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  • Coach Bailey – Revenge Is Sweet

    Coach Bailey – Revenge is sweet was the video members of the Straight Lads Spanked voted first choice to be released last week 

     Coach Bailey has been taking matters into his own hands when it comes to disciplining the swimming team. The parents have decided that he has taken things too far and in fact Dom’s Dad has filed a complaint and said that if Bailey is not properly disciplined he will be reported to the Police for the brutal paddling he gave Dom in Coach Rules Hard

    So Bailey has been sent to see Mr X to ensure that the arrogant bully receives a taste of his own medicine. 
     Things turn out far more humiliating than Bailey could ever of dreamed of!
     Guess who’s here!!
    Dom describes how Coach Bailey spanked and then paddled him
    Coach Bailey is mortified that the young player will observe his humiliating punishment

    Pants down and spanked on the seat of his tight underwear
    Dom enjoys the spectacle

    Now naked Bailey’s embarrassing comeuppance continues

    Spanked on his bare bottom while his previous victim watches it all

    Now for the paddle

    12 Swats of the stinging wooden paddle

     Revenge is Sweet


     The (*very sore*) End


    Mouse Spank Coach Bailey’s well punished bare bottom to view a preview trailer and further details  – or click here

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  • Who’s next for a spanking at Straight Lads Spanked?

    Straight Lads Spanked are giving their members a choice between three new videos, featuring a choice between four handsome lads for the next update 

    Ryan – Bubble Bath Blues
    Wayne & Adam – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home – Part One
    Coach Bailey – Revenge Is Sweet
    This selection has caused quite a stir on the site blog, already generation over 120 comments – click here to read the views
    Which do you think should win? only Straight Lads Spanked members can vote, but you can have your say in the comments section below this posting
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  • Coach Rules Hard – Staring Baley and Dom (Straight Lads Spanked)

    Posted on by Ward
     Coach Bailey is back! and he is tougher, stricter and meaner than ever!
    The swimming team is not doing so well. Coach Bailey seems to be looking for someone to blame and finds him in young Dom who gets summoned to the coaches office to answer to a list of offences. 


    Some might say that Dom’ crimes are trivial and that Coach Bailey is being extra mean. Has the power gone to Coach Bailey’s head?
    Before he knows what is happening Dom is upended over Coach Bailey’s knee ..

    Despite Dom’s protests he gets spanked very hard indeed with Bailey using his full strength! – first on the seat of his blue jeans.

    Then his underwear

    Then his bare bottom

    Dom’s tender bottom gets redder and redder as Coach Bailey’s hand continues to pound down on his youthful flesh

    Coach’s anger has not cooled ..
    Next the wooden paddle makes an appearance and Dom’s bottom faces the full brunt of it and the marks left are clear for everyone to see!

    Dom will not be sitting comfortably for some time!

    Some may think Dom didn’t deserve such a severe punishment and that justice had not been done … we shall see!

    More from Producer Dave, Well first of all I am delighted to welcome back Bailey. It was awesome to have him return to filming. I always had a storyline for Bailey that followed on from movies like “The Consequences of Cheating” and for a while I never thought I was going to be able to continue it. In some ways this movie slightly breaks my normal rules with regards to my code of ethics whenever I make a Straight Lads Spanked movie and I will blog more about that later….

    All I will say is this. The story is not yet complete!””

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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Stolen Holiday Money

    Stolen Holiday Money: Harry wants new clothes and shoes. He is only 18 and has not yet worked out that you have to earn money before spending it. So he decides to ‘borrow’ his flatmate and best friend Fred’s holiday savings and go shopping. Fred comes home and finds out his money has been spent and is incandescent with rage.

    Harry can’t understand what the fuss is all about as he can pay it all back on Friday when he gets paid. Fred explains that he needs the money immediately to pay the deposit for his holiday. Harry confesses that is already spent the cash…

    Fuming Fred grabs Harry in rage and drags him over his knee. He decides that since it is £300 Harry should receive 300 spanks. Harry is powerless in Fred’s strong grip and has no choice but to accept his deserved punishment.  What results is a very real spanking that shows how lads sort things out  when friends take advantage.
    A protesting Harry is spanked on the seat of his jeans
    On his skimpy underpants

    and his beefy bare bottom..

    300 spanks leave Harry a very sore boy!!
    More from Mr X…….. 
    So let me tell you more about this movie. Harry and Fred are real life best mates. There was a great moment during a break in filming when Fred said to Harry as he was over his lap, “how did we end up going from doing our GCSE’s (school exams in the UK) to this?” I fact, I may release some outtakes from this movie as they are pretty cute!
    Click here for further details and a link to a preview video …

    Plus stills and details about two other recent releases from Straight Lads Spanked

  • Andy and Bailey Compilation

    Straight Lads Spanked have released an Andy & Bailey compilation featuring two of their original and most hunky straight lads.   The Compilation includes:
    Builders in Trouble – Part One 
    (Originally entitled ‘Builders get Spanked Part One’)
    Builders in Trouble – Part Two
    Birthday Spanking – Bailey
    Birthday Spanking – Andy



  • Straight Lads Spanked – Spanked Footballers – Bailey and Ben

    Bailey and Ben enjoyed a late night partying! They were chatting with girls and drinking lots of shots! As the star football players they are very popular!
    The only problem was, they had an important football game the following morning!
    They slept in and turned up late. The game had already started without the two best players!
    The furious coach left instructions in the changing rooms to report directly too Mr X!

    Bailey and Ben turn up. Bailey is still drowsy from the previous evening! Ben has never been to visit Mr X before and has no idea what is going to happen!

    Mr X, being a supporter of the football team is furious that undisciplined football players have ruined the chances of the team winning.

