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  • Early poll results are bad news for Levi Johnston!!

    The “Does Levi Johnston Deserve a Spanking?” poll has only been up for 24 hours following my posting about young Levi. and already 110 people have voted. All right thinking people will be pleased to hear that the early results are devastating for Levi and potentially even more devastating for his well exposed 21 year old bottom!

    Things could change, but early indications are very bad news for Levi but very good news for everyone else!!

  • Recent Poll – HUMILIATION

    The results of the recent JockSpank poll on how important an element of humiliation is in a spanking scenario. A total pf 277 people voted, and the results were as follows:

    • Very important, the more humiliation the better 151 (54%)
    • Quite important, it is fun if he finds being spanked embarrassing 73 (26%)
    • I don’t mind either way 20 (7%)
    • No, I like the spankee to enjoy the experience 33 (11%)

    Therefore, 80% of those who voted prefer to see the bad boy humiliated or at least embarrassed.

    Comments to this posting would be most welcome