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  • SPK (Prod) :La Strategie (The Strategy)

    SPK (Prod) :La Strategie (The Strategy)

    Seven instruments sit on a table: a cane, a brush, a paddle, a belt, a small strap, a whip and a large strap. The number of strokes is defined in advance but unknown to the participants. Two spankers are selected each time by throwing a dice (odd and even). The first spanked chooses the instrument that the other will receive, and it is removed from the game after the punishment (better choose the cane while the brush remains in play). Are there more strokes with the paddle than with the whip? Which spanker will give the belt? A strategy game is on its way…


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  • Bailey Leather Strap – 36 hard lashes

    This male spanking movie from Straight Lads Spanked featuring Bailey gets straight to the point!

    Bailey is told to assume the position to take his punishment. 

    The punishment is 36 hard strokes from the 3 stranded leather strap!

    12 over denim!

    12 over underwear!

    12 bare bottom!

    This video contains some lovely visuals of handsome Bailey in all his glory as well as some very real painful reactions to what was a very real strapping!

  • New From Sting – Mr Royce – PT Master (Part 2)

    More pictures from the new Sting Download “Mr Royce – PT Master” 

    Here we see some more pictures of Young Barnard (Played by Brandon Junior) receiving his caning 

    The Headmaster too is a busy man and asks his young PT assistant to deal with two insolent boys, Houson (Darren) and Miller (New Sting lad John Horne) A good spanking for the pair of them is of course in order but after this it’s out with Mr Royce’s leather strap and the walls of the gym store begin to ring loudly to the sound of cold leather on defenceless bare skin. The effect is hot; successive bands of fire relentlessly cracking across the poor lads naked buttocks. The two lads quickly begin to learn a painful lesson from the PT master’s powerful arm.

    Miller is played by new sting actor John Horne

     The ever popular Darren (here playing Houson) earning his stripes …..

    With all this action he’s not making many friends but nevertheless its one hell of a turn on. Unfortunately Kennedy, his first victim of the week, catches Mr Royce during a moment of personal pleasure which he soon makes sure reaches the ears of the Headmaster. This needs dealing with sensitively and the head calls in Mr Royce for a not so sensitive disciplinary hearing. 


     The result is a good spanking for the PT assistant and a dose of the heads whippy cane

    The PT master now has to be prepared to take his own medicine and live up to his exacting name, Mr Royce PT Master.

    Mr Royce – PT Master is just under 36 minutes long and features four strapping sting lads plus Dexter in both giving and taking roles – what’s not to enjoy?!!
    (For US members “PT” stands for Physical Training,  a PT Master is the equivalent of a coach)

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  • MancSpank – Mark the Thief’s Hard, Bare Bottom, Spanking

    Posted on by Ward


    Caught red handed by dad stealing money out of his wallet, Mark is dragged to the study by the ear, lectured then thrown over dads knee for a long hard spanking.

    his trousers and underpants are then removed and back over the knee for a dam good rapid fire hiding on his bare bottom!

    Mark is then made to stand in the corner before being put over the chair for a hard leathering with the strap.

    Sent for a shower he is then laid on the bed reading the beano in his cute red underpants before dad rips them down and applies the stinging hair brush OTK leaving him squirming with a very red bottom

    As the main MancSpank sites are currently being rebuilt this clip is available from Clips4Sale.
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  • New From Sting – College Crimes (Part 1)

    The latest download from Sting College Crimes is 40 minutes long and features a host of new and established sting actors

    Due to its length and the number of scenes, I will post this set of preview pictures in two halves


     It is morning and across town young guys are heading for college. In one part of the city Johnny Casper (Damien Drake) is catching his bus as usual …

     This time however he decides to re decorate the upper deck with his marker pen……

     …. this is much to the annoyance of the conductor (Dexter) who decides more than a little discipline is needed and puts young Casper over his knee (This appearance by Damien Drake was his first ever role in a Sting film)

     Meanwhile, two college lads Collins (Luke Desmond) and Grafton (Milo Taylor) deciding it’s just too hot a day for studying so they bunk off lessons. Whilst sitting in the park they begin to remember some of the incidents of the past week…..

    .. remembering one recent event that involving a college boarder, Nick Slater who had decided to execute a daring night right on the tuck shop store cupboard. The unlucky lad had been caught by Mr Brookes, the new young teacher who had recently joined the college (Mike Cross). The next day Slater is dealt with by Mr Brookes who administers a bare bottom spanking …

    … followed by a stinging session with the gym slipper. 
    The next event concerns young Mr Brookes himself who is caught out selling grass to his sixth formers….
    Feeling unduly generous the Headmaster allows him the choice of being disciplined like a sixth former. He agrees and a good bare bottom spanking  …..

