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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Brother In Charge – Part Four (Andy and Oliver)

    Oliver and his Dad are having a nice quiet night in. Mum is away so the guys decide to order some take-away and have a few drinks. ​​G​ood, quality, Father & Son time!

    ​The peaceful night in is soon ruined by a ferocious knocking at the door!

    ​ ​
    Dad goes to see what all the noise is about and encounters a very angry Andy Lee!
    Andy has discovered that Oliver was involved in selling the ‘gear’ with his younger brother Dan and he is not happy.
    Oliver tries to protest his innocence
    But nobody is fooled
    What happens next is Oliver’s biggest nightmare.

    Total Humiliation


    A Very Sore Bottom!

    More from producer Dave.​Well when I first made Brother in Charge Part One I never dreamed that we would end up with a fourth part. I love how these movies have a life of their own.

    The main thing to tell you about this one, was how difficult it was for Oliver! He has had worse spankings in his time, but this was just total humiliation. Having to show respect to Andy and get spanked by him in front of myself was really difficult. In fact at one point I really thought Oliver would not go through with it.

    So of course, what we end up with are some delightfully real, awkward, embarrassing squirming moments from Oliver that we know are 100% genuine!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Spanked Duos

    Posted on by Ward
    Spanking at the double!! – two recent updates at Straight Lads Spanked featuring two lads getting spanked by Mr X

    Andy & Ryan – Caught In Girls Changing Rooms

    Andy Lee & Ryan

    Andy Lee will never learn from his past mistakes it seems!Rather than just going to the gym and working out like most other lads, Andy has to get up to mischief. He was caught once again in the girls changing rooms. This time he involved his gym buddy Ryan.

    22 year old straight lad has never been is serious trouble before. Ryan has never been sent to visit Mr X before! Ryan is about to receive his first ever spanking!

    Andy and Ryan argue over who is to blame. All mr X is interested in though is dishing out the appropriate punishment. These two men are made to gradually strip naked in front of each other and watch as the other receives a hard hand spanking!

    As it is Andy Lee’s second visit he also gets a taste of the belt too! Two straight lads, humiliated, shames, spanked, sorry & sore! 

     Paddle Dare – Part Three – Andy Lee & Jay
    So after both lads have received their spanking, it’s time for their caning!

    Mr X is furious with the guys and he does not go easy on them. They both receive 12 hard strokes from the cane. What makes it worse is that the other lad has to stand and watch his friend receive the painful caning.

    Both Andy and Jay end up with sore, striped bottoms!

    This movie follows on directly from Paddle Dare – Part Two. You can still download Part One, for free here!

    “”More from Producer Dave…. I don’t really have much to add about this movie other than to say that neither Andy or Jay can deal with the cane very well. Andy has got better but Jay genuinely really struggles. Every reaction you see from him, the screams the jumping were 100% genuine. The sweat dripping off both lads also shows how intense it really was. I was actually doubtful whether Jay would actually got through with the final six strokes and if it was not for the fact that Andy did, he would have probably refused!”

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  • Straight Lads Spanked : Real Punishment – Andy Birched

    Another Real Life Situation at Straight Lads Spanked  – Another Real Punishment Andy Lee seems to find it difficult to keep out of trouble!

    This time he was fighting in the gym and a mirror got smashed. The gym owner was furious and demanded that Andy cover the cost of replacing the mirror or he would involve the Police.

    Andy contacted Mr X in a panic as he had no funds, unfortunately for Andy, Mr X was also sort of cash and unable to help

    However, there was someone who could help, a viewer of Straight Lads Spanked simply known as ‘Sir’ who had previously helped out other lads who got themselves into difficulty..

    ‘Sir’ agreed to help out but of course there had to be a price. In this case it was a severe birching! Not only that, but Andy had the added humiliation of getting punished in front of his younger brother Patrick.

     More from Dtraight Lads Spanked producer Dave……….well I have actually had this movie now for nearly a year. For some reason there didn’t seem the right time to release it until now. I must admit, this was one of the toughest movies I have had to film before. You have probably worked out by now that Andy and I have become good friends. Even though we have filmed some heavy stuff in the past it was always with the mutual intention of making a great movie (and of course Andy earning some cash). In this situation I had to dish out a proper punishment. To be honest, my weekend really had been ruined and I was pretty mad with Andy and he knew it. Still though, I was under strict instructions from ‘Sir’ that if Andy was not punished hard enough then the cash would not be paid. I hope you all enjoy the results”””

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  • The Lee Brothers – Birthday Spanking (Straight Lads Spanked)

     Birthday Spanking – Andy & Patrick

    It’s birthday time for the Lee brothers!  Having birthdays only days apart the group of friends they belong to have decided to send them for their annual birthday spanking together!

    Both brothers have to endure the paddle and cane over jeans, boxers and finally bare bottom!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Uncle Andrew Spanks Lee and Dom (Part 2)

    Part 2 of Uncle AndrewSpanks Lee and Dom: Uncle Andrew orders Dom to drop his pants for his next spanking, and at first Dom refuses the humiliating command …..


    Andrew tells Dom to either do as he’s told, or his father will be told what he’s done, leaving Dom with no option but to obey.

    Dom hesitates so Uncle Andrew grabs hold of him and pulls sown his pants for him…


    He then throws Dom over his knee again and spanks the seat of his underpants


    Lee watches his friend being punished, he rubs his watering eyes before he is ordered to strip naked for the next stage of his own punishment.


