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  • Justin Bieber gets Spanked

    VERY DESERVING – Justin Bieber

    In our occasional series Celebrities I’d Like to Spank – if there is one thing which most visitors to JockSpank agree on, its that if there is one celebrity who really deserves a spanking it’s Justin Bieber.  Well it seems we are not alone in thinking that. 

    When the 19 year old Canadian appeared on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns internet show, the host decided that it was time the brat got just what he deserved.  After lecturing Bieber about he behaviour and attitude Galifianakis did what half the world would like to do and took his belt to Justin’s backside.

     You can watch the whole interview here – the relevant section starts at 03:30 through

    Sadly, it isn’t OTK or bare bottom and it is obviously faked, but there is still a lot of pleasure in seeing one of the world’s most deserving candidates for a spanked bottom, coming so close to getting what he so richly deserves

    Thanks to Rich O’Shea and Scott Norway for alerting us to this scene


     Some images of Justin’s spankable bottom

    Justin Bieber – source

  • Early poll results are bad news for Levi Johnston!!

    The “Does Levi Johnston Deserve a Spanking?” poll has only been up for 24 hours following my posting about young Levi. and already 110 people have voted. All right thinking people will be pleased to hear that the early results are devastating for Levi and potentially even more devastating for his well exposed 21 year old bottom!

    Things could change, but early indications are very bad news for Levi but very good news for everyone else!!

  • Celebrities in need of a spanking – Levi Johnston

    I would like to resurrect a JockSpank feature made popular by JockSpank poster SpankFan, featuring celebrities we would all would like to see spanked.  I don’t know if this guy qualifies as a celebrity, but he is certainly a candidate for a long hard bare bottom spanking.
    Whatever your political views, I am sure that most would agree that one time Alaskan hockey jock and father of 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol’s baby, Levi Johnston is a real brat overdue for a sore butt. Levi has spent the last three years exploiting and embarrassing his son’s family  in search of every dime he can get his handsome bad boy hands on.  The straight male equivalent of a kiss and tell bimbo, he has posed naked for a PlayGirl photo shoot and video (which focused at length on his bare bottom), and has now published a book, again cashing in on someone else’s fame and effort.

    So, here’s this weeks deserving candidate for a spanking

    Wouldn’t you just love to see that plump little bottom spanked till he can’t sit down for a week?!!
    A good spanking might wipe that smug grin off his face!


    21 year old Levi’s kiss and tell “autobiography” was published earlier this year

    A tempting target

    A request to any blog and website owner or members of forums where you can post pictures, if lots of you post this picture under the name levi-johnston.jpg to enough sites it might start appearing at the top of google image searches for Levi Johnson.  That way Levi is sure to see it when he Googles himself (Which I am sure he does!!)



    Do you think Levi deserves a spanking or not?  Vote in our poll in the right hand column of this blog

    Comments, views and suggestions would be welcome

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    “Sarah Palin’s Husband Publicly Spanks Young Levi Johnston” 

    (fanfic) at MaleSpank.net 


  • Chris Evans – for Spankfan and others

    Last Wednesday, Spankfan posted a picture of actor Chris Evans as a celebrity he would like to see spanked, (link here) and someone commenting on his post said they would love to see Chris in a position to be paddled. I regret that, despite an exhaustive Internet search I have as yet been unable to find a suitable picture of Chris Evans. However, I hope this one is close enough to stimulate some fantasies! 🙂