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  • New Sting Raw Download – “Raw Down under” – Part 1

    Set in Australia in the 1950’s the new Sting Raw Download “Raw Down Under” features Sting favorite Sebastian and New Sting actor Andy Black on the receiving end of two very sore bottoms.  
    In his scene Andy Black plays Middleton who reports to the head master to answer for a series of misdemeanors, for which he is punished with a series of implements, first a hard hand spanking, then the leather strap ………..     

    and finally the Headmaster’s prized Japanese Rice Spoon first seen in action in Discipline Down Under III


    Sebastian (Davies) has also been misbehaving and takes his punishment from junior master Rusty, first a stinging hand spanking

    And then the hard shiny surface of a clothes brush is applied to his firm round bare behind

    To be continued ……..
    Raw Down Under” Download
    A link to the Sting USC 18.2257 age declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog