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  • Bullies II – Movie Review

    If you are anything like me, from time to time you will see a pictures of a handsome guy who you would really like to see getting spanked.  Sometimes you will see him on the street or on TV, and sometimes you will see him on the internet.  Usually you have to make do with the fantasy, but just occasionally the fantasy will come true.  One such occasion was when Stuart and James from MancSpank sent me a picture of their latest actor, who plays Turner in Bullies II. Tall and handsome with a hint of arrogance, from the first moment I saw him, I wanted to see him over a strong man’s knee getting his bare bottom well and truly roasted.

    I am pleased to report that is exactly what happened!

    Bullies II opens with the headmaster, played by the ever reliable Stuart, at work in his study.  There is a knock on the door and Turner is ordered to enter. Reinforcing his position as an authority figure, the headmaster finishes what he is doing before even glancing at Turner, who stands by his desk, still wearing his Red Liverpool FC football kit and looking awkward and uncomfortable.  

     At last the headmaster addresses Turner, who has been fighting with another lad. “It wasn’t me who started it Sir!” whines Turner “It was him what started it!”.

    The headmaster is not fooled, he knows it was Turner who struck the first blow, however, one thing is for certain, it will be the headmaster who delivers the (multiple) final blows.    

    Turner is soon over the headmaster’s knee receiving a firm spanking across the seat of his football shorts.  

    I suspect that Stuart may have had a similar reaction to the sight of Turner as I had, as the spanking he delivers is, if anything, even harder than usual and seems to go on for ever, as that firm hand makes repeated resounding impact with the thin red cotton which is the unlucky lads last remaining protection.

     The effect Stuart is having on Turner’s bottom is soon evident on the lad’s face!

    Of course, what protection the shorts offer is not there for long as they are soon firmly pulled down to reveal  that Turner is not only handsome but he has a firm round and extremely spankable bare bottom.

     And spanked is what that bare bottom gets, and how!.  Like the Olympian class spanker he is, Stuart is now in his stride, and proceeds to give Turnrer a truly memorable spanking, continuing well after those well formed and bouncing cheeks have turned a toasty shade of red almost matching that of his soccer strip.

     As usual all the action is captured by the amused and intimately probing camera, which strips away Turner’s last vestige of dignity leaving his helpless and exposed for the viewer’s scrutiny and pleasure.

    There is nothing like a firm spanking to reveal the little boy in every arrogant young bully!

    The spanking finally ends, but Turner’s humiliation continues, as he is ordered to stand in the corner for ten minutes with his hands on his head, his shorts round his knees and his bare, spanked behind on display.

    Turner is at last allowed to go, but fate is not on his side that day, as shortly afterwards the headmaster catches him, now in school uniform, having a crafty cigarette out of the window.

    Held by the ear, Turner is dragged back to the study, ordered to drop his pants and underpants and bend over.
    His bottom still pink and sore from the spanking, hie punishment continues, this time with the cane.
    Well! He deserved it!!

    Poor Turner had a bad day, but I certainly enjoyed it, and echo Stuart and James in saying I hope that lad is back in trouble again very soon!


  • New Video from MancSpank – Bullies II (Part 1)

    The second bully!
    In Bullies II, we meet Turner. He’s been fighting with Jackson and is sent to the headmaster’s office to explain himself. The cocky youth doesn’t even seem ashamed of what he’s done so the headmaster bend him over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking! The message doesn’t seem to come across properly so Stuart decides the pants have to come down and proceeds to spank the cocky boy bare bottomed until it’s bright and red! After some lecturing and corner time, he is allowed to leave. Shortly after, he goes back to his dorm and lights up a sly cigarette. Who just happened to walk through the corridor but the headmaster! He catches him and drags the poor boy to his office by his ear! This is a mayor offence and Turner will receive the cane for this! After a good caning over the gym horse, he’s sent back to his quarters. We hope Turner get’s into a lot of trouble!

    Part 2 plus a video trailer will be posted tomorrow!!!


  • MancSpank – Bullies 1, Review and preview video

    The latest MancSpank productions release is “Bullies 1” pictures from which were published earlier in the week (click here to view them).

    Young Jackson has been fighting, and he is called to the headmaster’s office to account for himself. The headmaster, played by the indomitable Stuart, knows just how to deal with young rascals like Jackson.  “I’m sorry Sir!” whines the unlucky lad “You will be sorry” thunders the headmaster “And you will also have a very sore bottom!!

    Within moments Jackson is across the headmaster’s knee and tasting the first “whacks” of Stuart’s trademark spanking technique.  And what a technique it is.

    I struggle for words to describe the ferocious Stuart in full spanking action, mode expressions such as “fierce”, “rapid fire” and “intense” spring to mind, but one has to witness the actual scene to appreciate the  piston-like rapidity with which that firm hand makes forceful contact with its vulnerable target.  The thin cotton of Jackson’s sports shorts are no protection against such a lambasting, and within moments the boy cries out in pain.

    “That fucking hurts” he protests, only to discover, too late, that his bad language has earned him additional discomfort and humiliation.  Ordered to take down his pants, he is soon back across Stuart’s knee as the headmaster’s firm hand leaving its imprint on his tender bare bottom.

    A firm spanking really shows up on a fair skinned lad like Jacson and his bare bottom is soon glowing bright red, lovingly displayed in close up by James’s increasingly professional and confident camera work.

    As usual with MancSpank’s videos the camera explores the unlucky Jackson from various vantage points before focusing on his pain etched face, allowing the viewer to enjoy his well earned discomfort

    Finally Jackson’s spanking is over, but his punishment is not.  Ordered back to the gym where, in the headmaster’s words “When the other boys see that bright red bottom, there won’t be much fighting in future”, he is told to return later for the second part of his punishment … “a good caning!”

    Jackson is not only unlucky, he’s also dumb enough to arrive back ten minutes late, earning himself an even more severe punishment from the irate headmaster. Soon the cane is leaving its angry imprint across the unhappy lad’s bare behind.  

    “How many more?” wails Jackson “Be quite!” snaps the Headmaster.

    His question left unanswered, the strokes continue and poor Jackson has no idea how many more are to come.

    Finally it is over and Jackson returns to his dormitory to caress his burning backside and sob into his pillow.

    This is another satisfying tale from an increasingly talented studio.

    Preview video below:


  • New Video from MancSpank – Bullies 1

    In the latest release from MancSpank Jackson is called to the headmaster’s office. He’s been fighting in PE class and will get a good spanking before his planned caning later that day. The punishment starts out with a spanking over the headmaster’s knee. When Jackson by accident swears from the pain, his shorts come down for a bare bottomed spanking over the head’s knee. After a well earned spanking Jackson’s instructed to move to the corner for a while to think about his behaviour. Later that day, he returns for the caning he was promised earlier. Bent over a gym horse, this young man gets his first taste of the cane. If that can help him to obey and not to fight, we’ll just have to do that! Next up: Bullies II, where we meet the other bully and see him get what he deserves!