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    Various artists, can you name the ones I can’t?

    1) Who can name this artist?

    2) Innuendo – does anyone know more about this artist? He’s new to me

    3)  Philip Swarbric – as identified by Leather Strap – more art here

    4) Alan
    5) Who can tell us the name of this artist?

    6) Who is this artist?
    7) Jonathan

    8) I believe this artist is Sean, am I right?

    9) I doubt anyone here is old enough to identify this artist!! This engraving appeared in Latin text books at JockSpank visitor CP’s school and according to JockSpank visitor Stani is is based on a painting which can be seen at the National archeological museum in Napoli, Italy

    10) Tom of Finland
    11) Julius “Daddy Dearest” series – identified by Ian
    12) Ken Beverley
    13) Another by Ken Beverley

    14) Franco

    15) Mitchell
    16) Spryte