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  • Interview with a Spanker – An update from Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked

    In a further installment of JockSpank’s ongoing series of interviews with well known spankers, we have an update from the infamous Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked

    So then Mr X (or do we call you Dave)? It’s been a little while since the last interview. It seems that there have been some exciting changes at Straight Lads Spanked. What’s been going on?
    A: Hi Ward, well please call me Dave! Yes, there has been some big changes and I hope improvements to the website. A lot of the stuff has been boring behind the scenes tech stuff, but the most noticeable change is that I can now offer the members streaming as well as downloads.

    That sounds great, so what made you go down the streaming route?

    A: Well it really comes down to how quickly technology is changing and the different ways that people are accessing the internet. Over the past year or so, it is becoming much more common for people to only use their phones (iPhones and Samsung Galaxy for example) or tablets like the iPad to access the net. In fact, many people simply don’t have a PC or Laptop at home any more. So the problem I had is that it is not possible to download a zipped mp4 file on an iPad, open it and play it. The only way to give these users access was to offer streaming.

    It was quite an investment and long task to get the streaming option installed but it has been running for over a week now and is just working beautifully. 
    One feature (which the tech geek in me is really proud of), is that the website will recognise what device you are using and will just give you the appropriate streaming format. The user does not have to do anything other than press play!

    So does this mean then that members can watch spanking movies on the move?

    A: Ha ha! Well I guess it does. In fact I have already had a rather detailed email thanking me for making work lunch breaks more entertaining! 🙂
    So the other change is that I have upgraded the server and it really is super fast. You can stream, download and do whatever and it all just flows really well.

    Ok, I’m sure the readers are finding all this technical stuff fascinating, but what can you tell us about new movies, is it true that you have and an all time favourite model come back to shoot some more films. You have dropped some hints, but what is actually going on?

    A: Hmmmmm, I’m not quite sure what you mean? ……………………….. Ok, well here is an exclusive for you. Bailey is back! There I have said it! after almost two years of not filming, Bailey has returned to Straight Lads Spanked and more movies have already been filmed!

    That is great news! I know that Bailey was always a fan favourite! Can you tell us how it came about and any more details of the movies you have filmed?

    A: Well do you know what Ward. I just felt the time was right and I simply asked Bailey if he would shoot some more. He explained that he basically retired from doing any filming but that he would be happy to do some more for Straight Lads Spanked. It was as easy as that. It happened over about 3 emails! As for what movies we have filmed. Hmmmmmm.. 

     Well you seem to have caught me on a talkative day today! Well I will tell you this. The same mean Coach Bailey that starred in the popular “Consequences of Cheating” movie is back and he is meaner than ever. This time it is poor Dom that faces the wrath of Coach Bailey……
    It seems though that Bailey has been overstepping the mark when it comes to administring Corporal Punishment so he may well have had to face up to a visit to Mr X and some unbearable humiliation!

    Ok, I’ll tell you what. Since JockSpank have been so supportive of me since I started I will give you some behind the scenes photos taken on the filming day!

    So you are telling me that we get Dom and Bailey in the same movie?

    A: Indeed! Coming Soon! I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

    I see the recent release Oliver – Bath Brush Beating, which was featured on JockSpank on Sunday, becane an instant favourite! What can you tell us about this movie?

    A: Well Ward the response had been phenomenal! Members of the website get to rate each movie out of 10 and the data from that rating is used to give me a top 10 list of the most popular movies!  It is an accurate reflection of what the members really like. In just over one week of it’s release this movie is now standing at position 2!

    So what makes this movie different or special?A: Oh it’s down to many factors, but without a doubt it is down to Oliver’s performance. He is simply outstanding! This movie is an epic 50 minutes long. Rather than just showing the punishment, this shows what has actually led up to Oliver facing the bath brush from his Father. There is a lot of intense and quite emotional Father and son interaction leading up to the punishment.

    By the time the punishment starts Oliver has changed from a cocky and arrogant young man to being ashamed, sorry and resigned to his punishment. Oh and what a punishment it was! It goes on for ages and just when you think Oliver can’t take any more his father still dishes it out! The emotion from Oliver during the spanking was so real and intense I actually had some emails asking if he was ok! I actually interviewed Oliver before and after the filming and have released that so people can see that he was just fine!

    Oliver and I have been making these movies for a couple of years now and have built up a strong friendship and trust and I think it is that relationship that makes this movie work so well!
    Well Dave, thank you so much for taking the time today and for being so revealing. Is there anything else you can tell us about future movies?

    A: Ok, well here is one last reveal! Andy Lee and his brother Patrick have been in many movies. A year ago, they got their other brother involved 18 year old Dan Lee. Well Dan only filmed on one occasion and then left the country! I’m delighted to announce that he has returned. Not only to the UK but also to Straight Lads Spanked and more movies have been filmed!

    In fact, I’ll send you some behind the scenes footage of that too!

    Well that is good news about seeing more of Dan. Thanks for the photo’s!

    A: Well it’s my pleasure. Oh and before I go, can I mention that I have changed all the membership options and not only have reduced the prices but have also included, for the first time, non-recurring membership options too!

    The End

    Here are some of the back stage images of Andy Lee’s brother Dan which Dave promised during the interview.  Dan is seen below with Oliver.

  • TD Monthly 10th Anniversary Interviews (Part 3 – Mr Andrews aka Dr. Barton)

    This is the third and  part of the series of  three articles first published by TD Monthly magazine in 2009 to celebrate their tenth anniversary
    The Subject of this third and final article is that most intimidating of authority figures Mr Andrews, better known to JockSpank readers as Dr Barton 


    Part three of “The 39 Steps”: an interview with Mr. Andrews of Sting fame.


    MR. ANDREWS (A.K.A. Dr Barton)

    Q1. You play the role of Headmaster very well: very eloquent, and you come over as a typically strict disciplinarian. Is this a natural ability or has there been any kind of formal training in this role?

