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  • Oh Brother! – A new Download from Sting

    Oh Brother is the Second Sting Download to be directed by Jonathan Fox, and again it features Rusty in the role of disciplinarian, this time dealing with Sting newcomers Tony Paris and Patrick Hayes, both of whom make a very rosy cheeked debut!

    Story line

    Glenn Carry Industrial School has a reputation for being tough. This devout institution is run on a very strict basis. The Brothers stand no nonsense and if any of the trainees fall out of line they are quickly disciplined to obey the rules.

    On a routine inspection of the school the Principle Brother catches two lads (messing around. These two have been cautioned to many times before and now it’s become necessary to make sure the message gets though. Brother Calistus, who happens to be accompanying the Principle Brother on his inspection, is given the task of disciplining the two.

    In the gym he sets about his work with real devotion. To say he is a firm believer in the punishment of sinners is an understatement. He sees this as his mission and he clearly enjoys his work. Pray you’re not a young inmate at Glenn Carry Industrial School.

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