College Boy Spanking: Marek

Marek TO

The master has Marek strip down naked and then his bare ass is spanked, a first time for him, with a wooden paddle. As the pain starts to sink in, he gets more and more animated as the strokes get harder and harder. Afterwards he receives a good spanking by hand. Next the master continues to punish his student, again with the painful wooden paddle, while in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow position, its followed by a good hand spanking all this puts yet even more strain on poor Marek’s ability to persevere.


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Title 2257

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2 years ago

Fresh young college men to give pain to for the very first time. A treat for me. A very painful one for him. You know he is feeling it. Plus hand spank too. Boy what did you do. Thank you for doing it. Would like to see you try to sit down. It was hard you can hear that. Plus the ass bouncing. Him trying to protect his ass with his hand. Try some ice young man. If you have classes to go to.