    A. It’s very good of you to say so. I’ve not had any formal training, although in my professional life I teach history in higher education. I did amateur dramatics when I was a teenager both at school and in a local dramatic society, so I suppose I’m a frustrated actor! I find that it’s a question of finding the assertive part of my personality and developing that. It also comes from watching other actors on the stage and in films and TV, etc. and seeing things which work and can be used.

    Q2. Along the same lines as Question 1, in addition to the eloquence, there is also an element of sarcasm when you play the role of disciplinarian, which I personally find very entertaining. Is this sarcasm something you intend to bring to a role, or is it something that occurs off the top of your head?

    A. I’ve always enjoyed the way schoolmasters in the past used sarcasm as a way of maintaining their authority and it is something I like to use when it’s appropriate. It also helps to stop the scenes becoming repetitious although the actual words are usually spontaneous and, I hope, they add to the scene and make it a bit more authentic.

    Q3. Do you work to any kind of pre-arranged script, or, again, are the lines completely spontaneous?

    A. It’s a bit of both. Although the scene will be worked out before we start filming – the setting, the reason for the punishment, the number of strokes and the implement, etc. we very rarely work from a detailed script for the dialogue. Most of the dialogue is spontaneous to begin with. The problem is that each scene is usually filmed two or three times with different angles and cameras and so there is a continuity issue that you have to use pretty much the same dialogue in each version of the scene, so one has to remember what one has said the first time round!

    Q4. In the STING PICTURES film, “Tales From St. Datchet’s Academy”, the final scene showed you birching one of the lads. You delivered the birch as naturally as you do the cane. Which of these two implements do you prefer to administer and why?

    A. The cane is the more usual implement because in the sort of scenes I’ve filmed with Sting it is more appropriate and authentic. The birch was used in the last scene of St. Dat’s to emphasize that it was an exemplary punishment. I have no great preference for either implement. 

    The main problem is that a birch rod is a very time consuming implement to prepare and can make a bit of a mess if the twigs break off when it’s being wielded! I can see why schoolmasters went over to the cane when it became available in Europe at the end of the 18th century: it’s much less time consuming!

    Q5. On a personal note, I’ve never delivered nor taken the birch, and most people would see it as a very specific form of punishment, primarily related to Public Schools of years gone by. In your experience, is the birch a common form of adult male punishment, or would you agree that it is quite specific and applied/taken by pure enthusiasts?

    A. I think a birch rod is more of a specialist implement for the reasons I’ve mentioned – the amount of time it takes to get suitable rods, soak them, tie them all together into a usable and authentic implement, etc. Having said that, I’ve always thought the birch was an implement redolent of historic corporal punishment. 

    My first memory of being ‘turned on’ by CP was aged 8 when I saw an illustration in ‘Look and Learn’ about ‘Going to school in Tudor times’, with a grim-faced schoolmaster wielding a birch. It also turns up in woodcuts and illustrations of medieval and Tudor schooling: some schools even had the birch rod on their school badge and it was seen as the schoolmaster’s ‘rod of office’. 



    My hero – Richard Busby, Headmaster of Westminster School for many years in the 17th century – boasted in old age that a good proportion of the bishops sitting in the House of Lords suffered under his birch! He has a monument in Westminster Abbey which praises his skill as a schoolmaster, but makes no reference to his prowess with the birch!

    Q6. If I’m not mistaken, we’ve yet to see you deliver implements such as the plimsoll, slipper, paddle or belt. Has your experience included these implements, or has your preference for the birch or cane led you to administer these implements more to date?

    A. I did wield a strap in, “Approved Education 2”, and I have been filmed dishing out a good spanking. 

    My personal preference is for over the knee spanking – it’s so wonderfully simple, all you need is a chair to sit on and a bottom to spank: it’s also very tactile – or the cane/birch. I’ve never really been that keen on the slipper or plimsoll, except if it’s used over the knee to give my hand a rest! My least favourite implement is the paddle which I find a bit basic, and it can bruise if not used with care.

    Q7. Would you consider appearing in a more domestic punishment scene, such as playing the role of a father or uncle, or do you prefer the Headmaster role above any other?

    A. Richard and Rob at Sting have been kind enough to say that I look good as a Headmaster and it’s a role I enjoy playing, but I’m quite happy to play a father or uncle, if the scene demands it – sort of ‘This is for your own good, lad’.

    Q8. Most people now remember you from your appearances in the STING PICTURES films and downloads, however, I do recall that prior to these you appeared in the CP SERVICES LONDON DVD entitled, “Domestic And School Discipline” (Vol 1). Was this your first appearance in this type of film, or, in fact, any film?

    A. I did two short scenes for CP Services, one called, “Indecency In The Showers”, the other called, “The Litany”. They were my first efforts at filming and were great fun. “Indecency In The Showers”, was not only my first CP film, it was also my first film! I was very lucky to be working with a lad called J Jay: he was great and did a lot to put me at my ease. We had a good laugh whilst filming. I think that is something which would surprise people if they could sit in on a shoot, the amount of humour and laughter that goes on between shots: all they see is me being grumpy and the boy being punished, but a lot of that is acting!

    Q9. In the film named above, you told Jameson to stop dancing about and to, “Take it like a man”. In the STING Download, “Approved Education 2”, you told Barry, “I intend to wipe that smile off your face”, and Brett (in relation to his continued running away) that, “Perhaps you could do us all a favour next time and run faster”. I personally find these type of comments highly entertaining. Can you assure us that future film appearances will include a continuance of such entertaining sarcasm, if you get the chance?

    A. I’m glad you like the sarcasm and I can guarantee that Mr. Andrews will continue to be the sarcastic bastard you’ve come to know and love!


    Q10. In addition to Richard Busby, are there any other historical figures that may have influenced either your interest in the corporal punishment scene or your style of administering punishment?

    A. I think Busby is the man I most admire, perhaps because my main area of historical work is in the seventeenth century. I just find it amazing that cultural values could change so much that a man who was known as a devotee of the birch could, at the same time, be honoured as one of the great schoolmasters of his generation. 

