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  • Sting: Trailer for Drunk in a Drape Coat

     Scroll down for the Preview Trailer for Drunk in a Drape Coat, a Story of domestic discipline 1950’s style, staring Toby Haines

    Drunk in a Drape coat is available in the quality levels

  • Straight Lads Spanked – Uncle Andrew Spanks Lee and Dom (Part 2)

    Part 2 of Uncle AndrewSpanks Lee and Dom: Uncle Andrew orders Dom to drop his pants for his next spanking, and at first Dom refuses the humiliating command …..


    Andrew tells Dom to either do as he’s told, or his father will be told what he’s done, leaving Dom with no option but to obey.

    Dom hesitates so Uncle Andrew grabs hold of him and pulls sown his pants for him…


    He then throws Dom over his knee again and spanks the seat of his underpants


    Lee watches his friend being punished, he rubs his watering eyes before he is ordered to strip naked for the next stage of his own punishment.


    Meanwhile Dom is learning just how hard Uncle Andrew can spank


    Now stark naked Lee is back over uncle’s knee
    Dom is ordered to strip 


    Dom watches his naked friend being spanked


    Poor Lee is now very sore


    Last, but by no means least, Dom gets his bare bottom spanked, embarrassingly naked over his friend’s Uncle’s knee.


    Uncle Andrew really pounds Dom’s backside


    He know’s it was Dom who instigated the bad behaviour


    So he deserves the more severe spanking


    and that is just what he gets!!


    Many smacks later the two naughty boys are ordered to do some corner time


    Still angry, Uncle Andrew surveys his handiwork


    and drinks a refreshing can of Dom’s beer, he certainly deserves it after all his hard work!
    The end

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  • Harry – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (Straight Lads Spanked)

    Harry is just 18 years old. Living with his Mum and his StepDad.  Like most teenagers, Harry is angry with the world. He has been working out hard at the gym and seems to have a lot of anger with the world. Harry lost control and took that anger out on his Mum! He hit her and knocked her to the ground…

    All because she would not let his girlfriend sleep in his bedroom.

     Harry’s Stepdad has had enough. He knows he has to take control. Harry has had it easy but that is about to end.
     He orders Harry to wait in his room for him to get home

     Harry’s Stepdad does what he should have done years ago…

     Harry gets his bottom belted hard.

     His Stepdad sure makes up for lost time as this muscular young straight lad gets his beefy butt whipped with his thick leather belt.

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  • Sting: – Drunk in a Drape Coat – 1950’s Domestic Discipline

    Besmirching the family name in days gone by was the last thing any family member was expected to do. Upholding a status of family dignity was tantamount to maintaining your place in local society. The age of gentlemanly conduct was still very much alive and when standards slipped the head of the family was expected to take firm action.
    So it was with Henry Gilchrest when his got far too drunk at a local bar one Sunday afternoon and had to be escorted out.  On arriving home he was to find that news of his manner less antics had gone before him. Now sent to bath and change in to his pyjamas, he must report to the front room before turning in.

    His dad was in no mood for compromise, these events were getting too regular and nineteen or not Henry was now going to get a damn good bare bottom spanking. As the angry palm rained down on his bottom turning it redder with every stinging slap young ​Henry knew this was just the beginning.

    On top of the cabinet and cut from a particular bush in the garden was a swishy and lethal switch. This instrument was only used when it was needed and now was certainly such a time.
    Ordered over the armchair, the switch sung its painful song leaving stripe after stripe of burning red fire across Henry’s already well spanked bare bottom. 

    This is one young man who’ll be sleeping face down tonight.


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  • Sting “Burned By Temptation


    Younger brothers tend to look up to their older brothers but sometimes they are not the best role model to follow. They should be of course, but in the case of Paul Martin (Rudi Vallance) and his younger brother Nicholas (Damien Drake) trouble began the day Paul decided to joy ride in his Dads car. He took his younger sibling along for the experience, whereas Nichols should have been safely studying in school.

    The car broke down and had to be quickly abandoned by the hapless pair. As a result, Dad was less than pleased by the antics of his eldest offspring.
    To teach both lads a lesson he decided to punish Paul with his younger brother in attendance.


    First the older boy had to strip, get over his Dads lap and take a good firm stinging spanking like he had used to when younger. ….


    The difference this time is he’s nineteen and will have to suffer the indignity of his younger brother watching it all.


    After the spanking the crack of a burning leather belt echo’s round the room turning Pauls already throbbing and rounded bare bottom red raw….

