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  • A monk, a hunk and a carpet beater

    This set of pictures from July 2004 featured the debut appearance of the mad brown monk, who, over the five and a half years since then has disciplined so many young Eastern European men. It was also the set which launched William Higgins’s Czech Guys Next Door web site, which he set up to enable him to explore various fetish subjects, such as bondage, CFNM and Spanking without offending the vanilla fans on the main William Higgins site.

    The first model to go over the monk’s knee was the exceptionally hunky Vaclav Mikula with the birth mark rather in the shape of Poland on his right buttock.

    I have searched high and low, but can find no evidence that this shoot was ever released as a commercial video (many Higgins Spanking scenes are available at burnDVD.tv but sadly not this one) however, the full set of over 1,500 pictures and wmv, rm and mov format video clips are was available to subscribers to Czech Guys Next Door at the time of this posting

    Czech Guys Dext Door is now Str8hell.com