    Bailey is the first to go over Mr X’s knee. Mr X shows Bailey no mercy as he spanks him over his tight football shorts. 
     and then spanks him some more! …

    Horrified Ben can only stand there watching Bailey get spanked hard knowing it would be his turn next!

    Soon enough Ben gets dragged over Mr X’s knee. It’s difficult to tell what is worse. The sheer embarrassment of getting spanked in front of Bailey or the sheer pain of Mr X’s relentless spanks!

    Both lads get stripped of their football shorts and spanked on their tight white briefs ….

     .. before being stripped naked and fully exposed and spanked on their, bare bottoms!

    Bailey continues to be cheeky to Mr X and finds himself up against the wall getting 12 hard lashes from the belt….

     Ben can only watch on in sheer horror!
     before he goes back over Mr X’s knee ….

    These two cocky footballers are brought down to size and fully shamed as they are taught a *painful* lesson!

    More from Mr X…………… 

    so this was Ben’s first day of filming any kind of movie, never mind spanking. It was the second scene that we shot that day. Even though everything had been fully explained to Ben, you can see the full reality of it all sinking in as he he watching Bailey getting spanked! No acting was required. What you are seeing is Ben’s real reactions! Both lads look magnificent in the sports gear and the contrast between bright red, spanked bottoms and the tight white briefs really stands out. Bailey is at his sizzling best in this movie!””””


  • Bailey Leather Strap – 36 hard lashes

    This male spanking movie from Straight Lads Spanked featuring Bailey gets straight to the point!

    Bailey is told to assume the position to take his punishment. 

    The punishment is 36 hard strokes from the 3 stranded leather strap!

    12 over denim!

    12 over underwear!

    12 bare bottom!

    This video contains some lovely visuals of handsome Bailey in all his glory as well as some very real painful reactions to what was a very real strapping!

  • Straight Lads Spanked – The Consequences of Cheating

    Karl is in trouble ………………BIG trouble! 
    This 18 year old swimming champ has been cheating on his girlfriend with some other lads sweetheart….. 
    The consequences of Karl’s cheating are severe!…..

    Upon finishing swimming practice, young Karl is ambushed outside by the angry boyfriend backed up by two of his mates… Outnumbered, Karl does not stand a chance… 
    Luckily for Karl, his swimming coach, Bailey comes to the rescue dives into the brawl…. Terrified Karl runs away leaving Bailey to face up to the angry lads. It’s the morning after and Karl is summoned to Coach Bailey’s office….. 
    We discover that Karl fell over whilst running away and spent most of the night in A&E with a damaged leg which is now in plaster, meanwhile Bailey has a painful, swollen black eye
    Karl, with his leg in plaster, can no longer Captain the Swimming Team……….The competition is in a few weeks…. 
    …………Furious Bailey demands answers!…….. 

    Nothing Karl says placates Bailey and the promising athlete is told to empty his locker and leave the club.Devastated Karl pleads for a final chance………. 
    Bailey appreciates that he is a fantastic swimmer and would like to salvage the situation….. Bailey is angry though…. Really angry and decides that if Karl is to stay he must pay a price for his actions….
    Karl reluctantly agrees… 
    Karl has no idea how heavy the price is going to be….. 

    What happens next is extreme punishment dished out in anger by a livid Bailey. 
    Hard. relentless hand spanking delivered full force by strong Bailey. Struggling Karl, pinned down, picked up thrown around and shown no mercy…… 
    …….and when the hand spanking is over with, Coach Bailey orders Karl over the chair to receive 12 hard swats from the heavy plimsol leaving the lads bottom throbbing and bruised …….


    “Hello, is that Karl’s Dad?…..”

    More from Mr X!

    Warning!!!! This movie is not for the faint hearted! It contains 100% real, hard punishment. This is far from a gentle spanking. If scenes of a young lad being severely punished are not to your taste, this male spanking movie will not be for you



  • Bailey – Bath Brush Beating – ‘The Lost Footage’

    Straight Lads Spanked  have released a new version of Bailey’s infamous Bath Brush Beating with additional footage and all initial profits going directly to the star of the show Bailey!

    Here is what Mr X has to say about it…..

    When I recorded the original Bailey – Bath Brush Beating there were some serious technical problems. The sequence where Bailey gets beaten at the beginning never recorded on the main camera. Not once, but twice! What ended up in the final edit was the the third take!

    In addition, the second, face camera was faulty and the footage that was shot was very dark. It looked so different to the main camera that I really couldn’t mix them together. The sound quality on this camera was also not fantastic either…

    I have since re looked at all this ‘face cam’ footage and discovered that it caught all of the ‘lost’ second take as well as the moments when I discover that the main camera had not recorded for a second time. I have spent some time working on this footage and lightening it all. What it also captures are all the ‘off air’ moments and conversations between Bailey and Mr X when it is discovered that the camera has not been recording. It also has the entire spanking filmed from the front, capturing all of Bailey’s incredible real reactions. I have kept in sections that were previously cut including off air conversations and added my own ‘Directors’ notes where I feel it helps explain what was going on….

    Now, for those of you that have seen the original Bailey – Bath Brush Beating you will all be aware of what the guy went through. I thought, Bailey gave an amazing performance.

    It’s for that very reason that I have decided to donate all profits made from sales of this new footage that are generated during the first 48 hours of it’s release, directly to Bailey himself as a surprise bonus.

    Any profits made after 48 hours, will, as usual be ploughed back into making brand new films.

    Please understand that although I have spent some time working on this footage, it is still not exactly top quality, however, I feel that what it has captured is too juicy to remain unseen and enjoyed. It has captured the whole of Bailey’s beating from a front angle not missing a second of his facial reactions as his butt gets blistered!””

    You can see a preview of it here…

    This 25 min long movie is now available directly from Clips4Sale using this link