    Beyond that, I have a love of all that is ‘retro’, and love the way in which Sting films are set in a sort of post-war setting. As well as the acting, I’ve enjoyed recreating the sets and getting props together that will give something of the feel of, say, a school of the 1940’s and 50’s. It’s very nice to watch the end results on DVD and to be pleased with the set as well as the action. I’ve often thought that I was born in the wrong time and missed my vocation!

    Q11. Do you have a particular favourite amongst the STING lads that you may have enjoyed punishing more than others?

    A. That’s a difficult one, because I have enormous respect for all the lads who submit to hard and authentic whackings. I suppose I have to mention Lee, who was the lad I birched at the end of St. Dat’s. He really had not taken much CP before and he was thrown in at the deep end with a birching from me, but he was great and took it like a man! His boyfriend Nick, who had come along for the ride, was also persuaded to don a school uniform and take part and the chemistry between Lee and Nick adds so much to that scene. 

    The other lad I must mention is Ginge, who gets a good spanking and the cane

    from me in the download, “Sticks And Stones”. Again, he was fairly new to it all when he encountered me, but took it well. I must confess to having a bit of a ‘thing’ for ginger hair and Ginge was very cute!

    Q12. The collaboration between yourself and STING/CP SERVICES has proven very entertaining and enjoyable from my own personal point of view, and, no doubt, many others who have watched the films/Downloads. Is there any particular scene that sticks out in your own memory more than any other?

    A. I think it would have to be the final scene of St. Dat’s with Lee and Nick. Without wishing to boast, I think it makes a great finale to the film. It was also the first time I realised how long it takes to film a scene, as it took about 5 hours to film what ends up as a 10-15 minute scene.

    Q13. Finally, can we hope to see more appearances from Mr. Andrews in the future?

    A. I very much hope so. There is talk of a sequel to St. Dat’s and I believe there may be a possibility that the new Headmaster of St. Datchet’s might be a certain Dr Barton, formerly Housemaster at Debden Hall School and a strict disciplinarian…watch this space!

    TD Monthly EDITOR’S NOTE

    My sincere thanks to Mr. Andrews, as well as Rich from STING and Keith and Si from CP SERVICES LONDON, for taking part in, “The 39 Steps”. I had the original idea for a series of interviews with leading figures of the CP world more than 2 months ago. The project has involved a good deal of work, not least of which was tailoring the particular questions to suit the participants concerned. All the above individuals who kindly agreed to take part are busy people, and I very much appreciate the time and effort involved to answer my questions. I hope that readers enjoyed this one-off special – “The 39 Steps!”

    Phil Jones (Editor & Founder: TDM): January 2009

    Click for Part One and Part Two


  • TD Monthly 10th Anniversary Interviews (Part 2 – Keith and Si of CP Services London)

    Continuing the series of interviews first published in TD Monthly in 2009 under the title “The 39 Steps”, to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.

    TDM is a North West UK based publication including personal ads from Spanking and Cprporal Punishment enthusiasts across the UK, and is now beginning its 15th year serving the UK spanking community.



    TD Monthly EDITOR’S NOTE

    Part two of “The 39 Steps”: an interview with Keith and Si of CP Services London.


    Q1. Am I right in thinking that CP SERVICES LONDON started out providing professional services, and then moved on to include all the services that the web-site now offers, ie. DVD’s, Picture Galleries, Pay 2 Listen, Pay Per View, etc?

    A. We started five years ago working from an attic bed-sit in South London. Four years ago we were able to move to our present location, which enabled us to expand the services we offer and everything else grew as we identified potential markets.

    Q2. (Question for Keith).

    You seem to slip very comfortably into the role of Headmaster in all the films I’ve seen. Is this something you do naturally, or is it as a result of more formal training at some point in the past?

    A. One of my clients reckons I’m more frightening than his Headmaster. I’ve had no training or involvement with education, so I suppose I base the character on a mix of my own school experiences and ideas that I pick up from client sessions.

    Q3. The CP Services web-site has come a long way since its inception, and now features a variety of different services/products. This must take a lot of work with the need to constantly update the various features of the site. Am I correct?

    A. It’s not just the work involved on the physical side of the site but finding the lads to participate and keeping it fresh: this is where we work very well together, with me being into CP and Si not he ensures that we keep a balance.

    Q4. “Discipline At Boddington Manor School”, was the first DVD I believe CP SERVICES featured. Was this film the first of any kind that you had produced?

    A. “Discipline At Boddington Manor School”, was our first film and came about by chance. My thought was to produce the first of the volume DVD’s we produce: Si’s idea was that we produced a film. Once we had agreed that it was then sorting the location shots, sound effects and finally editing, which neither of us had had any experience of.

    Q5. (Question for Si).

    You appear to be quite at home playing either the recipient of punishment or the administrator. Which do you actually prefer? Or is it more down to the requirements at the time?

    A. Until I met Keith I had never received any sort of CP, so it was a rapid learning curve for me. I prefer to give, but for the films we do, then Keith always seems to be able to talk me into it and I have an interest in the scene that goes around it all.

    Q6. Your collaboration with Sam Hogan has proved to be most productive, and, in addition to the DVD entitled, “Sam Hogan’s Trilogy Of Punishment”, you now feature a great deal of material from the old Sam Hogan web-site. Are there any plans to continue this collaboration at some future point with, perhaps, a further DVD of Sam getting punished by both of you?

    A. We met Sam shortly after launching our web-site and over the years he has become a very good friend: as to whether we will film together again we don’t know. We are delighted to have been able to archive the majority of his site, as we both felt it would have been a great shame to have seen it disappear.

    Q7. Any information on when the second and last, ‘Boddington Manor School’, DVD will be available for purchase?

    A. There are two further Boddington’s scripted with the majority of the locations worked out, however, there are two problems. Firstly, finding the lads to appear and being able to retain them for the entire shooting schedule. Secondly, this is a business and the capital outlay would be in the region of six to seven thousand pounds, which in these economic times would not give us a return on the initial investment.

    Q8. Do you have any plans to make further appearances this year at CLUB-CP’s new premises in Vauxhall?

