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  • World War I Spanking – Photoshopped by Mark

    Being ever topical and in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the madness which was World War I, everyone’s favorite Computer Artist Mark has uncovered this original and, very on topic image from the period, depicting British and French soldiers spanking a German soldier in a very suitable manner.

    Annd here is the same image, to which Mark has added his own unmistakable touch!

  • Vintage Wrestling and Spanking Clips by Bob Mizer

    Robert Henry (Bob) Mizer March 1922 – May 1992
    Bob Mizer was a gay filmmaker who began working in the underground film industry in America during the 1940’s and 1950’s, where he was predictably convicted  of distributing obscene (i.e. gay) material. However, despite the morals of the time, and pressure from Law enforcement Mizer went on to establish AMG (the Athletic Model Guild) and created some of the most iconic homoerotic images from the period.

    The video below features some early wrestling and spanking footage by Bob Mizer, it was recently posted to YouTube, but, believe it or not, was removed because of its content (seems not much has changed in the last 70 years after of – or if it has, it seems to be heading into reverse).

     Thanks to Scott Norway for drawing this to my attention before it vanished      

    (Mizer’s work pre-dates Title 2257 legislation)



     Dose anyone have any information as to what has happened to the AMG website?  It appears to have been taken down 

  • Punishment at Cornwall Naval Barracks

     I understand that Punishment at Cornwall Naval Barracks was one of the fist Male spanking videos to come out during the 1980’s but I do not know much more about it than that, including which studio produced it.  Is there a JockSpankl visitor who can supply more information about this movie?


    Thanks for Disney, Anonymous and CP who have left comments confirming that “Punishment at Cornwall Naval Barracks” was made by those great pioneers of early Male Spanking videos Studio 7.

    Thanks also to CP for supplying the following link to the Studio 7 site: http://studio7video.homestead.com/

  • The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis -“Where is thy Sting?”

    The spanking scene from Dobie Gillis

    Thanks to Tommy for giving JockSpank permission to post this legendary and much sought after clip from the 1962 episode of “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, entitled “Where is thy Sting?” in which the handsome hero Dobie, played by Dwayne Hickman, receives a good hard spanking from his dad.

    Unfortunately I have not seen the full episode, but the following review was posted online at the IMDb site by brandonforce691 last year:

    Dobie is rejected by pretty young med student, Emily, because her attentions lie on curing the sick. In order to win her affection, Dobie pretends to be terminally ill, saying that he only has six months to live. The plot is successful and Emily showers Dobie with attention.

    Emily thinks that it is only fair to tell Dobie’s best friend, Maynard, about Dobie’s imminent demise. Maynard’s big mouth leads to Herbert and Winifred, Dobie’s parents, finding out about their son’s condition. Emily and the Gillises begin to cater to Dobie’s every whim, fearing that each day might be his last. Dobie gets breakfast in bed, and extended curfew and entertaining shows from his parents. 

    Dobie’s Dad (played by Frank Faylen) swears to be a better father for Dobie’s last few days on earth. Dobie wants to tell them all the truth, that he is perfectly healthy, but he is enjoying the luxurious treatment too much. Dr. Bunkhard (Jean Byron) returns to campus after a sabbatical and is quickly summoned to Dobie’s bedside. She asks Dobie to report to her the following morning for a full phyical, hoping to find a cure to his disease.

    Dobie frets that the physical will prove that he has been lying all along and comes clean to Maynard about his lie. Maynard promises to help him in the morning. When Dobie arrives in the morning, he pretends to be cured miraculously in the night. But Dr Bunkhard still insists on a physical. After the tests are finished, Dr Bunkhard ask Maynard to run the scans, x-rays and reports over to the lab. En route, Maynard crashes into an 87 year old man who has recently had similar tests done. The x-rays and reports get mixed up before Maynard hands them in. Dr Bunkhard reports to Dobie and his family that Dobie’s internal organs show the signs of deterioration that one would expect from an 80 year old.

    Dobie is shocked to discover that he really is sick and resumes his invalid status, taking breakfast in bed. The next day, the 87 year man is gloating that he is in prime condition, with the body of a 20 year old. At this point, Dr Bunkhard figures out what has happened. She, Emily and Dobie’s parents resolve to teach Dobie a lesson. They convince him that he really is dying but that there is just one miracle cure for it: a good. To Dobie’s horror that cure turns out to be a hard old fashioned spanking.

    This is promptly delivered, over his father’s knee, with his Mother and Emily holding him down throughout. Dobie receives a thorough spanking on his thin pajama-clad behind. The next day, when Dobie is tempted to lie, he remembers his spanking and thinks twice about it.