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  • Gotta’ Get Paid – Jay

    Arrogant Pride comes before a very sore bum – Jay doesn’t believe that Barry will really beat his bare ass for not repaying the money he owes – how wrong he is!!


      Jay won’t answer when Barry calls
    He still hasn’t paid Barry what he owes him. Not only is Jay avoiding Barry, he is badmouthing him too.
     Unfortunately for Jay, Barry tracks him down and tans his bare backside as punishment. 

    Please note this scene was previously released by Sting Pictures as part of Gotta Get Paid
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  • Sting : Video trailer for 1900 Return to the House of Correction

     Scroll down to view the video trailer for 1900 Return to the House of Correction 

    Leonardo King
    Mike Cross
    Jay Faith
    and Jonathon 
    (appearing by permission of the Magic Spanking Factory)
    with Dexter and Marco handing out the punishment

    Preview trailer


  • Sting: 1900 Return to the House of Correction

    Posted on by Ward

    Sting’s latest download 1900 Return to the House of correction

    The Police courts are busy and Colonel Templeton Lee’s Juvenile House of Correction couldn’t be busier. New arrivals who do not pull their weight are soon in line for some serous discipline.


    Albert Stanton (Leonardo King) is one such lad who finds himself hauled up in front of the Governor. At the turn of the century and for many years after to maintain good discipline the most sensible thing to do was to lay on some corrective punishment. 


    In this case it’s a good breeches down spanking for Stanton …


    .. followed by the burning sting of the old leather tawse, its bands of fire well laid across his bare backside.


    John Hawkins (Jay Faith) a new inmate freshly arrived from York is taken over the knee of Warder Mr Sturchley (Dexter) just to introduce him to what’s expected from a new inmate.


    Meanwhile the Colonel deals with another younger Warder, Mr Hawksley (Mike Cross) who has been taking far too many liberties in his exalted position.


    A humiliating bare bottom spanking for this insolent young officer…


    …followed by a session with the salt water soaked birch, which he would normally wield himself!


    Now the time has come to carry out the sentences imposed by the courts. First to be put over the birching pony is John Hawkins.


    The executioner is Mr Strurchley stripped to the waist and ready to lay on some scorching strokes. Twenty Four burning lashes later the lad’s slate is wiped clean but with more time to serve he must still be on his best behaviour all the same! 


    Finally young Arthur Crosby (Jonathan, appearing courtesy of The Magic Spanking Factory) is ordered over the well used birching pony. The sentence is read out and the boy is secured, Mr Butcher (Marco) flexes the cruel birch bringing it down with relish on to Arthur’s defenceless bare bottom.


    One by one the strokes lash down and Arthur begins to howl, his raw bare buttocks blazing from the whippy birch twigs relentlessly biting home.
    The lad quickly makes up his mind that It will be sometime if ever before he Returns to the House Of Correction!


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  • It Still Happens (Scene 2)

    Posted on by Ward
    in It still happens (scene 2) by Doctor Skelpz Jay Faith recalls a recent bare bottomed punishment he received from his pastor.


    The pastor quotes scripture as he gets biblical with the cane on Jay’s naughty bum.

    Please note this scene was previously released by Sting Pictures as part of It Still Happens

    Links provided out of respect for Doctor Skelpz intellectual property rights

  • Community Service – Scene 3

    Community Service Scene Three:  Directed by Doctor Skelpz

    Jay and Damien need to make some money so they offer to shot some weed for Barry. Barry has his doubts and these are confirmed when he discovers the boys have no weed and no money. Barry shows his displeasure by giving both Jay and Damien bare-ass spankings. Please note this scene was previously released by Sting Pictures as part of Community Sevice

  • Sting: Guest Director Series – “Gotta’ Get Paid” by Dr Skelpz

    Gotta’ Get Paid” is the new Guest Director release from Sting. Staring Barry, David, Jay Faith, Alfie, Max, Tim and Damien

    Its South side and Street wise with the latest video, directed by Dr. Skelpz- renowned for his close to the edge style productions set in South London ……


    This story follows London dealer Barry, trying to recoup funds from his hapless band of villainous lads. 
    First up is Tim who owes Barry big time. He certainly hasn’t got the answers his boss wants to hear. ‘Yer know I’m gonna slap your arse’, retorts an angry Barry. Tim can’t believe it as suddenly he’s over his dealer’s knee; the flat of his hand is raining down on Tim’s bare bottom.Not being one to do things by half Barry then whips off his trainer and continues to beat the pleading lad who is now bucking and squirming as the pliant rubber sole continuously connect with defenceless bare skin.


    Next on his debtors list is David. He’s’ actually got the cash but has had to do some moonlighting to get it. To avoid Barry’s wrath he has visited a spanking client who in turn has really got his painful money’s worth. ‘Blimey I hope he don’t use the Belt!’, thinks David. Too late! Out it comes with the cane and several other implements of correction. David can only lament his fate but it’s the only way he’s quickly going to get his hands on some cash.

    Alfie and Max are two more of the South Side team. For the bungling pair it’s time to call their boss to give him the bad news. They got busted and have lost Barry’s cash. Barry is not amused. ‘You gotta be taking the piss’, he says as off comes his Gucci belt and across poor young Alfie’s bare backside it goes! Young Max can only watch in horror as his buddies arse gets redder and redder from the onslaught. He knows he’s next and soon he too is over Barrie’s knee for a good spanking. Pleading doesn’t help as this teenage villain gets a dose of his boss’s stinging angry palm. News travels fast in the Hood and Barry picks up on some bad mouthing coming to his ears from another of his boys. 

    Jay Faith thinks he can get away with shafting the boss but he’s sadly mistaken as Barry soon tracks him down and gives his a hiding he’ll remember for a long time. The raw and burning welts on his bare backside are raw statement to stepping out of line. Something he won’t do again in a hurry. Lastly on the list is Damien, one of Barry’s more trusted guys but he too has crossed the line once to often. Resigned to his fate he kneels in a chair, backside bared waiting the feel the merciless leather belt lash down on his vulnerable and very rounded rump

    He doesn’t wait long and with the searing pain, like the others, knows that Barry’s always gotta get paid!

    Gotta’ Get Paid

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