    A. We are always ready to support Alan at Club CP and will arrange a crew appearance there one evening soon.

    Q9. The ‘Cinema’ section of the CP SERVICES web-site now features a large number of film clips, most of which (with the exception of ‘Client’s Punishments’) concentrate on School and Domestic scenes. In your experience which of these particular themes appears to be most popular with Members, School or Domestic discipline?

    A. We get excellent statistics from the guys who host our site and analyse them every few months. Surprisingly, all areas including Client Punishments are equally popular.

    Q10. The ‘Client’s Punishment’ section of the Cinema also now features a large number of film clips, and it appears that most clips feature clients taking punishment rather than delivering it. In your experience, are clients more likely to visit CP SERVICES’ famous Headmaster’s Study to re-live their punishments rather than deliver punishment to others?

    A. That question raises an interesting point: there seems to be a school of thought that an interest in adult CP stems from childhood. In my experience that is not the case. I have numerous clients in their forties and fifties who had never received any sort of CP when growing up. In addition, we have lads working with us who certainly never received it at school nor at home.

    Q11. The “School And Domestic Discipline”, series of films appears to have been popular with a total of three DVD’s now produced. Are there plans for a fourth, or will the next DVD (after the final, “Discipline At Boddington Manor School”) start a fresh theme?

    A. The School & Domestic Volumes are compilations from the Members Area, which are available to non-members who may not have access to the internet and for Members who prefer to view the films on disc.

    Q12. The professional services CP SERVICES offer are aimed towards a variety of people: men, women, couples and TV’s. In your experience, is the take-up amongst single males greater than the others, or is there a complete mixture?

    A. The majority of our clients are male, 50% of whom we estimate to be heterosexual. We did try to include a female element to the site, but withdrew the content as it appeared to be causing confusion.

    Q13. Finally, a question relating to future plans: more film clips in the ‘Cinema’section, further inclusions to the Picture Galleries/stories, etc. or additional full length DVD’s? Or, of course, a mixture of all of these?

    A. We try to upload a balanced mixture of content to satisfy all of our Members.



    Note: Sadly since this interview was conducted CP Services London had to close for health reasons

    The Link to TD Monthly is not currently available, this post will be updated when it is

  • TD Monthly 10th Anniversary Interviews (Part 1 – Rich O’Shea from Sting)

    JockSpank is thrilled to re-publish a series of interviews first published in TD Monthly in 2009 under the title “The 39 Steps”, to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.
    TDM is a North West UK based publication including personal ads from Spanking and Cprporal Punishment enthusiasts across the UK, and is now beginning its 15th year serving the UK spanking community.





    To celebrate TDM’s 10th Anniversary issue, I am pleased to announce a TDM first: exclusive interviews with leading figures of the CP world!
    There are 3 interviews in total, with each consisting of 13 questions.
    As a result, I have nicknamed the interviews, “The 39 Steps!”
    Interview 1 is with none other than Rich O’shea of Sting Pictures.
    Interview 2 is with Keith and Si of CP Services London.
    Last, but by no means least, interview 3 is with Mr. Andrews of Sting fame!

    At this point, I would like to thank all those named above who very kindly agreed to take part and devoted time and effort to answering my questions.
    I would like to begin, “The 39 Steps”, with the first exclusive interview, with Rich from Sting Pictures!

    Phil Jones (Editor & Founder: TDM): January 2009

    Q1. How did the idea come about for Sting Pictures initially? As I recall, there were no UK film producers at that time specialising in male-to-male corporal punishment films. Did you see a particular gap in the market at that point or did the idea develop over a period of time?


    A. It was by accident. I had worked within the UK film and television industry for many years, first as a lighting cameraman then as director. Obviously, I have always had an interest in CP and a friend had shown me a couple of US made videos which although I thought good I could not help myself in observing a short film critique. I suppose then I was told to put my money where my mouth was and make something similar. 



    This we did in the early eighties, but due to the fear of prosecution in those draconian days (not being approved by the government) we decided to shelve it all, In fact, unlike the rest of the world no adult videos were allowed in the eighties and any videos you could find were £10, 4th generation VHS copies under the table in Soho. The rest of the story is fairly well known: in happier times about 10 years ago we took the original footage out of mothball and it made part of the first Sting film, “The Punishment Book”, Volume One.
    Q2. ‘The Punishment Book’ series of films ended with number 6. Did you feel that this series had run its course and that it would be more beneficial to produce more specific films from that point onwards?


    A. We decided to end the series at a well recognised number. It was felt, too, that we wanted to try to concentrate on the original idea of making film features. These would be about different subjects where historically CP would have featured strongly. 
     Nettle Birching in Instruments of Persuasion 2
    We, of course, did produce the two part series entitled, “Instruments Of Persuasion”, Parts 1 and 2 and may in future select subjects for a documentary style approach. The ‘Instruments’ DVD’s became very popular. I guess the downloads now reflect the Punishment Book Style with the same presentation of short stories.
    Paul’s famous caning in Gray Shorts


    Q3. The film, “Grey Shorts”, (one of my particular favourites) was, as I recall, the first STING film in which all the scenes were set in an educational establishment. Along with its sequel, “St. Datchet’s Academy”, amongst others, this theme is very popular: the school discipline-type film. In your experience, are the school discipline films the most popular of all, in comparison to (say) those dealing with Institutional discipline such as, “My Borstal Days”, or is the popularity about the same for both?


    A. It would be foolish I think to suggest that school discipline is not the most popular, it is. However we do get a very strong take up on other subjects like the Borstal and reformatory themed films. Also, we try to bring a variation of scholastic styles to our productions, hence the inclusion of Approved schools and stories from abroad such as Discipline Down Under. In future we will look at the British naval training ships, too, which fall in to another category of tougher disciplined maritime education.

    Q4. In 2007, “Asian Incident”, received a GAYVN Awards nomination in the category of ‘Best Speciality Release’. This must have been particularly satisfying.


    A. At the time it was a complete surprise. I was emailed by AVN to say it had been chosen. It was extremely pleasing as although we didn’t go on to win, actually getting the nomination over dozens of other titles was extremely satisfying. I am pleased to say that it looks like, “Instruments Of Persuasion Part Two”, may well be in line to be chosen as a nominee film for the 2009 awards but we’ll have to wait and see…fingers crossed!


