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    Three for the Gym was released as a download in August 2008 shortly after Sting Pictures relocated to Prague, and has a cast of Czech born bad boys including Danny and Brad, together with a third fine young actors who’s name I am trying track down (See Update below).

    This download is described on the sting site as follows:

    When Wheeler and Sanderson decide to take some unofficial recreation they hadn’t bargained to be caught by the ever watchful Mr Hewitson. As Deputy Headmaster at Clifton Heath College checking the senior dormitories every now and again is often worth the effort of climbing the stairs. The later appointment at the back of the gym will mean some stiff punishment for Wheeler and an introduction to a good spanking for Sanderson, caught for the first time!

    As the sound of the cane and firm spanking echo round the sports hall another miscreant in the form of Bradley Bailey arrives for his appointment with Mr Hewitson. Bailey another senior student is in trouble yet again for his third truancy offence and is due to be dealt with. This time however the hard spanking will be administered after a session over the horse with the cane.

    Three for the Gym features some new faces on the Sting Pictures download area with more to come.

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