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  • New From Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary … Part 2

     Continuing with the images from Sting’s latest download “Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary
    Officer Carter’s first encounter with laying on discipline is to one of his own lads, Trainee Pratt (Sebastian) He had ‘done a runner’ in Borstal terms and being absent without leave deserved a swift disciplinary response.

    To add to the humiliation and punishment Carter orders Pratt’s backside area to be shaved by the barber to prepare for an exemplary bare bottom spanking.



     This being done Pratt now is ordered over the bench to receive both the junior then senior heavy leather straps. Pratt’s recently shaved backside is literally roasted by the cruel biting leather. He will not be so keen to abscond again. 

    Another incident occurs where fellow officer Mr Labowski (Margusta) is required to deal with a badly behaved young lad called Collins (Toby)

    It’s the strap again but this time with the delinquent youth hugging the vaulting horse and taking the stinging leather lashes across his bare bottom wishing for sure now he’d behaved better.

    At the end of the day it becomes another successful entry in Officer Carters Borstal Dairy.

    Click here  and Also here for more pictures from Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary 


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  • Coming Soon from Sting – Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary

    The next Sting download, Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary, is due to be released this weekend, I will post more pictures when it is released.  This short story, set in a penal institution for wayward young men, is a prelude to Sting’s forthcoming DVD ‘Banged Up Borstal days 2’

    Officer Carter’s Borstal Diary stars Sebastian, Tom Nuttall, Matt Mills and new Sting Star Toby, together with Rusty and Margusta keeping the unruly youths in their place (usually bottom up over someone’s knee!)

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  • The Mad Monk Spanks Tomas Bayer

    The Brown Monk takes Tomas Bayer in hand (and over his knee) in a photo shoot from Spanking Tomas Bayer which was posted to the William Higgins Czech Guys Next Door. A DVD of this shoot is available from BurnDVD.tv – see the link at the bottom of this post.

    (If you think Tomas appears to be enjoying this a bit too much, you could be right, as he later turned up at the Sting Studio under the name of Toby and appeared in Troopers in Trouble)


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  • Random Stingers

    As a special Christmas treat, here is the first part of a random selection of images from various DVDs and Downloads by the one and only Sting Pictures. Most of these were first posted to the Sting Lads Google group. The common factor is tghe spanker Rich O’Shea (The Headmaster)

    Title 2257

  • New from Sting – “TS Morsus – Before the mast”

    Something really special from Sting Pictures, the latest download “TS Morsus – Before the Mast” takes us into life on the the Naval training ship “TS Morsus” with a crew of naughty young sailors, including Darren, Andreas, Stefanal, Rusty and Toby, put through their paces by senior crew members Dexter, Rich, Rob and Margusta.

    Here is the synopsis from Sting: It’s all at sea with this nautical download story set in the naval training ship T.S Morsus (any students of Latin might like to look that up) Captain Harcourt runs a tight ship and has lately been very pleased with the disciplinary methods employed by newly posted Petty officer Svenson of 16 mess.

    All the Boy Seaman at TS Morsus were drafted knowing that bare bottom discipline was part of the routine and the Divisional Officer of Connaught Division, Lieutenant James, was to over see several punishment parades. In this story we take a look at five defaulters who are charged with offences that will warrant some form of ‘gunner’s daughter’ discipline. First up are Boy Seaman Davidson and Harris having fallen foul of the rule book. On the spot and unofficial is how PO Svenson likes to work and both Davidson, Harris and later Signal Boy Osborne will feel the hot sting of his open palm. Official punishments too follow a defaulter’s parade where both Boy Seaman Davison and Harris are to receive the birch counted out over the horse with the Captain in attendance.

    Later Boy Seaman Carling and Adams receive the wrath of PO Svenson after breaking Rule Three continually larking about after lights out. Cuts offences 4A or caning is one punishment most of the lads try to avoid but Signal Boy Osbourne is out of luck and is sentenced to a caning at defaulter parade for gross infringement of the rules. TS Morsus… Before The Mast is Stings first longer look back at the lives of British Boy Seaman and the legendary harsh regime under which they were trained. Stand by your beds!

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    “TS Morsus – Before the Mast” Download
    Sting from MansHandFilms – for US Users