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  • Video Preview for the Sting Special Price Spanking Classic – Approved Education Part 2

    Video Preview for the latest Sting Special Price Spanking Classic

    Approved Education Part 2

    Starring Brett Stevens, Barry, David, Stefanel and Brad

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    Approved Education 2

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  • Sting Spanking Classic – Approved Education 2

    Approved Education 2

    Approved schools in Britain first appeared in 1933. Unlike Borstal they were usually open institutions and young offenders sent to them would receive academic tuition as well as work activities. Styled like a school the uniform was usually plain grey.

    Many approved schools were known for their strict discipline cumulating in the famous Court Lees affair in the 1960’s where excessive discipline with the cane was cited. In this short feature we go back to those days of discipline and get an inside view of life at Court Leamington where the slipper, strap, tawes, cane and spanking echo round the walls.

    Featuring five strapping Sting lads including Brett, Stefanel, Brad, David and Barry the action is hot and the result is another retro classic for your collection. Approved Education 2




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  • Sting: Just Brett Spanking Compilation


    Just Brett

    Brett first joined Sting shortly after his brother Paul had made such an impact and has since appeared in a number of Sting movies, starting with ‘The Punishment Book Vol 3 and he was last featured in ’Troopers in trouble‘ He was without a doubt one of Sting’s most popular, and most frequently spanked stars!


    This 1 hour 56.5 minute compilation features a treasure trove of scenes from those movies, showing Brett’s bare bottom getting spanked, caned, strapped, belted, birched, slippered, whacked with a riding crop, paddled and Spanked and caned again.





    jb (11)

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  • Brett Belts Billy

    Posted on by Ward

    Brett Belts Billy:  Billy is a slob! and like most straight boys, he needs to be taught a lesson

    19 year old Billy’s room is a mess.

    He also refuses to clean the kitchen
     He also happens to be renting a room room from Brett Stevens! Big Mistake! 

     Brett comes home to find the flat is in a right mess!
     Billy doesn’t seem to care, and appears to find it amusing

    So Brett decides to give Billy a bit of what Brett receives most days

     Billy gets shoved against the wall as Brett removes his belt and proceeds to spank his young bottom!

      Brett delivers hard
    Billy has had enough by the time Brett tell him to remove his jeans. Leaning against the wall, Billy gets his bottom thrashed!
    Of course the underwear gets removed and Billy is standing there, totally naked getting his bottom bruised! 

    Brett finally finishes and Billy goes back to his messy room and soothes his tender bottom….

    Video trailer

    More from Mr X!

    This was the first time that Billy had ever received the belt and Brett really dished it out hard! If you enjoy real straight lads getting belted you with love this!

    The Full Length version is available from:

  • Spankfest 2 – by Brett Stevens (Part 2)

    The second set of images from the new Bret Stevens Compilation Spankfest 2

     Revenge for the London Riots

    Bad boy Brett really starts to wriggle when that bath brush starts to bite!!

    Sticky Fingers Part 2

     Learning Curve

     The Porno

    Click here to see the first set of pictures and to watch the 4 minute trailer


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    SpankFest Part 1 available for a limited period

    Brett has re-released SpankFest Part 1 for a limited period until April 30th 

    Click here to see pictures and Click here video trailer for Spankfest Part 1

  • Spankfest 2 – by Brett Stevens (Part 1)

    Brett Stevens has released the second of his SpankFest compilations.  Spankfest2 is 34 minutes long and includes a collection of scenes from a number of Brett’s movies featuring him and some of his mates getting their bottoms spanked.  This is an excellent selections of hot scenes, most of which I already have and enjoy, so I am delighted to promote it. Here is what Brett has to say about it:

    Due to the overwhelming popularity of the original Spankfest which was released in 2011, I am delighted to release this brand new spanking compilation. Featuring edited scenes from my earlier releases with most of the scene setting and story removed leaving just the spanking! Non stop spanking! Running at over 34 minutes long, this spanking bonanza features highlights from over 7 different titles! Including The Warden, Revenge for the London Riots – Part 2, How’s My Driving, Learning Curve and much more!  Featuring Brett Stevens, Dr Barton, Jay J, David and others in all sorts of bottom warming scenarios! This spanking bonanza is available at a special reduced price.  As this is a special compilation it is only going to be available until April 30th!
    How’s My Driving?

    Stop Smoking

    Sticky Fingers – Part 1

    The Warden 

    Cheeky Fun

    4 minute trailer


    Spank Brett’s bare bottom to visit

  • Exchange Student Caught Jerking!

     Brett Stevens catches a young exchange student up to no good and and gives the bad boy a well deserved bare bottom spanking.

    Kyle is a young Portuguese exchange student that has been placed to stay with Brett Stevens family. Kyle is home alone one night and after a long session training with the Portuguese diving team he decides to enjoy a nice, hot  shower. 

    Then after rubbing himself dry with his towel, rather going to his own bedroom, he sneaks into Brett’s bedroom. 

     Young Kyle can’t believe his luck when he quickly finds Brett’s stash of porn mags!! Soon enough he is lying back on Brett’s bed, flicking through the porn and slowly jerking off.

    Kyle manages to get through most of the magazines and is clearly enjoying looking at the British girls and is close to shooting when  …….. Brett unexpectedly barges in!

    Brett can’t believe what he is seeing!

     Kyle’s in trouble!!

    ….and he knows it!!

    Kyle has only basic English so Brett decides to teach him a lesson using the universal language of spanking! Brett grabs the embarrassed student and throws him over his knee.

    Brett does not mess around with any kind of warm up and shocks the lad with a short but rather intense hand spanking! Even though Kyle has a strong toned body, he clearly struggles with Brett’s spanking and is wriggling around pleading with Brett to stop. 

    Brett holds the cheeky lad in place though and soon turns the sorry lad’s bottom *bright red!*
    Video trailer

    Brett says:

    Young Kyle is brand new model to the world of male spanking! If you enjoy seeing lingering shots of a hot young guy with a smooth toned body in the shower and slowly enjoying a nice wanking session, before getting a short, sharp spanking then you will LOVE this clip!


  • Brett Stevens – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

    Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!: Brett’s Father has been working away on business and when Dad is away, Brett Stevens misbehaves! Mum has told Dad everything that Brett has been up to (including stealing from her purse) and Dad is furious! Brett has been banished to his bedroom until has Dad returns home and boy is he is dreading what is coming.. When the clock hits 5pm Dad gets home and Brett knows it’s time to assume the position. He slowly strips off all of his clothes and this sorry straight lad positions himself face down on the bed…… Dad walks in and slowly removes his belt… No words are needed as Brett’s naked bottom is lashed again and again with his Dad’s belt. The hits are relentless and get harder and harder as the spanking continues…. Brett is left lying in agony trying to soothe his tender cheeks as his father throws down the belt and leaves…..

    More from Brett:

    I have had some requests to produce a video which includes a lot of facial reactions. So in this shoot I used two cameras with one just focused on my face throughout capturing what was a very real, painful & prolonged belting. I hope you enjoy!! If you also enjoy lingering close-ups of a stark naked str8 guy before and after a spanking well you will you will probably enjoy this clip! For all the fans of facial reactions I have also made an extended HD quality version of this video which includes all the extra footage shot from the face camera which never made it into this edit.

    Video trailer