    Q5. “Discipline Down Under” and; “1900 House Of Correction”, was the first double-bill released by STING. As both of these films had completely different themes, this must have been a particularly challenging project, i.e. different sets/clothing/punishment scenes/eras, etc.


    A. At the time we decided to do this as an experiment. The two films were being made concurrently and we felt that the contrast on one DVD could produce an exciting result. The distinct variation of age and history between the stories worked well, and in a single presentation we feel provided greater interest. Costume-wise it was a nightmare. Rob is very particular that things are right costume-wise, and he also demands that the lads get clean clothes to wear after each day’s filming. I seem to remember we had two racks of the stuff on constant standby for each different segment of filming.


    Q6. STING films have become very well known for their authenticity, and, in my opinion, this is one of the reasons why many people find STING films so enjoyable. This level of authenticity must require a good deal of research. Am I correct?

    A. We do a great deal of research into the subjects we film, from both from the costuming point of view and also the dialogue. We don’t, of course, always get it right and a lot of latitude has to be kept in the story-telling to continually return to people’s favourite subject, i.e. spanking. From an historic point of view the intensity of CP action within one story would not have happened, but most of the events portrayed certainly would have at some stage in time. One of the reasons we started Sting was to get away from the type of CP production that has a headline title such as, “My Fifties Schooldays”, which when played ends up badly costumed and shot in a nineteen nineties front room! One thing for sure is that keeping the retro look and style is time consuming and expensive, but that is our filmic genre: to do anything else would just be following the herd.


    Q7. Regarding the STING lads themselves, it’s interesting to see the different lads’ reactions to the punishment they receive in the films. Is it true to say that some of the lads prefer to take a particular type of punishment or implement than another? For example, I know from experience that some guys will enjoy or take (say) a slippering or the paddle, but will draw the line at a caning or the birch.



    A. All the lads are very different. Some are little toughies who will cope with anything, whilst others are much more hesitant when it comes to the various instruments concerned. We have some who absolutely loathe the cane whilst others prefer it. 


    Tigger, for example, will do anything to avoid the strap but will take the cane with vigour. In fact, I would say the cane is the most disliked of all the instruments and we often pay a bonus to the lads who can take it well. Mostly all the lads can handle spanking or the slipper, but with both the Czech boys and the Brit lads they tend to be very stoic in taking a whacking and it’s hard sometimes to get good reactions, even with Dr Barton!


    Q8. This next question comes from a TDM subscriber and a collector of all the STING films and Downloads: The gentleman concerned is interested to know how the English STING lads get along with the European lads that feature in the more recent films since STING’s move to Prague. In particular, do the English lads feel a need to take more punishment than their European peers, lads being lads, or does this depend very much on the individual lads themselves?


    A. We flew over the Brit lads as soon as we were settled in Prague, and they got on very well indeed with their Czech counterparts. We were worried about this aspect of the move as we knew we needed to retain the quintessentially English feel about some of the CP featured. On the whole, the English and Czech boys are about equal in their ability to take the punishment, but I would say that maybe the Czech boys and certainly the Estonian lads have the edge. Out of all the guys we shoot with, the Estonian boys are by far the toughest. Had circumstances been otherwise, we would have worked with the Estonian boys a couple of years earlier than of late.


    I did notice that when Matt Mills was here shooting the New Prefects Revenge story (pictured), that the Czech boys did not want to be made to look unable to take a whacking and we shot some good stuff. Peer pressure certainly played a part that day.
    Q9. Regarding STING’s move to Prague previously mentioned, I remember reading on the AVN web-site an interview you gave outlining some of the reasons behind the move. For the benefit of TDM subscribers without Internet access, could you briefly outline the reasons for us now?


    A. There were several reasons for the move, both financial and political. Whilst we would prefer to work in the UK from the point of view of originality, we became aware that requirements of the BBFC and other planned laws would make our stay uncomfortable. Britain has some unique and somewhat stupid rules for keeping everybody watching what ‘they’ want you to watch. None of these requirements particularly point to Sting Pictures material and anything coming in from abroad, but as producers we very much wanted to work in an adult production friendly country. 
     Here, as in the USA, they look at what we make as a real industry, whilst in the UK the Victorian approach all seems alive and well. Unfortunately, a real shift towards autocracy is happening in the UK, coupled with the emergence of a Stalinist surveillance society. This in real terms will in the end make sheer nonsense out of the word freedom. The other reason was, of course, financial and with the current climate of the pound being one on one with the Euro we are now glad we made the move. The Czech Republic also, for example, does not have council tax or car tax or radio and TV licences. I could go on but let’s just leave it that under this new roof we hope to go on to make even better films.


    Q10. I understand that STING have a brand new film due out soon on DVD, entitled, “Reformatory USA”. Any chance you could give TDM subscribers an idea of what they can expect from the new film.


    A. The new film is a bit of a departure from the norm for us. We have been asked many times to make something more USA CP orientated, hence this new title, Reformatory USA. It is, in fact, quite a sizable feature with more than 16 guys in it. All the old stars are appearing with, of course, some of the new guys we have here. The story charts the life of a young inmate who finds the unofficial punishment record book whilst routinely cleaning an office. There is plenty of action, with a penultimate scene featuring two hunky guys getting a dose of the paddle, strap and switch one after the other. It’s all in edit right now, but due to its size and length it is taking a bit longer to finish. We were lucky in that we found an ex US naval officer in Prague who was able to do the reformatory governor’s voice dub.


    Q11. The Film Downloads seems to be going down very well with enthusiasts at the moment. I believe that you’re planning on releasing a 2008 Downloads DVD. Having seen the Downloads from the web-site, I know that this will be very good news for those people without Internet access, and can assure them that they’re in for a treat. Are there any further details on the Downloads DVD at this point?


