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    A new Sting Download by a FIRST TIME director!

    Jonathan Fox and Mikey Steel have worked with Sting since they first arrived in Prague, and now are getting their chance to direct. Therefore while Rich and Rob deal with other projects Sting are releasing Jonathan Fox’s debut download as director.

    The first of the Jonathan Fox series is Kingsley, staring Rusty as The head boy Kingsley who gets to stand in for the headmaster and hand out some strict discipline to two bad boys Ben Richardson (Alistair Cole) and Colin Thompson (Dale Macey).

    I watched Kingsley earlier today and was very impressed, Jonathan Fox is a very promising young director, who has obviously leaned a lot from Richard O’Shea but also brings his own unique take on Spanking movies. I am sure that once you have seen his work you will agree he has a bright future.

    A link to Sting’s US 18.2257 age declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog.