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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Sam – Brother in Charge 23

    Straight Lads Spanked – Sam – Brother in Charge 23

    The last time the followers of Straight Lads Spanked saw hapless young plumber Sam, he was getting his bottom smacked and paddled by Mr X, along with his mate Conor, after a stupid mistake at work resulted in a house being flooded.

    He might have thought that that was it; that a well-deserved thrashing from Mr X would wipe the slate clean. But his employer, Conor’s big brother Andy, wasn’t about to foot the bill for the flood damage himself. As a result, Sam’s dad has had to pay up, to the tune of £1200, and it’s fair to say Dad also now knows that although this might have been his lad’s most expensive cock-up at work, it has by no means been his only mistake.

    In fact, with a reputation for regularly turning up late and falling asleep at work, it looks like Sam is going right off the rails…. and Dad is determined to do whatever it takes to get him back on track!

    It will come as no surprise to learn that Dad also intends to deal with his wayward son by means of a good and hard Spanking …. irrespective of the fact that Sam has already been dealt with by Mr X!


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