    Meanwhile Dom is learning just how hard Uncle Andrew can spank


    Now stark naked Lee is back over uncle’s knee
    Dom is ordered to strip 


    Dom watches his naked friend being spanked


    Poor Lee is now very sore


    Last, but by no means least, Dom gets his bare bottom spanked, embarrassingly naked over his friend’s Uncle’s knee.


    Uncle Andrew really pounds Dom’s backside


    He know’s it was Dom who instigated the bad behaviour


    So he deserves the more severe spanking


    and that is just what he gets!!


    Many smacks later the two naughty boys are ordered to do some corner time


    Still angry, Uncle Andrew surveys his handiwork


    and drinks a refreshing can of Dom’s beer, he certainly deserves it after all his hard work!
    The end

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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Uncle Andrew Spanks Lee and Dom (Part 1)


    Two naughty boys learn a well deserved lesson leaving them with very sore bottoms


    Lee’s Uncle Andrew is out for the night, and has agreed that Lee’s mate Dom can come over and help him study for an exam. However, the boys have no intention of studing. Dom is a bad influence on Lee and instead of working the boys drink beer


    They phone girls and try to invite them round to party


    Finally they decide to watch porn on the adult channel, foolishly using Uncle Andy’s credit card to pay for it.
    The Boy’s luck runs out when Uncle Andy comes home unexpectedly and he is not happy with what he sees, especially when he finds that the young rascals have stolen money from his credit card to pay for the porn.


    The boys are in big trouble, Lee knows how Uncle Andy deals with bad boys, and Dom is about to find out.


    At first Andy threatens to tell Dom’s dad, but Dom knows his father will ground him and begs him not to, he agrees to take his punishment from Andy


    Lee thinks his friend has made a big mistake


    Lee is the first to go over Uncle’s knee


    Dom looks on in horror, he realises he may be next
    the look in Andy’s eyes tells him he is right, Dom too is going to be spanked


    Uncle Andy throws Dom over his knee


    Andy’s firm hand connects with Dom’s behind, hard, repeatedly and it hurts


    Now Andy gives Dom a good spanking, while Lee looks on


    Dom realises he’s made a big mistake, but it’s too late to back out now.
    Next Andy spanks Lee on the seat of his underpants, with his jeans around his knees
    Lecturing Lee as he does so, while Dom watches with growing dread.
    Lee cries out in pain
    Then Uncle Andrew tell’s Dom to drop his pants …….
    To be continued …

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  • Oliver’s Birthday Spanking (Part 1)

    It’s Oliver’s 22nd Birthday and he he thinks he’s going to have a lie in but no such luck!  Oliver’s brother Fred togetehr with the Lee brothers Andy and Patrick arrive to drag him out of bed, and give him a birthday spanking of 22 smacks from each of them – that’s 66 smacks!!

    Oliver wriggles and tries to escape but the smacks all hit the spot, which is the birthday boy’s increasingly sore and red bottom

    Then the poor guy gets his birthday card and finds that all the lads from Straight Lads Spanked have clubbed together to buy a proper birthday spanking for Oliver from Mr X – which happens in Part 2.

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  • Spank Twister 2 – Straight Lads Spanked

    You will never have seen Twister played like this before! Brothers agains Brothers!Andy Lee and his brother Patrick vs Oliver and his brother Fred!

    The loser of this game faces some harsh forfeits!

    If you fall you are going to get spanked by the other brothers! The spanking punishments are harsh and are chosen by a roll of the dice.

    There are a variety of implements used. The cane, chinese birch, slipper, leather strap, wooden stick and of course humiliating OTK hand spankings!

    This second instalment follows on from Part One and is tougher and in this mm spanking movie the brothers are spanking harder than ever!

    Four Real Life Straight Brothers – Real Spanking Action!

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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Brother in Charge (Part one)

    Andy and his brothers are going through some tough times. Suddenly finding themselves without parents. Andy has had no choice but to take over the role of Dad and try and keep the family together.

    Younger brother Patrick is not making it easy and gets arrested for selling gear!

    It just happens that Andy went to school with the Police Officer that arrested Patrick and begs the officer to bring Patrick home for Andy to deal with.

    Andy is so upset with Patrick he can barely look at him. Patrick is shamed and sorry. Andy lectures the young man whilst trying to work out how to deal with him. Eventually he asks Patrick, “What would Dad do if he was here” – Patrick angrily replies, “But he is not here, that’s the thing, it’s just you!!!”

    Andy is trying to stay strong despite his own grief and the love he has for his brother. Eventually he works out what has to be done and drags Patrick over his knee and spanks him hard, exactly like Dad used to dish out.

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  • Foul Mouthed Andy – The Conclusion – Bath Brush & Mouth Soaping

    Fr om Straight Lads Spanked

    The movie follows on directly from Foul Mouthed Andy when after being dragged to Frankfurt to be punished by Stephen,

    Andy is dragged all the way back to London. Andy thinks it is all over. Andy is mistaken! There is no way Mr X is going to allow Andy’s earlier behaviour and attitude to go unchecked. 
    By this stage Andy is clearly broken, humble and sorry. So does Mr X show any leniency? No Way!
    Andy is ordered to remove his clothes and is dragged over Mr X’s knee for a no nonsense hand spanking. This spanking is worse than any Andy has had before……. Finally Mr X relents and Andy thinks it has finally ended.
    Andy was wrong! Mr X leaves the room and returns with a bar of dripping soap and the dreaded bath brush! Andy is forced to take the bar in his mouth and hold it there whilst back over Mr X’s knee and getting beaten with the wooden bath brush!
    Andy is punished hard and the look on his face when it is finally offer tells you just how awful the punishment was.
    Real Straight Lad, Real Punishment! Hard Spanking!