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  • In Praise of GaySpankArt – The Ultimate Male Spanking Art Gallery

    Fan’s of Spanking related Art, should make sure to add GaySpankArt to their Favourites and make it a regular destination.

    GaySpankArt is a massive gallery of male spanking art lovingly collected over the years by spanking Art connoisseur Strictop and Co-Creator SFSpank


    The incredible collection includes well known 20th Century favourites such as Tom of Finland, Spryte, Copper, Franco Turquine , Mitchell and Jonathan and also many lesser known or unknown artists. Together with 21st Century computer fantasy Artists, like Callum, JockSpank’s own Bruce, Mark (some of whose art was posted here just today) and Franco who has recently begun working in that medium.

    GaySpankArt is a must-visit landing page for all male spanking fans, where we can continue to enjoy the art which has given so much joy and pleasure to our community over many decades.

    The artist’s featured at GaySpankArt include:

    Arkham Insanity, Axel, Kreston Bach, Big D, Bruce, Jason Burns, C of Sweden, Callum, Hal Cloud, Copper, Darrien, Paul Michael Davies, Jason Driskill, Dave Ell, Franco, Guido, Henrik, Iceman Blue, Isma, Jonathan, K-Bear, Michael Kirwan, Leontpod, Mjesperandieu, Mark, Eric Mars, Mat, Mitchell, Doug Melnyk, Nalgonesrojos, Barbara O’Toole, Phillabuster, @pj5pj5, Pote, Querelle, Roscoe, Robert Schmidt, Sean, Sleepycheetah, Spryte, TAM, Tom of Finland, Turquine, Uncle Buck, Viaon  and Syd Wheels

    Plus Miscellaneous and Unidentified artists together with Strictop’s commissions, all 112 issues of Red Tails magazine and Man’s Hand Anthologies.

    You can follow or contact GaySpankArt on Twitter at @spank-gay

    The site is free to enter (although registration with an email is required to verify age and agreement with TOS).

    There are no ads

    Postings are with artist permission.

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  • A Message from Copper – Introducing Gay Spank Art

    Hi Friends!

    I bear good news. Many years ago a good friend from Northern California had a website called “Strictop” that featured an amazing collection of male-spanking art. Sadly, it went away, but Strictop never stopped collecting images (including a large number of pieces that he personally commissioned by a variety of artists). He and a friend have now created a new on-line Male Spanking Art Archive. The new website contains thousands of images by both well known and fairly obscure artists, and they are all clearly organized and easily accessed.  Additionally, when he discovered that Man’s Hand Films had ceased publishing Red Tails Magazine in 2019, Strictop purchased the publication rights, so now over 110 issues are available for viewing in their entirety, featuring over 5,500 pages of spanking erotica, original art, photographs, Q&A columns, opinions and related articles of interest.

    Over the past two years, Strictop borrowed not only my printed copies of Red Tails Magazine to scan, but most of the Man’s Hand archive of original artwork by Jonathan, Franco, C of Sweden and others.  Many of these images lost clarity when they were originally printed, and while many of the originals were drawn in color, they had to be printed in black-and-white for the magazine. But now they have been re-scanned to restore them to their original beauty.

    Also, in cataloging all of the art, we discovered a number of “lost drawings” by these artists – cartoons or illustrations that somehow never got published, so it’s like finding some “brand new 40-year-old art”!

    And best of all, Strictop is sponsoring the website so that everyone can enjoy this amazing collection at absolutely no cost whatsoever. You will need to log-in and create a password, simply to satisfy the legal age requirement, but Strictop has assured all of the artists that this is a free public archive and that no one is attempting to profit from their work. So in addition to the incredible collection of images here on Jockspank, viewers can now also enjoy thousands of pieces of spanking art, in addition to having access to every issue of Red Tails Magazine that was ever published. All free of charge.

    The archive can be found at www.gayspankart.com – and while I encourage everyone to check it out, I am not responsible for immeasurable hours of lost life that you may experience while exploring it.