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  • TD Monthly 10th Anniversary Interviews (Part 2 – Keith and Si of CP Services London)

    Continuing the series of interviews first published in TD Monthly in 2009 under the title “The 39 Steps”, to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.

    TDM is a North West UK based publication including personal ads from Spanking and Cprporal Punishment enthusiasts across the UK, and is now beginning its 15th year serving the UK spanking community.



    TD Monthly EDITOR’S NOTE

    Part two of “The 39 Steps”: an interview with Keith and Si of CP Services London.


    Q1. Am I right in thinking that CP SERVICES LONDON started out providing professional services, and then moved on to include all the services that the web-site now offers, ie. DVD’s, Picture Galleries, Pay 2 Listen, Pay Per View, etc?

    A. We started five years ago working from an attic bed-sit in South London. Four years ago we were able to move to our present location, which enabled us to expand the services we offer and everything else grew as we identified potential markets.

    Q2. (Question for Keith).

    You seem to slip very comfortably into the role of Headmaster in all the films I’ve seen. Is this something you do naturally, or is it as a result of more formal training at some point in the past?

    A. One of my clients reckons I’m more frightening than his Headmaster. I’ve had no training or involvement with education, so I suppose I base the character on a mix of my own school experiences and ideas that I pick up from client sessions.

    Q3. The CP Services web-site has come a long way since its inception, and now features a variety of different services/products. This must take a lot of work with the need to constantly update the various features of the site. Am I correct?

    A. It’s not just the work involved on the physical side of the site but finding the lads to participate and keeping it fresh: this is where we work very well together, with me being into CP and Si not he ensures that we keep a balance.

    Q4. “Discipline At Boddington Manor School”, was the first DVD I believe CP SERVICES featured. Was this film the first of any kind that you had produced?

    A. “Discipline At Boddington Manor School”, was our first film and came about by chance. My thought was to produce the first of the volume DVD’s we produce: Si’s idea was that we produced a film. Once we had agreed that it was then sorting the location shots, sound effects and finally editing, which neither of us had had any experience of.

    Q5. (Question for Si).

    You appear to be quite at home playing either the recipient of punishment or the administrator. Which do you actually prefer? Or is it more down to the requirements at the time?

    A. Until I met Keith I had never received any sort of CP, so it was a rapid learning curve for me. I prefer to give, but for the films we do, then Keith always seems to be able to talk me into it and I have an interest in the scene that goes around it all.

    Q6. Your collaboration with Sam Hogan has proved to be most productive, and, in addition to the DVD entitled, “Sam Hogan’s Trilogy Of Punishment”, you now feature a great deal of material from the old Sam Hogan web-site. Are there any plans to continue this collaboration at some future point with, perhaps, a further DVD of Sam getting punished by both of you?

    A. We met Sam shortly after launching our web-site and over the years he has become a very good friend: as to whether we will film together again we don’t know. We are delighted to have been able to archive the majority of his site, as we both felt it would have been a great shame to have seen it disappear.

    Q7. Any information on when the second and last, ‘Boddington Manor School’, DVD will be available for purchase?

    A. There are two further Boddington’s scripted with the majority of the locations worked out, however, there are two problems. Firstly, finding the lads to appear and being able to retain them for the entire shooting schedule. Secondly, this is a business and the capital outlay would be in the region of six to seven thousand pounds, which in these economic times would not give us a return on the initial investment.

    Q8. Do you have any plans to make further appearances this year at CLUB-CP’s new premises in Vauxhall?

    A. We are always ready to support Alan at Club CP and will arrange a crew appearance there one evening soon.

    Q9. The ‘Cinema’ section of the CP SERVICES web-site now features a large number of film clips, most of which (with the exception of ‘Client’s Punishments’) concentrate on School and Domestic scenes. In your experience which of these particular themes appears to be most popular with Members, School or Domestic discipline?

    A. We get excellent statistics from the guys who host our site and analyse them every few months. Surprisingly, all areas including Client Punishments are equally popular.

    Q10. The ‘Client’s Punishment’ section of the Cinema also now features a large number of film clips, and it appears that most clips feature clients taking punishment rather than delivering it. In your experience, are clients more likely to visit CP SERVICES’ famous Headmaster’s Study to re-live their punishments rather than deliver punishment to others?

    A. That question raises an interesting point: there seems to be a school of thought that an interest in adult CP stems from childhood. In my experience that is not the case. I have numerous clients in their forties and fifties who had never received any sort of CP when growing up. In addition, we have lads working with us who certainly never received it at school nor at home.

    Q11. The “School And Domestic Discipline”, series of films appears to have been popular with a total of three DVD’s now produced. Are there plans for a fourth, or will the next DVD (after the final, “Discipline At Boddington Manor School”) start a fresh theme?

    A. The School & Domestic Volumes are compilations from the Members Area, which are available to non-members who may not have access to the internet and for Members who prefer to view the films on disc.

    Q12. The professional services CP SERVICES offer are aimed towards a variety of people: men, women, couples and TV’s. In your experience, is the take-up amongst single males greater than the others, or is there a complete mixture?

    A. The majority of our clients are male, 50% of whom we estimate to be heterosexual. We did try to include a female element to the site, but withdrew the content as it appeared to be causing confusion.

    Q13. Finally, a question relating to future plans: more film clips in the ‘Cinema’section, further inclusions to the Picture Galleries/stories, etc. or additional full length DVD’s? Or, of course, a mixture of all of these?

    A. We try to upload a balanced mixture of content to satisfy all of our Members.



    Note: Sadly since this interview was conducted CP Services London had to close for health reasons

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