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  • (Asian Incident by Sting) Brett gets the paddle

    Posted on by Ward
    As one of Sting’s most spanked stars, Brett has been hand-spanked, slippered and caned, many times each, his handsome bare bottom has been been birched, strapped and belted and received a taste of the tawse, he has also handed out a few spankings himself, memorably in Discipline Down Under one and in Reformatory USA he took his turn paddling a few bare bottoms.

    In Asian Incident it was his turn to feel the wooden paddle, and, from his expression, it was not an experience he enjoyed!! (which, of course, makes it all the more fun for us!!)



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  • Sting Lads – a focus on Jay (Part 2)

    Continuing the two part appreciation of popular sting lad Jay, in a further scene from Asian Incident, we find him naked and sore, at the stinging end of a cruel looking cane, in a very convincing punishment scene.

    In the 1900 House of Correction (Part of the Sting Double Bill) Jay, playing a Victorian youth, was back over a vaulting horse receiving another well deserved strapping.

    A sore bottom and film star good looks, a perfect combination

    Probably Jay’s most famous role was in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 when playing a young French thief he received a bare bottom birching with a bunch of stinging nettles (OUCH!)

    A nettle rash like that will have stung for quite a while after the birching was over

    As Jays wonderful display of discomfort clearly testified

    Further images from the Nettle Birching can be found here

    Sadly all boys must grow up, and in Jay’s last role for Sting, in the download Approved Education Part One he switched roles and played a young school master handing out spankings and slipperings to two naughty schoolboys played by Ginger and Harry

    Jay gave a very competent performance in an unaccustomed role

    However, most of us fondly remember Jay as the nervous young miscreant with the nettle stung bottom!

    Jay has not appeared in any recent Sting movies, and may have now moved on to other things in life. However, whatever he is doing, I am sure we all wish him well, as he has given us a great deal of pleasure as one of the most delightful of the Sting Lads.

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  • Sting Lads – a focus on Jay (Part 1)

    Jay, the boy with the expressive face

    Jay was a regular Sting Actor during what we might call, Sting’s middle years, prior to their move to the Czech Republic, appearing in various DVDs including My Borstal Days, Asian Incident, 1900 House of Correction and memorably on the receiving end of the infamous nettle birching in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 (more of that in part 2 of this post which ,will be posted tomorrow)

    A natural blond with a handsome face and good body, Jay was ideal for the role of unlucky bad boy which he took to with relish, and obvious good nature.

    Like a many of the British Sting Actors, Jay started modelling career working for ClubLads where he became known for his beaming smile and open expressive face, which became even more evident when he began working for Sting – albeit the expressions were somewhat less cheerful ones.
    Jay in a classic ClubLads pose

    Bad Boy Jay expresses his opinion of being spanked

    Below aew a couple of artistic black and white images
    Cute (but still a bad boy)!

    Jay poses with Rob in a backstage scene during the making of 1900 House of Correction (From the Sting Double Bill DVD) – That Robert is one lucky guy!

    Jay and Tigger let it all hang out

    As a regular member of the “Sting Stable”, Jay appeared in some of Sting’s most iconic scenes. For instance, his all too brief appearance at the beginning of Instruments of Persuasion Part 1, dressed as a Roman schoolboy, in a skimpy toga, bending over to take the birch was the stuff of many a fantasy. The Roman scene was only a brief glimpse during the prologue, however, birching fans are well catered for in what is the first of two excellent explorations of the many and various methods of punishing young male bottoms.

    One of Jay’s earliest appearances was in My Borstal Days, when in the role of Russell he took a painful bare bottom strapping from a strict headmaster. As ever with Jay when something hurts it shows in his face.

    My Borstal Days

    Jay also appeared in a number of scenes in Tales from St Datchet’s Academy (Grey Shorts 2) but, for once, escaped taking a spanking himself (many others, in an all star cast including Matt Mills, Tigger, Brett, Barry, Coyote, Harry, Mike, David, Vex. Lee Knight, JJ and Anderson were not so lucky)
    Scenes from St Datchet’s Academy

    In one of Jay’s various scenes in Asian Incident he took a sound slippering across the gym horse, first over tight white shorts, and then on his bare behind. Again Jay’s expressive face told the story.
    Jay feels the “Stinging” rubber on the seat of his problem

    To be continued:….

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  • Paul’s sore bottom

    Continuning our celebration of Sting Pictures first Super Star Paul, in this flashback secene in Sting’s 2006 release Asian incident (which also reminds us of Paul’s debut appearance in Punishment Book Vol:2) Brett recalls that his older brother, played by Paul, once had to bring a note home from school, telling his father that he had received a caning from the headmaster.

    Naturally the father places the miscreant youth firmly over his knee and delivers a long, hard and well deserved hand spanking to Paul’s, already stinging, cane marked, bare behind.

    As a result, as we can see from the images below, Paul would have to spend some time afterwards sleeping on his front. (As all bad boys should)


  • Scenes from “Asian Incident” part #1

    In Asian Incident Sting boys Brett, Tigger, Jay and pals, together with a number of new young Asian actors, get into serious trouble while traveling in the Far East, resulting in some very sore spanked, caned, paddled and slippered bottoms.

    Asian Incident was released in 2006, but for those interested, I have included various press releases etc. issued at the time. This is the first of three batches of pictures.