     …and belting follow suit. 

    Leaving the handsome young school master in some difficulty when he next tries to sit down!! 

    Another disciplinary event involving both Nichols (Marco) and Rutherford (Leonardo King) is then remembered …..

    They had been fighting after a disagreement about a football match and soon discover that one result of fighting is a very sore bottom ……

    More of their ordeal in part 2, which will be posted this evening…..
    TO BE CONTINUED …………………………………….!

    College Crimes
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  • Sting – Crime Spree (Part 2)

    Posted on by Ward
     Sting’s new top Aslan

    A second set of high quality pictures from Sting’s new modern day download Crime Spree

    Dexter and Dale have been caught trying to steal Aslan’s car, and he knows just how to deal with them.


     First with his hand……

    Then with his strap….

    In a different scene two burglars  (British actors, Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason) get caught breaking into a policeman’s apartment

     And pay a painful price!! …..

    As the off duty cop gets to the bottom of the problem!

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  • New From Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary … Part 2

     Continuing with the images from Sting’s latest download “Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary
    Officer Carter’s first encounter with laying on discipline is to one of his own lads, Trainee Pratt (Sebastian) He had ‘done a runner’ in Borstal terms and being absent without leave deserved a swift disciplinary response.

    To add to the humiliation and punishment Carter orders Pratt’s backside area to be shaved by the barber to prepare for an exemplary bare bottom spanking.



     This being done Pratt now is ordered over the bench to receive both the junior then senior heavy leather straps. Pratt’s recently shaved backside is literally roasted by the cruel biting leather. He will not be so keen to abscond again. 

    Another incident occurs where fellow officer Mr Labowski (Margusta) is required to deal with a badly behaved young lad called Collins (Toby)

    It’s the strap again but this time with the delinquent youth hugging the vaulting horse and taking the stinging leather lashes across his bare bottom wishing for sure now he’d behaved better.

    At the end of the day it becomes another successful entry in Officer Carters Borstal Dairy.

    Click here  and Also here for more pictures from Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary 


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  • New Sting Raw Download – “Raw Down under” – Part 1

    Set in Australia in the 1950’s the new Sting Raw Download “Raw Down Under” features Sting favorite Sebastian and New Sting actor Andy Black on the receiving end of two very sore bottoms.  
    In his scene Andy Black plays Middleton who reports to the head master to answer for a series of misdemeanors, for which he is punished with a series of implements, first a hard hand spanking, then the leather strap ………..     

    and finally the Headmaster’s prized Japanese Rice Spoon first seen in action in Discipline Down Under III


    Sebastian (Davies) has also been misbehaving and takes his punishment from junior master Rusty, first a stinging hand spanking

    And then the hard shiny surface of a clothes brush is applied to his firm round bare behind

    To be continued ……..
    Raw Down Under” Download
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  • Strapping Matt – Part 2

    Posted on by Ward
    The second set of pictures from Sting’s special length download “Discipline Down(load) Under” in which Matt Masterson (played by Matt Mills) gets a good hard strapping for playing truant. Now Matt’s tight white pants come down, and the second half of the strapping will be on his very ternder bare behind!!!

    Matt attempts to protect his bottom

    But he’s out of luck!

    THE END!

    Click here to view part 1


    Spank Matt to Visit www.stingpictures.tv

    Discipline Down(Load) Under – Download

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  • 1900 House of Correction – screen shots Part 2

    In the second half of Sting Pictures’ Double Bill, the 1900 House of Correction various implements are employed in order to discipline the youthful behinds of six unfortunate young Edwardian lads. After the firm hand spankings, seen in part one, it is now time for three of the young scallywags to experience a taste of the leather strap.

    His bottom still stinging from the master’s firm hand Barry bends over the bed for a good hard belting.

    One young man will be sleeping on his front

    The Colonel is pleased to note from the sounds echoing around the institution that his rules are being vigorously applied

    Believing he is unobserved, one young lad (Matt Mills) takes the opportunity fore a little solitary pleasure.

    But the unlucky young rascal gets caught in the act

    And finds himself face down over the fortunate Master Rob’s knee

    As with Barry, Matt’s bottom is still burning when he has to bend over and take a belting

    Maybe Matt still has a lesson to learn

    Handsome Jay is also in line to taste a very serious looking leather strap across his tender behind

    To Be Continued

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