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  • Sting Plus: Oh Brother – Epilogue: The Sex Files

    Posted on by Ward
    Following on from the popular Borstal Days 2: The Sex Files, Sting now present The Brothers Epilogue: The Sex Files. (Available with or without the sexual content)

    It’s all action back at Innesfial Industrial School with fire and brimstone discipline still being handed out. Sting actors Jimmy Evans and Mike Cross, who plays the pious Brother Linus, are well paired again when Jimmy playing Aiden Conley is caught drinking alcohol with his pal Patrick (Dale Brady) 

    Dale Brady as Patrick Rourke is given a good hard spanking by the Principle Brother and later a butt burning hard flogging with the martinet from the Principle Brothers deputy Brother Michael

    For fans of Jason Shaw he’s back too coupled with new Sting lad Jason Roberts. They play two lads who are caught in the bathhouse doing things that perhaps they shouldn’t be doing.

    And pay for it with two very sore bottoms …

    Kyle Wilkinson is ordered to report for a spanking to young Brother Martin played by Nick Carter
    In what may be an all-time first in the spanking fetish film genre Sting actors Lloyd Adams and Riley Smith are caught engaged in some sinful dormitory romping and reported to the Principle Brother. During their punishment session a young inmate played by Riley smith succumbs to the situation leaving a messy calling card on the parquet floor of the main office.
    Needless the say the Principle Brother in none too pleased! As with The Brothers movie this epilogue has a storyline full of stinging raw butt burning action.

    Dale Brady’s further punishment

    The detail and costumes set in the dark dank surrounding of the Industrial School make this another hot film for your Sting collection.

    As usual with Sting Plus, there are two versions of this movie, a 36 minute all spanking version or a 50:33 minute epic featuring sex and spanking. You chose which you prefer!

    Preview trailer to follow:


    There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog 

  • Oh Brother – The Movie (Video trailer)

    Here are some more images and the trailer for the latest Sting download
     “Oh Brother – the Movie”

    Scroll down for an announcement from Sting and some customer comments


    Video trailer
    Message from Sting

    Sting Pictures have announced that for the foreseeable future Oh Brother is the last of the feature film style productions. Future stories are now more likely to be series based to then be released as a DVD length movie. Additionally all stories on a particular theme from past productions will be made available and pressed in the DVD format. More news about this soon…

    Here are a selection of comments from people who have viewed this download
    I have watched this twice already and I really want to say that Sting have been very generous to their fans, and fools to themselves. They could easily have released this as four or even five different 15 to 20 minute stories and charged three to  four times as much as they have done. the sections featuring first Dexter and Darren and later with Mike Cross and various boys would make two very satisfying downloads on their own.  The scenes with Aaron and Luke Radley would be at least a long Sting Raw, and the scenes with Marco, Pavel, Damien Drake and Jay Faith would make two average sized downloads. Not only is it a great movie but its a great bargain!

    You will love the bathbrush scene with Jimmy Evans, especially the ending, but I won’t give that away


    After looking at the pics (thank you Bruce) I bought the movie this morning. All I can say is OMG! The amount of effort (and the amount of boys) that went into this production is incredible. This is an epic spanking film and no doubt will be a classic which will be talked about for years to come. Everything is about as perfect as can be. Do not even attempt to watch this brilliant video if you don’t have enough Kleenex at home. You may drown! “Oh Brother” pushed buttons I didn’t even know I had. I have to go and lie down now, I’m exhausted. Simply an awesome effort and well worth every penny.


    My long term favorite, Darren, looks incredible, as usual.  There is a mesmerising section where Dexter spanks Darren then beats him with a belt before forcing him to give him a blow job, while still spanking his butt. Mike Cross does something the same with two other boys, before gettingwell spanked himself. One of Sting’s best, which is saying something    (Buy lots of Kleenex before watching)


    I agree with everyone. This is one of the best Sting releases ever. There’s something for everyone; big beefy guys getting and giving spankings and cute, younger looking guys getting it, too. The quality is amazing. Great photography, lighting, sets, etc. But most important; a bunch of super hot models. Highly, highly recommended.

    Oh brother is incredible, multiple hard spankings and some sex scenes which even the purists will approve of.  I highly recommend it. Darren looks fantastic, and there is Aaron for the twink lovers and Mike Cross for those who like to see a hunk getting it.


    A Richard O’Shea film

  • Oh Brother! – A new Download from Sting

    Oh Brother is the Second Sting Download to be directed by Jonathan Fox, and again it features Rusty in the role of disciplinarian, this time dealing with Sting newcomers Tony Paris and Patrick Hayes, both of whom make a very rosy cheeked debut!

    Story line

    Glenn Carry Industrial School has a reputation for being tough. This devout institution is run on a very strict basis. The Brothers stand no nonsense and if any of the trainees fall out of line they are quickly disciplined to obey the rules.

    On a routine inspection of the school the Principle Brother catches two lads (messing around. These two have been cautioned to many times before and now it’s become necessary to make sure the message gets though. Brother Calistus, who happens to be accompanying the Principle Brother on his inspection, is given the task of disciplining the two.

    In the gym he sets about his work with real devotion. To say he is a firm believer in the punishment of sinners is an understatement. He sees this as his mission and he clearly enjoys his work. Pray you’re not a young inmate at Glenn Carry Industrial School.

    A link to the Sting USC 18.2257 proof of age declaration can be found in the right hand column of this blog