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  • Liam in Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

    This is serious! Liam has been caught stealing money from his Mum’s purse.

    He is sent to his room and has that agonising wait until Dad gets home…

    Liam knows he is in serious trouble.

    Dad gets home and begins the verbal punishment. There is no disguising how furious he is and Liam knows he is going to get it bad! He really has no idea how bad it is going to get.

    The blows from the belt rain down as Liam’s Dad tells him how disappointed he is in his son. Liam can’t do anything to avoid his fathers belt and just tries to take it the best that he can.

    The last shreds of dignity vanish when Dad yanks down his sons underwear revealing a sore and tender bottom.

    Liam tries to hold it together and is close to full on sobbing. He is deeply sorry for what he has done and is snivelling and gasping trying to hold back the tears....

    Liam is belted hard and fast by his father. The punishment finally ends after Liam is ordered to count out 20 final strokes……

    Dad leaves the bedroom as his son is left on the bed trying to soothe his aching buttocks…… 

    Free video preview……..

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    Wow! Everything changed in this latest instalment of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Finally we here Dad speak and boy does he tell Liam off! Liam took such a hard belting in this scene and struggles to hold back his tears as the punishment continues. Real Belting, Real Reactions with a Real Straight Lad! 




  • Brett Belts Billy

    Posted on by Ward

    Brett Belts Billy:  Billy is a slob! and like most straight boys, he needs to be taught a lesson

    19 year old Billy’s room is a mess.

    He also refuses to clean the kitchen
     He also happens to be renting a room room from Brett Stevens! Big Mistake! 

     Brett comes home to find the flat is in a right mess!
     Billy doesn’t seem to care, and appears to find it amusing

    So Brett decides to give Billy a bit of what Brett receives most days

     Billy gets shoved against the wall as Brett removes his belt and proceeds to spank his young bottom!

      Brett delivers hard
    Billy has had enough by the time Brett tell him to remove his jeans. Leaning against the wall, Billy gets his bottom thrashed!
    Of course the underwear gets removed and Billy is standing there, totally naked getting his bottom bruised! 

    Brett finally finishes and Billy goes back to his messy room and soothes his tender bottom….

    Video trailer

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    This was the first time that Billy had ever received the belt and Brett really dished it out hard! If you enjoy real straight lads getting belted you with love this!

    The Full Length version is available from:

  • Belting Vex

    The popular Vex receives a belting over the gym horse in a scene from Sting’s special length (I hour 3 minutes) download “Discipline Down(load) Under” 

    Scenario :Matt Masterson (Matt Mills) is up to his old tricks leaving the staff a load of detective work to bring the lads to book. His accomplices are Barry, David and (as seen here) Vex plus six other lads all up to no good and expected to experience the tough disciplinary measures that have become the custom in the British modelled Antipodean Educational establishments




    Spank Matt to Visit www.stingpictures.tv

    Discipline Down(Load) Under – Download

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  • Sting – The Locker Room

    The latest boy bottom spanking sensation by Sting is The Locker Room staring Dexter, Rowan Hunter, Christian Corvin and new Sting lad Simon Clay.

    There’s larceny in the locker room and something’s got to be done about it.!
    It all started with the attempted theft of the Head Boy’s (Simon Clay) mobile phone by a light fingered younger student, Paul Williams (Christian Corvin). Caught in the act, the Head Boy decided to exact his own revenge and give him a damn good spanking there and then. Paul yells out as the Head Boy slaps his up turned bottom hard then whips down his underpants and continues relentlessly on the lad’s fast reddening bare backside…….

    All this yelling and commotion doesn’t go unnoticed and soon the Deputy Head arrives to investigate this vocal mayhem! Seeing that the Head Boy has taken this unauthorized action he intercedes and regains control of the situation. Now Paul is over the Deputy Heads knee for daring to pilfer the Head Boy’s phone….. 

     This is quickly followed up with a good strapping the make sure the lad understands that stealing will not be tolerated. Paul bucks and yelps loudly as the strap sharply licks his already sore and burning bare cheeks! ….

    However, now none too pleased with the Head Boy’s initial reaction he too finds himself spread across the Masters knee for a sound spanking. There’s only room for one disciplinarian in the place and it’s not going to be the Head Boy!…..

    Later that day in the locker room another student (Rowan Hunter) also tries a bit of skulduggery and this time makes off with the PT masters phone. However, the PT head (Dexter) is hot on his heels and drags him back to his office. Soon the lad is tasting the same medicine ……

    a good hard spanking on the bare bottom this time followed by his trusty gym slipper. The lad’s bare bottom is soon glowing red and sore but that’s not the end of it…..

     Out comes the PT master’s short but whippy cane to finish the job. Each cut is like the sting of a wasp and it’ll be sometime before this young student decides to get light fingered again! 

    Exhausted from his disciplinary duties the PT Master is asleep when the Headmaster strides in. He needs to ask some searching question about a few glaring irregularities in the department’s accounts. It’s certainly not looking good for the young PT Master. If he doesn’t want to lose his job there’s always another way to sort it, similar but certainly harder for him than the boys who stole from The Locker Room!…….
    Dexter’s magnificent round, firm, jock-strap framed bottom is then soundly slippered and caned while filmed from every angle …. and in glorious close up!



