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  • Blog Spotlight: B.M.B.W. (Black Male Butt Whuppin’)

    Some of you may have noticed the link in the right hand column to the B.M.B.W. blog. B.M.B.W. stands for Black Male Butt Whuppin’ and as the title suggests the blog focuses on spanking, paddling, switchin’ and generally “Whuppin” the bottoms of young black males. B.M.B.W. Is regularly updated with photos, (real and enhanced) drawings and well written stories about black boys bending over and getting made sore.

    Barry bare butt

    Fans of Sting pictures will notice and probably appreciate Eric2, the blog owner’s passion for the cute and eminently spankable Barry.

    So if African American, Caribbean and African man getting their bottoms warmed is your bag, check out B.M.B.W. It could well be what you are looking for. (If so, in the spirit of the spanking fraternity, add a rating at Best Male blogs, we won’t be jealous)

    B.M.B.W. is highly recommended for fans of the black male, and for anyone who just enjoys spanking bad boys of any color.