many people simply don’t have a PC or Laptop at home any more. So the problem I had is that it is not possible to download a zipped mp4 file on an iPad, open it and play it. The only way to give these users access was to offer streaming.

    It was quite an investment and long task to get the streaming option installed but it has been running for over a week now and is just working beautifully. 
    One feature (which the tech geek in me is really proud of), is that the website will recognise what device you are using and will just give you the appropriate streaming format. The user does not have to do anything other than press play!

    So does this mean then that members can watch spanking movies on the move?

    A: Ha ha! Well I guess it does. In fact I have already had a rather detailed email thanking me for making work lunch breaks more entertaining! 🙂
    So the other change is that I have upgraded the server and it really is super fast. You can stream, download and do whatever and it all just flows really well.

    Ok, I’m sure the readers are finding all this technical stuff fascinating, but what can you tell us about new movies, is it true that you have and an all time favourite model come back to shoot some more films. You have dropped some hints, but what is actually going on?

    A: Hmmmmm, I’m not quite sure what you mean? ……………………….. Ok, well here is an exclusive for you. Bailey is back! There I have said it! after almost two years of not filming, Bailey has returned to Straight Lads Spanked and more movies have already been filmed!

    That is great news! I know that Bailey was always a fan favourite! Can you tell us how it came about and any more details of the movies you have filmed?

    A: Well do you know what Ward. I just felt the time was right and I simply asked Bailey if he would shoot some more. He explained that he basically retired from doing any filming but that he would be happy to do some more for Straight Lads Spanked. It was as easy as that. It happened over about 3 emails! As for what movies we have filmed. Hmmmmmm.. 

     Well you seem to have caught me on a talkative day today! Well I will tell you this. The same mean Coach Bailey that starred in the popular “Consequences of Cheating” movie is back and he is meaner than ever. This time it is poor Dom that faces the wrath of Coach Bailey……
    It seems though that Bailey has been overstepping the mark when it comes to administring Corporal Punishment so he may well have had to face up to a visit to Mr X and some unbearable humiliation!

    Ok, I’ll tell you what. Since JockSpank have been so supportive of me since I started I will give you some behind the scenes photos taken on the filming day!

    So you are telling me that we get Dom and Bailey in the same movie?

    A: Indeed! Coming Soon! I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

    I see the recent release Oliver – Bath Brush Beating, which was featured on JockSpank on Sunday, becane an instant favourite! What can you tell us about this movie?

    A: Well Ward the response had been phenomenal! Members of the website get to rate each movie out of 10 and the data from that rating is used to give me a top 10 list of the most popular movies!  It is an accurate reflection of what the members really like. In just over one week of it’s release this movie is now standing at position 2!

    So what makes this movie different or special?A: Oh it’s down to many factors, but without a doubt it is down to Oliver’s performance. He is simply outstanding! This movie is an epic 50 minutes long. Rather than just showing the punishment, this shows what has actually led up to Oliver facing the bath brush from his Father. There is a lot of intense and quite emotional Father and son interaction leading up to the punishment.

    By the time the punishment starts Oliver has changed from a cocky and arrogant young man to being ashamed, sorry and resigned to his punishment. Oh and what a punishment it was! It goes on for ages and just when you think Oliver can’t take any more his father still dishes it out! The emotion from Oliver during the spanking was so real and intense I actually had some emails asking if he was ok! I actually interviewed Oliver before and after the filming and have released that so people can see that he was just fine!

    Oliver and I have been making these movies for a couple of years now and have built up a strong friendship and trust and I think it is that relationship that makes this movie work so well!
    Well Dave, thank you so much for taking the time today and for being so revealing. Is there anything else you can tell us about future movies?

    A: Ok, well here is one last reveal! Andy Lee and his brother Patrick have been in many movies. A year ago, they got their other brother involved 18 year old Dan Lee. Well Dan only filmed on one occasion and then left the country! I’m delighted to announce that he has returned. Not only to the UK but also to Straight Lads Spanked and more movies have been filmed!

    In fact, I’ll send you some behind the scenes footage of that too!

    Well that is good news about seeing more of Dan. Thanks for the photo’s!

    A: Well it’s my pleasure. Oh and before I go, can I mention that I have changed all the membership options and not only have reduced the prices but have also included, for the first time, non-recurring membership options too!

    The End

    Here are some of the back stage images of Andy Lee’s brother Dan which Dave promised during the interview.  Dan is seen below with Oliver.

  • Straight Lads Spanked : Real Punishment – Andy Birched

    Another Real Life Situation at Straight Lads Spanked  – Another Real Punishment Andy Lee seems to find it difficult to keep out of trouble!

    This time he was fighting in the gym and a mirror got smashed. The gym owner was furious and demanded that Andy cover the cost of replacing the mirror or he would involve the Police.

    Andy contacted Mr X in a panic as he had no funds, unfortunately for Andy, Mr X was also sort of cash and unable to help

    However, there was someone who could help, a viewer of Straight Lads Spanked simply known as ‘Sir’ who had previously helped out other lads who got themselves into difficulty..

    ‘Sir’ agreed to help out but of course there had to be a price. In this case it was a severe birching! Not only that, but Andy had the added humiliation of getting punished in front of his younger brother Patrick.

     More from Dtraight Lads Spanked producer Dave……….well I have actually had this movie now for nearly a year. For some reason there didn’t seem the right time to release it until now. I must admit, this was one of the toughest movies I have had to film before. You have probably worked out by now that Andy and I have become good friends. Even though we have filmed some heavy stuff in the past it was always with the mutual intention of making a great movie (and of course Andy earning some cash). In this situation I had to dish out a proper punishment. To be honest, my weekend really had been ruined and I was pretty mad with Andy and he knew it. Still though, I was under strict instructions from ‘Sir’ that if Andy was not punished hard enough then the cash would not be paid. I hope you all enjoy the results”””

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  • The Lee Brothers – Birthday Spanking (Straight Lads Spanked)

     Birthday Spanking – Andy & Patrick

    It’s birthday time for the Lee brothers!  Having birthdays only days apart the group of friends they belong to have decided to send them for their annual birthday spanking together!

    Both brothers have to endure the paddle and cane over jeans, boxers and finally bare bottom!


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