    A. The download stories gave us the opportunity to produce short stories much more quickly than, say, a full length DVD feature. What we have now done is put the first set of stories onto DVD to make a normal DVD release: this is especially for those who don’t use the internet or download video material. Also, many people have asked to have these download stories on one DVD. In fact, the quality of direct to DVD footage is slightly higher, too. This DVD will also include some unseen footage of a story specially made for its launch as bonus material. 



    The story is set in 1900 again and features James B plus a new model, with the return of a look at Colonel James Templeton Lee’s academy for the wayward sons of Edwardian gentlemen.



    Q12. I believe that STING have a further project in the pipeline entitled, “The Brothers”, featuring, amongst others, Margusta (pictured above dealing with young Darren). Any further info you can give us regarding this?



    A. The Brothers is a new mini feature to be released soon. This idea came from two books we were sent about the Irish industrial schools. I can’t give out any names, but I can tell you we learned a few things about the harsh and somewhat painful life of young guys entrusted to an education with the Brothers! We will be celebrating this new story with the re-emergence of Margusta, a long-standing friend of Sting. His contribution, plus the welcome return of models from Estonia, has been a delayed but very welcome edition to the latest films.
    Q13. My final question is on a slightly more personal note. Which do you prefer? Being part of a scene in which you deliver punishment to one of the lads or being behind the camera? Or do you enjoy both equally?



    A. Without doubt I prefer to be behind the camera. I feel this is my natural place and it’s where I can really control what goes into a Sting film. I have been happy with the Hitchcock approach so far, but really it’s better if others actually do the re-enactments or role-plays. For me so far it’s always been as portrayed in the film Zulu when the young soldier asks the Sgt Major, “Why are we here, Sarge?” “You’re here because you’re here”, replies the Sgt Major. That’s been the case with me: so far there has been no one else. We are getting a fair few good older actors now to undertake the adult roles played out as they would have been. Of course, I like delivering some of the punishments, but to do this on camera on a film set is nothing like you might feel if it were involved one to one in private, quite different, in fact. There is far more to worry about such as how it looks and will it all edit in post production to make a good film for others to view. That, after all, is what Sting is really all about.
    The other two interviews will follow shortly


    JockSpank Editors Note: If you enjoyed this interview you will be pleased to know that Rich O’Shea has also given two recent interviews to JockSpank, these can be read here and here


    The Link to TD Monthly is not currently available, this post will be updated when it is



  • A second Interview with Mr X from Straight Lads Spanked

    Amongst the most regular contributors to JockSpank is the Straight Lads Spanked studio run by our good friend Dave, otherwise known as “Mr X”. As the name suggests, “Straight Lads Spanked” features genuine, handsome, real life straight guys, receiving punishment spankings for various acts of misbehavior, often over the knee of the local spanker, the mysterious, ski mask wearing Mr X.

    I first interviewed Mr X back in July 2012, and that interview can be read here. However, as there have been a number of developments with Straight Lads Spanked since then, Mr X has agreed to do a second interview and answer some questions from visitors to both JockSpank and to the new Straight Lads Spanked website. 
    Hi Dave / Mr X, Since your previous interview with JockSpank you have launched a new member website www.straightladsspanked.com, can you tell our readers about that?
    Sure! It’s astonishing how much has changed since I was last interviewed for JockSpank! So yes about the new website! I always dreamed of having this website from the beginning but I never thought it would happen so soon! It really came down to economics.
    I was initially selling the movies through Clips4Sale. Which was fine, other than the fact they take a HUGE cut of the takings! It was disheartening to see all that commission being paid out every month. Now this was not just about me being greedy. This mm spanking market is a rather small niche, so every penny counts! I would rather be able to give the models more and make better movies than giving it to the hosting company. With reflection, I have no issue with Clips4Sale, they offer a great service and make it easy for people like myself to get started. But it does not make sense for me to stay there long term!
    So then I started using Paypal to process the payments and set up a blog inwhich to sell the movies. This was so much better! I actually had a conversation with Paypal before doing this and they gave me the green light as we agreed that the spanking fetish did not come under the ‘porn’ category. I was told though that it would be monitored and if there were many complaints it would be looked at again. This was a great time for me. It just worked so well and I was able to get most of the money from sales and plough it back into making some good movies! 
    But then it all went wrong! An occasional customer whom I will not mention by name started to get a bit scary! He would leave vile comments about other members and myself. But then he started leaving comments saying that he was going to report me to Paypal! He then told me he had and would keep on doing it! Now this was a real worry as Paypal delay in paying you and they could have withheld monies! So I had no choice but to jump first. It was so sad! What was even worse was that when I contacted this person looking for an explanation he just said he was sorry, didn’t know why he said these things and he hadn’t really contacted Paypal! The abuse on the blogs continued and it was for that reason that I had no choice but to simply remove the ability for anyone to leave comments on the blog. So sad as it was a feature that I know many people got a lot from.
    Straight Lads Spanked website
    So I had to make a decision and straightladsspanked.comis the result! I was delighted to be accepted by Epoch the credit card processing company and that was what I needed to get started! 
    So now I have a lovely, shiny new website! Well it’s now nearly a year old! Wow! I love having the members section as so many of my customers have been loyal from the beginning and this gives them access to all the updates whilst saving a lot compared to purchasing the movies individually. I really do appreciate the members and they say such nice things to me!

    Harry the Bully gets his comeuppance

    So we understand that you were very much a beginner without much spanking experience never mind filming experience when you started a few years back. What would you say has changed since then?

