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  • Art by Franco – Spanking Machines and At The Convent

    A Selection of Spanking Machines by Franco

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    WARNING: Franco’s Fem Dom images feature young men being disciplined and spanked by Strict Women

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  • Magic Spanking Factory: Jonathon in “The Spanking Machine”

    Six bottles of wine have disappeared , and Stephen has a pretty good idea where they have gone! Of course, as usual there is one prime suspect, that incorrigibly naughty young rascal Jonathon.

    Confronted with his misdeeds, Jonathon initially attempts to deny the theft, but after thorough questioning by Stephen, he finally admits that he took the bottles of wine and sold them. What a wicked boy he is!

    Guilt established, Stephen moves on to punishment, and in Stephen’s book, the most suitable punishment for theft is a very sore bottom, and that is just what the handsome young miscreant is going to receive. Jonathon is ordered to drop his tracksuit pants and bend over the table, whereupon Stephen begins to beat the naughty boy with his belt.

    Followed by a hand spanking. However, it soon occurs to Stephen that he needn’t waste his energy beating Jonathon himself, when he has a brilliant new device, which he purchased specifically with Jonathon in mind, … A SPANKING MACHINE!

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  • The spanking machine

    Story by Ward, pictures by Bruce

    The Hudson brothers’ luck ran out the day they attempted to rob the local mobsters. Of course, the dumb duo got caught and as a result the handsome, but wayward, boys soon found themselves in a deserted warehouse, tied over a couple of barrels, with their bare bottoms pointing skyward, as they became the first boys in town to test out Ward’s new invention, the Spankmatic.

    “OWWW!..OUCH!!” cried Cody Hudson, struggling in a vain attempt to free himself, from his humiliating and painful position as alternate leather paddles delivered stinning swat after burning Slap to his exposed eighteen year old backside “That really stings! ..,. OWW! it hurts!!

    “It’s meant to hurt!” growled Vinnie “I wanna’ make sure you young jerks really learn their lesson!”

    “Don’t worry” laughed Dutch “They ain’t going nowhere, so they have all day to learn their lesson, come nightfall, those cute little butts’ll be glowing in the dark!”

    By this time the gangsters were really enjoying themselves, laughing and cheering as they adjusted the controls in order to regulate the speed and force with which the paddle swats landed on the boys’ tender bare behinds, the loud WHACK! SMACK! WHACK!, mingling with the progressively more desperate cried of the captive miscreants “Hey Ward” Dutch shouted over the noise “This gizmo of yours is great, I will order two hundred, with an option for more! I know I can sell them!”

    Ward, grinned to himself, the Spankmatic was proving as addictive as he always knew it would be, the Hudson boy’s bad luck was turning into a major sales opportunity and the fact that the brothers had such very spankable butts was a bonus.

    At nineteen, Brad Hudson was older than Cody by a year, but his tears were the first to flow, his athletic jock strap providing no protection from the relentless paddles, the fire in his sensitive round yound butt soon became more than he could take without crying. His brother did not take long to follow, and soon the handsome lads, were howling and sobbing like babies as, obeying the crowing mobster’s remote commands the innovative machine continued to spank their pinkening and stinging rumps, as they had long deserved to be spanked. The warehouse continued to echo with WHACKS, SMACKS, howls and sobs well into the afternoon, until eventually Vinnie and Dutch reluctantly decided that the boys had learnt their lesson.

    Even then Brad and Cody’s humiliating ordeal was not over as they were bundled into the gangster’s car dumped, naked, on the far side of town, and left to make their way home with their well punished, bright pink, bottoms on full display. The brothers’ blushing butt cheeks were only a few shades darker than those on their faces as, to their horror and embarrassment dozens of people were able to film them on their mobile phones, with the result that film of their bare spanked bottoms would appear on the internet for years to come.

    However, a bad day for the brothers was a good day for ward. True to his word, Dutch bought two hundred of Spankmatics which he sold through a legitimate franchise. The Spankmatic was an overnight sensation, with orders coming in from across the country, as a result, Ward had made his first $million long before the Hudson boys were abler to comfortably sit down.

    The End


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