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    By the artist Franco

    At Robotron Robotics Inc., Dr Robert Smythe, senior fellow and Director Of Research is testing the new M-38 Robot.  Dr. Smythe stated that the new M-38 is currently sporting heightened and enhanced abilities, including a more advanced tactile touch comprehension, as well as greater speed, agility and strength. The new, robot also boasts improved reasoning and intuitive skills and compared to it’s predecessor, a much, more, efficient problem solver.

    For the test Dr Smythe gave the robot a one word command program instead of writing a list or a grouping of basic, functionary commands. This word (program) was known only to Dr. Smythe so as not to compromise the test in any way.

    The M-38 executed it’s task flawlessly, easily deciding the best methods with which to prepare and present the subject and volunteer assisting with this critical experiment; Junior Research Associate, Jimmy Orbbs, the youngest member of Robotron’s research team.  Mr. Orbbs was initially, quite excited to be part of this test.

    As the test progressed, the entire research team was  impressed with the abilities of the M-38.  Even Robotron’s previous model, the M-37 was able to follow and document the entire process with interest.  Dr. Smythe deemed the experiment a complete success!

    However, Jimmy was not at all enamored with the test and voiced his displeasure. As the experiment progressed, the usually cooperative, Mr.Orbbs became less and less willing to proceed and became quite adamant about halting the test.

    Resistance proved futile, as the M-38 responded to the junior researcher’s un-cooperative behavior by briskly applying, (at length), a wooden ping pong paddle squarely across Jimmy’s bare, upturned posterior, thus giving our junior researcher his first, spanking ever in his young, thirty one years.

    Of course, after the experiment was over, a smiling Dr. Smythe revealed the one word command program.