    Oh that really is a good question. So much has changed. So the most important thing that has changed is that I now have a professional editor onboard. Most of the members know him. He is called Art and is a truly wonderful, talented man. We have built up a great working relationship and he understands me fully. I respect him too as he is not afraid to offer advice or even tell me off! Lol! So Art, if you are reading this, you are truly appreciated! The equipment has changed too. I started off with just one camera and now I have three! This means that sometimes you see all three angles on screen at once due to Art’s using split screen. I also have lighting too! I have Stephen from Just Magic to thank for that as it had not even crossed my mind and I saw that him use it and the difference was very clear.
    But also my approach has changed a little. I have a better understanding of what the guys can take and I guess I push things a bit harder than I used. My filming method has changed somewhat too. I used to spend a lit if time stopping and starting, giving the lads breaks and so on. But I learned that really the guys would just prefer for me to get on with it so it finishes earlier. So now I rarely stop and what you see in the final movie is not far from what the genuine sequence that happened during filming. These lads are genuinely taking the punishment that you see, usually without breaks. I love it because it makes the movies so much better.
    I am also less sensitive to criticism than I used to be. I just accept that I can’t make movies to suit everyone’s taste. It would be impossible. So I just do the best I can with what I have around me and make movies that I would want to watch. I always take comments and suggestions onboard and do what I can to accommodate them but I don’t lose sleep anymore if I feel it’s not appropriate for my website.
    You mentioned Just Magic earlier and since we last spoke you have actually filmed with The Magic Spanking Factory in Germany. Can you tell us more about that?
    Oh it was such a great experience! I had been chatting to Stephen for a while on email and I know he will be mad that I am saying this and spoiling the illusion but he really is a rather lovely, kind man! He was very supportive of me and gave lots of good advice. I just thought one day that it would be really special if we could shoot something together.
    Just Magic in Action
    I had an idea and ran it by Stephen and was as excited as me about it!.
    Foul Mouthed Andy was a real triumph as I released the movie with zero information as to what it contained. I just asked the fans to trust me and that the surprise would be worth it! The reaction was fantastic and made it all worthwhile! Stephen is great in this movie, especially when he hits poor Andy on the head with his book!
    I was quite brave to and managed to film sequences not only through the airport but on the plane too! I have still tried to not give everything away but I would suggest that if you enjoy my movies and the Magic Spanking Factory movies that Foul Mouthed Andy – Spanked and Belted is worth a look!

    I would now like to ask you some questions left by visitors to JockSpank or which have been submitted via the Straight Lads Spanked blog:

    Q: Who is the easiest model to work with?

    Wow! This is a real difficult one! You do realise that the models will probably be reading this? It reminds me a bit of a situation my Mum was in, I have 3 brothers and we used to ask her which one of us was her favourite! Of course she would answer that she loves us all the same! 
    However, let me try and answer as best as I can! I find that with models I have done a lot of work with like Andy, Oliver and Bailey that each shoot gets easier and easier as we build up a real trust. That is the key to this. Trust. The model will take a lot more if he feels safe and secure and has no doubt that nothing bad will happen.
    Dom over Dad’s knee in Dad Found Twitter
    However, the answer I’m going to give is Dom. From the beginning he was brilliant. Confident and great at delivering the lines. The movie Dad Found Twitter which as I’m writing this is still ranked at number one is a great example. We did not rehearse the opening sequence at all. Dom had no idea what I was going to say (in fact I had no idea what I was going to say) so every reply and reaction from Dom is just spontaneous and quite simply wonderful! He can also take a mighty hard spanking too!
    Q: Which movies did you like making the most?
    Hmm, my first thought is one that I am not appearing in! It’s easier for me to make a better film I think when I am behind the camera. From a personal point of view I also hate watching anything back that I am in but can enjoy a movie that I am not appearing in.
    Andy and Patrick in Brother in Charge
    Ok, I’m going to pick 2! The first two Brother in Charge movies were extraordinary to film! Working with real life brothers with a storyline that is not far from their own real life was incredible! I actually got quite choked up at some of the emotion of it all.
    Harry with Fred and Oliver in Stolen Holiday Money 3 – Brothers’ Revenge
    However, I equally enjoyed the Stolen Holiday Money series. I thought Harry and Fred were brilliant together and knowing the dynamics of their real life, long term friendship made it even more special! When I first thought of Straight Lads Spanked – Stolen Holiday Money PartThree was the movie I always dreamed of making but never thought I would find the guys to do it. 
    Q: How long on average does it take to film each movie?
    Well if I am shooting with a brand new model it takes a lot longer as I have to reassure them and talk them through it. For a returning model it is much quicker! In fact, I am getting quicker and quicker with them. In fact more often than not. What you see now in the final edited version is similar in length to the time it took film. I rarely stop now and just run the scenario right through.
    I have actually filmed something with Andy which I am excited for you all to see. I get asked a lot about the filming process and how it works so I decided to show you! I set up a camera in the corner of the room and I started it just when Andy arrived and kept it rolling as we discussed and planned the movie and all the way through filming! So I intend to release the edited movie followed by the entire behind the scenes footage so you will get to see how the magic happens! 

    Q: Do you agree the punishment with the model beforehand or does it stop if the model has had enough?

    Well the answer is both! I spell out what the punishment will be before the model even arrives and they can choose whether to do it or not. Then, once the filming starts it’s up to me to get as much out the model as I can. The model is always in complete control and can of course stop for a break whenever they want. They could even abandon filming completely without any fuss if they wanted. Thankfully that has never happened. Sure there has been many times when I have sensed the model has had enough and I will then wind it down. 

    Funnily enough it can also work the other way. There has been occasions where I have felt that the model has earned their agreed fee, worked well and taken a good spanking. So by rights I should stop. However, I get a sense that they could take more and that it would be an amazing movie if they did. So I have a conversation and basically offer to increase the fee if they allow me to continue harder and longer than originally agreed. An example of this would be Jack – Spanked HardFor Drunk Driving.

     Q: Can you arrange a suggestion blog!

    Sure, it’s already done! Here’s the link. 

    Dale in Bubble Bath Blues___

    Q: We already have popular themes like Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Do you plan to make new ones in the future?