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  • Sting: Dexter in “Office Agony”

    Dexter frequently plays a disciplinarian in Sting Movies, however, this time its he who is on the receiving end of the discipline. Office Agony is also a departure for Sting as it is a modern day, office based story rather the mid 20th Century storyline Sting are best known for.
    Anthony Parker (Dexter) works as a junior with Peacocks Accountcy firm. In need of some extra cash temptation gets the better of him and he dips in to the petty cash tin kept in his bose’s office. Unfortunately for him Anthony is not aware that his boss has recently fitted a covert security camera and his every move is being picked up. 
    Later when challenged as to his activities he finally admits to pinching the cash. For his boss perhaps this is just petty cash and a petty crime has been committed but it has to be punished! 
    Back in the old days the firm’s founder Major Peacock had his own way of disciplining young employees, by offering them the option of taking a caning rather than being sacked or reported to the police and Anthony’s boss decides to do the same for Anthony

     The lad quickly makes up his mind to take his punishment and move on! The police and a court room were not really an attractive alternative at this stage in his career!…………..

     Firstly he is ordered to bend over the desk and is given a good whacking over his tight grey trousers. 

     These then come down and more stinging cuts are laid over his thin white pants.

     Now it’s time for young Anthony to bare his red and sore bottom for a final set of painful biting cuts from the old school cane……….

     If he thinks it’s the end he’s got another think coming! Mr Braithwaite has his own methods too and young Anthony’s raw bare bottom is soon feeling the stinging licks of his boss’s brown leather belt.

     Now things really are hotting up and for good measure the young employee is taken over his boss’s knee for a final humiliating spanking on his already caned and strapped red bare bottom.

    Its unlikely Anthony will pilfer from the cash tin again for if he does he knows full well that it’s going to be another and even harder dose of office Agony! 



    A link to the Sting 2257 proof of age declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog

  • New Sting Raw Guest Directors Production – A Bad Week For Barry

    A Bad Week for Barry is the latest Sting Raw Guest Production – Directed by Dr. Skelpz.

    It seems Barry really is having a very bad week after first being tempted to break in to a house when seeing a door left open. Trouble for Barry comes when he gets caught by the returning owner who, to say the least, is none too pleased to find this young tearaway rifling through his possessions. There is some hope though, after pleading he doesn’t want the police involved the owner decides to punish Barry in his own way. A good over the knee bare bottom spanking is his alternative to being nicked by the local fuzz.

    Regrettably next day things don’t get any better. After being expelled again from school his irate father knowing how expensive it will be to kit him out for yet another change of school decides he needs to be taught a proper lesson at home! Out comes the leather belt and Barry is soon writhing and howling as he lays across his bed for a real skelping.

    Surely now things must improve but not yet! This time Barry’s probation officer gets involved having heard about all the goings on and missed meetings. Barry knows the judge will have to be informed and that could mean a return to prison. Again he desperately pleads his case. & Well I know what would happen in my day’s says the probation officer, OK let’s do that, replies Barry wanting to find any solution other that a return to incarceration. What follows may not have been what he was expecting. The probation officer has his own methods and a biting rattan cane is soon swishing and cracking across Barry’s well rounded bare backside. Bent double over the table and howling for the caning to stop!

    Well this certainly has been a Bad Week For Barry. Directed by Dr Skelps this debut contemporary spank film with its guerrilla style approach and honest adaptation certainly hits the target.


    A Bad Week For Barry Download

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  • The Governor’s Choice – Screen Grabs

    Here are some more images from the  Sting Raw release “The Prisoner (The Governor’s Choice)” – Starring (in this instance the very inappropriately named) Lucky Taylor as Paul Miller

    Prisoner Miller is in trouble, so the Prison Governor gives him a choice, loose remission or the matter can be dealt with in “an other way”.

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  • Sting Raw – The Prisoner (The Governor’s choice)

    The latest Sting Raw release is “The Prisoner (The Governor’s Choice)” Staring Lucky Taylor.

    Paul Miller is an inmate at Wallensea Prison. Like all younger members of the prison population he can be a nuisance and his recent behaviour has begun to shave several days off his remission. The governor can detect those younger prisoners who are naturally mischievous lads rather than deliberate trouble makers. In Miller’s case he gets a choice, loss of remission or punishment off the record Governor style. Of course he nods his head and chooses to get dealt with right away to ensure he keep his release date unchanged. The Governor starts the session with a hot reddening spanking over the knee just right for an insolent brat like 2496 Miller! He then quickly follows this with a good hard strapping, the noise of which rings around the prison as a warning to others. Miller’s bare and inflamed bottom is an angry red, glowing brightly after the hard strapping! Surely now other lads will know If you want to break the rules you might be lucky and be given the governors choice.

    The Prisoner (The Governor’s Choice) Download

    There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog 1