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    The latest Sting Download, Family Misfortunes stars two Drake lads, the ever popular Damien Drake and new sting lad Drake Law (above).
    Domestic discipline returns with two lads disobeying the house rules.


    Firstly Doug Hartley (Damien Drake) sneaks in to his uncle’s house to have a go on his coveted and expensive games consul. Totally unauthorised of course and in doing so blows it up with an electrical short. Arriving home virtually at the same moment Doug’s Uncle Bob is to say the least not pleased. Fed up with his Nephew’s indiscipline he decides to take a personal hand in the lad’s correction. With his shorts ordered off Doug is in to position across his uncles lap on the sofa.


    The indignity of a spanking on this supposedly senior teenager’s bare bottom doesn’t go down well. Bob slaps away developing a sting that begins to build and Doug now wishes he hadn’t touched his Uncles equipment – but it isn’t over. Now face down on the sofa a heavy leather belt is violently licking Doug’s defenceless and already spanked bare backside. The game is well and truly up. 

    Meanwhile at Christopher’s house (New StingLad Drake Law) his angry Dad is hanging up the phone after talking to the boy’s headmaster, Mr Baker. Chris has not been attending school although leaving the house each day dressed in his uniform. His father is furious and grounds the Chris for two months. As this will really interfere with his plans he pleads for an alternative punishment. His wish is granted and after a shower is in position for a first ever spanking from his Dad.

    The firm stinging slaps turn the boys bare bottom bright red, a testimony to this new experience. Chris yelps ‘yes Daddy’ in answer to whether he’s learning a lesson, almost as if he were a kid again. Corner time is by the wardrobe as on top is Dad’s carpet slipper. 
    Didn’t all Dads have one of these? Now ordered to bring it to his father, the thick rubber sole is soon burning a final warning in to Christopher’s aching bare bottom. Is truancy on the agenda again perhaps not for a while? Being able to sit down will be a first priority, surely a Family Misfortune?

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