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  • A short story

    Chris is my 25 year old ‘straight’ lodger, he is a fitness instructer with a body to die for, his ass was my favourite part of his body, I got to see it enougth – albeit clad in the tightest of shorts or the skimpiest of briefs, he sure loved to show it off.

    He knew I was gay, he also knew I was into spanking, he discovered my DVD collection a few months back (which includes classics such as ‘The Spy Who Spanked Me 2’ and ‘Spank Idol 4’). he takes great delight in taunting me about how I could never spank his ass (i’m a 47 year old 10 stone nerd named Dr Dwightson)

    This was about to change. I’m a scientist you see, a very good one, and I’ve just created serum AA25 – the effect of which cause the subject to lose ,for a short while, all their strength – the effect is instant, and I had managed to smuggle a sample of out my lab.

    When I got home Chris had his ‘music’ playing at full volume some hip hop nonsense. He was in the bathroom finishing shaving , wearing the skimpiest blue briefs i’d ever seen, he must have had another date tonight, I snuck up behind him and injected the serum into his thigh. He jumped and spun round angerliy

    “Ouch what the fuck did you just do to me Dr Dork!” he demanded “Did you inject me with some…oww I don’t feel so good…”

    He began to sway , AA25 was taking effect

    “Let me help you my boy” I took him by the arm and led him to his room, I sat down on his bed and pulled him down over my lap. Chris began to struggle to get up , but I pushed him down , I was the strong one now!

    “Wow…what have you done to me ….and what are you doing Doc…?”

    “Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time young man” I replied, ” You are going to get a spanking!”

    “No way let me up you freak! A spanking? No way man !”

    I brought my left leg up, raising his ass, and pulled his thighs apart giving me a great view of his balls, I began to softly caress his undie clad buns feeling the soft material, Chris was struggling , shouting and swearing but there was nothing he could do….he was powerless.

    “Now young man, you are in dire need of this so try not to make such a fuss!”

    I brought my hand up then swiftly down on his tight bubble butt, over and over again, causing Chris to stuggle more, yelp and curse.

    “Ow ouch fuck…you can’t do this to me..!” He cried

    Over and over I spanked those gorgeous mounds, watching his butt wiggle as he tried to avoid the blow, he brought his left hand up trying to block me, I simply pinned his arm up to his shoulder blade and carried on spanking him.

    “Ow ah It hurts IT HURTS!” he sobbed “I’m sorrreee please stop spanking me!”

    “You are a very naughty boy Chris, and you deserve you cute little bottom to be spanked, what are you?!”

    “I am a *sob*…a very naughty boy…and …sniff…deserve my cute…ouch!…little bottom spanked!”

    “Good boy, now stand up!”

    Chris slowly stood up, tears running down his handsome, red face.

    “Put you hands on your head” I commanded

    I grabbed the waist band of his briefs with both hands and yanked them down past his thighs , exposing his big, flaccid dick, and his huge balls.

    “Turn around”

    Chris did as he was told, and I was presented with his smooth red buns, I slapped them hard causing Chris to jump.

    “Now boy go stand in the corner”

    Chris waddled to the corner of his messy bedroom, undies around his ankles.

    I lay back on the bed wondering what to do to him next…