    All the while in front of an attentive audience.

    Nichols was very amused at seeing is older brother being punished like this at his age, however the smile soon leaves his face when he’s told that his housemaster now knows of his whereabouts and what he was up to instead of being in school.
    Next day it’s time for Nicolas to face the music and his turn to receive a good trousers down spanking followed too by a bare backside scorching with the old school strap…

    Nicholas’s housemaster does not follow present day discipline philosophies and believes getting straight to the bottom of a problem is the best way!

     hard, stinging leather on tender previously spanked skin!


    For both lads it’s time to re think future actions as it looks like you really can get Burned By Temptation

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    Available in three Definitions




     Dexter is more often seen doing the spanking, but every now and then, even he needs some bare bottom punishment, this time playing a disgraced Sports Master

    Brad returns to Sting in a new story featuring discipline in 1900

  • Sting – Family Misfortunes

    The latest Sting Download, Family Misfortunes stars two Drake lads, the ever popular Damien Drake and new sting lad Drake Law (above).
    Domestic discipline returns with two lads disobeying the house rules.


    Firstly Doug Hartley (Damien Drake) sneaks in to his uncle’s house to have a go on his coveted and expensive games consul. Totally unauthorised of course and in doing so blows it up with an electrical short. Arriving home virtually at the same moment Doug’s Uncle Bob is to say the least not pleased. Fed up with his Nephew’s indiscipline he decides to take a personal hand in the lad’s correction. With his shorts ordered off Doug is in to position across his uncles lap on the sofa.


    The indignity of a spanking on this supposedly senior teenager’s bare bottom doesn’t go down well. Bob slaps away developing a sting that begins to build and Doug now wishes he hadn’t touched his Uncles equipment – but it isn’t over. Now face down on the sofa a heavy leather belt is violently licking Doug’s defenceless and already spanked bare backside. The game is well and truly up. 

    Meanwhile at Christopher’s house (New StingLad Drake Law) his angry Dad is hanging up the phone after talking to the boy’s headmaster, Mr Baker. Chris has not been attending school although leaving the house each day dressed in his uniform. His father is furious and grounds the Chris for two months. As this will really interfere with his plans he pleads for an alternative punishment. His wish is granted and after a shower is in position for a first ever spanking from his Dad.

    The firm stinging slaps turn the boys bare bottom bright red, a testimony to this new experience. Chris yelps ‘yes Daddy’ in answer to whether he’s learning a lesson, almost as if he were a kid again. Corner time is by the wardrobe as on top is Dad’s carpet slipper. 
    Didn’t all Dads have one of these? Now ordered to bring it to his father, the thick rubber sole is soon burning a final warning in to Christopher’s aching bare bottom. Is truancy on the agenda again perhaps not for a while? Being able to sit down will be a first priority, surely a Family Misfortune?

    The stars

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  • Domestic Trilogy from Sting

    Posted on by Ward
     Domestic Trilogy is a new domestic themed download from Sting staring Sebastian, Barry and new Sting Lad Lewis Johanson
    The first scene features Sebastian in ‘Hello Mr Wood’.  A young man is caught trying to reactivate a military rifle. For this reckless act he is punished right there and then in the workshop.
     Soon his jeans are down and his bare backside feels a succession relentless slaps……… 

     To really make sure he understands the error of his ways the lad is ordered to lie across the tool box and the nearest instrument of correction is grabbed. A painful flat piece of pine slating is soon echoing round the workshop as it cracks in to the boy’s rounded bare bottom. This young gun is certainly going to learn a lesson.

    Lewis Johanson makes his debut appearance in “Puppy tail”

     Lewis has the dreaded task of returning home with yet another letter complaining of his behaviour. Dad has had enough and feels it’s high time to teach Jack a proper lesson, so, likening his ways as that of a naughty puppy he is treated as such…….. 

     Sent to his room to change and await punishment Jack can only reflect on what will happen. He doesn’t have to wait long and soon his Dad has him laid across his knee for a good spanking..

    his freshly inserted puppy tail adding to the humiliation

     Feeling he has been a little to soft with the boy a birch, kept on top of the wardrobe, is brought down to finish the lesson…….. 

    A further scene entitled ‘Sorry Pops’ takes a look at a South African Dads discipline method. Barry plays a wayward lad who has pushed his father too far. He returns home to find his dad is in no mood to compromise. Ordered to kneel in a sofa with his bare backside raised high the young lad bucks a yelps as a well-used leather belt scorches his naked bottom. This time Pops really is annoyed! 


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