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  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper – Printed Periodicals (Part 1)

    Following on from Copper’s outstanding series on the history of Male on Male Spanking Videos here is an extra-credit class on the early History of Male Spanking products. In addition to all of the videos we recently reviewed, there were also a number of printed magazines that were available by subscription or in adult bookstores. Here is a sampling from Copper’s vast collection:



    The three early competitors in the male-spanking business, Studio-7, Control-T and Man’s Hand, all produced spanking films but they also realized that not everyone had movie-projectors or video-players, so they also published magazines to highlight their spanking erotica. Long before the internet, these magazines also provided the invaluable service of providing personal ads, allowing subscribers to exchange contract information with other. While they all contained similar content, each magazine had distinctively different styles. Here is a little history and a few samples from those early magazines.


    In 1983, San Diego based Studio-7, began publishing WOODSHED MAGAZINE, featuring ads for their video products, fiction contributed by readers, and “Personal Ads” for subscribers who wanted to meet other guys into spanking. Each issue featured a couple of illustrations by artists like Steve Burke and C of Sweden. Originally, Woodshed sold for $5 per issue, although by the time it was discontinued, the price had gone up to $10, or $48 for a six-issue subscription. The magazine was discontinued in 1995, after publishing a little over 50 issues.


    In 1985 Control-T Studios began publishing HOT BOTTOMS MAGAZINE Each issue was approximately 24-pages long and was printed in black-and-white, with covers on colored card stock and stapled along the left margin. Hot Bottoms featured original fiction that was occasionally illustrated, photos from their videos as well as some fan-drawings. The personal ads for readers was called “The Ads, Sir!” After Control-T was sold, the new owners did not share the passion for male-spanking, and the magazine quickly began to deteriorate. The stories that were originally packed tight in small type, were now set in 14-point type with huge headlines, wide margins and oversized illustrations to help fill-up the 44-pages. Stories from past issues were often re-used, and a quarter of the magazine was just advertising. In 1998 Control-T decided to stop Hot Bottoms, after publishing almost 60 issues. The magazine originally sold for $5 per issue, and by the time the run ended, the price had gone up to $9.50. Annual subscriptions (6-issues) were available for $46.95 per year. NOTE: The first male-spanking illustration I ever had published (shown below) appeared in Hot Bottoms in 1991.


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