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  • JockSpank at 10 (Part 3) A Decade of Spanking

    JockSpank at 10

    JockSpank continues our 10th anniversary celebration with a further stroll through the past, and now we have reached 2012

    As in earlier years, we continued to post vintage pictures, such as this image at the top of this posting featuring Ronald Reagan, who would go on to become a two term US president, clearly enjoying watching a male on male Spanking / Paddling

    also in 2012 we continued to enjoy the sight of handsome Chase from Spanking Central getting his great butt toasted by Cliff

    Meanwhile at SpankThis TJ Woods spanksed Kein Sorgen

    Czech Guys Next Door became Str8hell.com and Rudy took a spanking from Mirek Voight


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  • Blogger Terms of Service Update

    Posted on by Ward
    I posted a message some while ago (link) regarding Blogger’s current policy in relation to Adult blogs, which are not permitted to be used as advertising sites.  In recent weeks Blogger has deleted a number of blogs which they consider to be in breach of that policy, including two which were previously linked to by JockSpank.
    JockSpank is not a commercial blog, none of the posters make any money whatsoever from the blog. Links to studio sites are provided for the convenience of our visitors, and out of respect for the intellectual property rights of those who create the images and videos posted here
    We have acted with good faith and have, at all times complied with Bloggers terms of service, and do not believe that we are in breach of Blogger’s policy.
    However, Blogger does not enter into correspondence with Blog owners and may act without notice or the right of appeal.  Therefore, we can not know if this blog is safe.
    Should anything happen to JockSpank announcements as to the future will be issued at the following sites:
    Sore Bottomed Guys – http://sorebuttguys.blogspot.co.uk/

    Please keep a note of those links so that you can find us if the worst happens