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    Scott Peterson (The hunky blond in the picture above, not the guy currently awaiting the result of his appeal in San Quentin) was a popular male model and porn star in the late 1980’s, after having been the centerfold pin up in the May 1986 edition of Playgirl. In fact he is still popular enough, 23 years later, to have a Yahoo Group dedicated to him called Scott Peterson fans.

    A selection of pictures of the somewhat buff Scott, in the buff, can be viewed by Clicking here

    Scott also appeared in a number of scenes from the Filmco Spanking Master series, initially receiving a few spankings himself, first from his own probation officer, and later from the fortunate Mr Brooks, the head probation officer, (who gets to tan a lot of tempting tails – the lucky man).

    Scott gets spanked by the head probation officer Mr Brooks

    Later he graduated to doling out some spankings himself, as in the set posted here some months ago, where he spanks Eddie Perez in the shower and then taking on two bad boys at the same time in “Spanking Master Part 3”.

    Scott spanks two sets of bad boy butts

    Personally, I prefer to see a guy like Scott on the receiving end of a firm spanking. The pictures below are from “Spanking Master Part 2” (scene 3) where bad boy Scott receives his first spanking from his Probation Officer. I am sure that many JockSpankers will agree that Scott has a particularly meaty and spankable bottom!!

    This scene can be downloaded from various internet sites, such as this one, however, I can not confirm what the quality is like. The whole spanking master set can be purchased from TLA video by clicking here.

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