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  • Bad Boy Brett’s Borstal Birching

    In a further scene from Sting download “Borstal Correction 2 – Back insideBrett as Stevens has broken the rules too often, and is given a choice of losing remission or taking a severe birching. He opts for the birching, and lives to regret that decision.

    The images below only show a small number of the birch stokes Brett takes . but he takes a lot in this scene and must have been very sore afterwards (as will Brad, who also took a Birching in the same download)

    I know Dr. Barton, the lucky man seen disciplining Brett in this scene is an occasional visitor to this blog, and I am sure we would all appreciate his reminiscences of this scene if he cares to share them.

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  • Bad Boys Don’t Get to Have Fun

    While you are all enjoying the holiday, partying, exchanging presents, eating and drinking far too much, and generally enjoying yourselves, spare a thought for those young men who were not so lucky. Think of those bad boys who, on account of their misbehaviour and antisocial actions found themselves locked in institutions where they were not able to enjoy themselves.

    Remember those young men who were subject to the strict discipline of firm older men with firm hard hands. Older men who would order them to drop their pants and lay their hunky young bodies across their laps, or bend, bare bottom uppermost, over gym horses to receive punishment for any number of misdemeanors.

    As you sit tucking into your festive meal, remember those young lads for whom sitting was not so easy. For them, sitting down had become most uncomfortable, on account of the fact that their firm, pert and very bare young tails were regularly toasted to a warm cherry pink glow by firm hand spankings, stinging slipperings, painful canings, severe birchings and, of course, the strap.

    These bad boys did not get to enjoy their day, but when you think of them remember that they are bad boys and that they deserved every smack, whack and humiliation. Don’t feel sorry for them, they are only getting their well overdue comeuppance, right at the seat of the problem. Enjoy that thought, and have a great day.

    To help you enjoy the thought, here are some scenes from “Borstal Correction 2 (Back inside)” by Sting Pictures.

    A link the the Sting Pictures US 18.2257 age declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog.

  • Borstal Correction 2 (Back Inside) – A new download from Sting

    Out today! Borstal Correction 2 – back inside is the latest download from Sting Pictures, Staring Brad, David, Danny and Brett, not to mention the indefatigable good fortune blessed Rich and Rob.

    Description: Following the first download story Borstal Correction, now follows Borstal correction 2. In this story Sting lads Danny, Brad, David and Brett play young inmates Haines, Adams, Roberts and Stevens. Rainsford Borstal is run on strict lines and any infringement of the rules is met with a swift response by the Governor (Dr Barton) Out of the four lads we feature inside its Adams who never seems to get the message. Apart from an official birching ordered by the governor he is no stranger to receiving a good spanking and the cane from the senior officers. Haines and Roberts too encounter the cane and strap for various offences of indiscipline while Stevens night time pillow fighting gets him a good spanking from the deputy Governor. Not deterred by this young Stevens seems determined to test the Governors patience and ends up having to choose between loss of remission or a harsh sentence of corporal punishment. What’s his final decision? It’s all in this new hot and CP action packed story Borstal Correction 2 back inside.

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    Borstal Correction 2 – back inside