    Very much so! I am always trying to think up new ideas. One rough idea that is always there is to do more movies like ‘Locker Room Spanking’ with a tough resident coach to dish out the discipline! 
    I still just need good access to a changing room set to make this happen!
    Q: I didn’t think about this until after I saw the last vid of Andy after your trip to Germany. Some scenes have been more emotionally trying for the models than others; Andy in both meetings with the bath brush, Bailey and the bath brush(I see a pattern here), Karl and Liam in their individual Wait Till Your Father Gets Home movies. Andy especially, in that last vid, looked like he wanted to do nothing more than go hide. I am guessing you don’t just send them off with a hearty thanks so is there a way they are approached to help bring them down from the emotional storm?
    Hmmmmmm, that is a tough one. I’m not so sure the guys get emotional from the actual scene, but they certainly can react to the intensity of the spanking. It is a two way thing too. I get rather fond of these guys and the efforts they make so I find it really tough to do the spankings that are going to really hurt (and for some time after too) so the whole shoot can be emotionally charged.
    More often than not it is the guys that are reassuring me telling me to just go for it! As for the comedown so I don’t send them off in an emotional storm? Well I think you probably see that in most of the movies. They rarely end with Mr X/Dad or whoever still angry. So in the bath brush beatings Mr X will always rub some soothing cream onto their bruised buttocks afterwards. I think you can feel the situation calming down. Normally filming ends with me switching off the cameras and just thanking them and telling them how amazing they have been!
    Q: Out of all the movies you have done, which ones are you most proud of and why?
    I am going to choose two! Brother In Charge – Part One is the movie I am most proud of. The two brothers Andy and Patrick gave it their all and it was all very intense and amazingly performed. 
    The other movie is probably the Real Punishment series with Sebastian. I never dreamed I would be filming real life situations with real life punishments. 
    Bailey Bullies Apprentice Part 1
    Oh, I’m going to choose a third one! Bailey Bullies Apprentice PartOne! That was really where it all started to take off for me. Bailey gives one of the best performances I ever recorded. Also I am not in it! But I was lying on the floor directing, feeding them lines and holding a camera!

    Dam! This is difficult! I’m going to chose one last one. The movie Sebastian – http://www.straightladsspanked.com/watch-video/sebastian-can-t-deal-with-the-guilt/91/Can’t Deal With The Guilt was also about 95% real! I asked Seb just before filming if he had any ideas as to what crime he could have committed to lead him being sent to Mr X . He then poured his heart out about his recent cheating and was so remorseful and upset I just said lets start filming and turn it into a movie. I thought the results were very real and intense.
    Oh and I’m going to mention one other thing. I think I have spoken about this before but in the movie Oliver – Kissing Other Girls Mr X tells Oliver to remove his underwear. Now Oliver is not happy about this and asks if he could just pull the back of his pants down in order to retain some modesty. Now Oliver was not acting here, this was a genuine request to me, Dave (not Mr X) and I just responded by pulling his pants down and dragging him over my knee!
    Oliver in Oliver Kissing Other Girls
    Q: As Straight Lads Spanked has been going for a year now, how do you see it growing into next year?
    Well lots of new models, new scenarios and hopefully new places to film with of course lots more with the old favourites! 
    Q: How long have you been actively spanking and have your abilities developed over time or did you receive help from anyone to learn technique?
    Well I have only been actively spanking since I started filming these movies! So just a couple of years now. I would hope my abilities have developed and that if they have you will see this progression in the movies. I would say my strength has improved! Not received any help at all other than occasionally watching other spanking movies.
    Adam, Dom, Wayne and Harry about to play Spank Jenga
    Q: When dealing with the models, has there ever been a time when a typical shoot may have turned into more due to the model crossing the line with their acting (meaning more attitude than welcome etc)
    I’m not entirely sure I understand the question……. Let me answer like this though. The only movie I can think of where some kind of lines were crossed was with Peter – Exchange Student Spanked. Lets just say that this guy did not look at all like the photo’s he sent me and I was pissed off! So in this movie you are not seeing caring and kind Dave playing angry Mr X but you are seeing seriously pissed off Dave playing angry Mr X. So I really was spanking in anger and wanted to punish this dude for not being honest!
    Karl spanks Ben in “The Humiliation”
    Q: The models, from what “we” are guessing, run the age range between 18-25 (?). Are there any differences in how these are approached? Is it easier, let’s refer to it as mentally, to spank the younger models?
    It’s the opposite! I find it easier to spank the older guys. The older guys have life experience and lets face it, if you are a 25 year old straight guy that has decided to earn cash for shooting a movie with Straight Lads Spanked you can feel confident that they have a properly thought out that decision. So I find it easier to work with them and just get on with it.

    Mr X with Bailey and Ben in Spanked Footballers
    Q: What is the process of the shoot; how does it proceed, and how many scenes are shot in a typical session? 
    It depends on a lot of things to be honest. If I am shooting with a model for the first time I will try and get two movies shot that day. So it would be a Mr X spanking and then something using an implement, more than likely a 36 lashes movie. Sometimes though I scrap the implement movie and add it into the Mr X scene, so for example, the lad might get some hits from the belt as well as a hand spanking. 
    We never rehearse any script at all. I never know what I am going to say until the filming starts and I just tell the model to respond to me. Occasionally, I will ask them to change their response/attitude, for example, maybe they are being too sorry too early and I ask them to be a bit more cocky. That way we can see them change from confident young lad to really struggling when they are told to remove their underwear.
    Q: Hi, you continue to make great productions. Are you able to say where you source your models from? And I’m intrigued, do they know the spanking is going to be as real as it looks and must feel? Some very red arses! 
    Thanks for the kind words! It’s always nice to hear! Hmmmmm, so I used to advertise in various places for models but I have not done that for ages now. The models now just bring along their own friends or brothers! It’s just growing organically like that and it’s brilliant! So here is an insight for you! I think I actually get a better movie when an experienced model brings a friend along. An example would be Spanked Charity Thief – Dom and Adam – TheConclusion with Adam being the new model filming for the first time.
    With Dom and Adam in “Spanked Charity Thief – the Conclusion
    So this is what happens. Dom has persuaded Adam to come and film (oh and of course Dom gets a small reward for finding a new model) Dom want to show Adam that everything is fine working with me and in a sense shows off. So I am actually able to spank Dom harder than normal as he wants to show off to his real life mate how much he can take! So then of course, Adam does not want to look like a wimp in front of Dom so I actually am able to go harder on him than I would do if he had turned up on his own and feeling nervous. The end result is that you all get a great movie with some very authentic spanking! 
    As for them knowing it is going to be a real spanking? Well sure! I do tell them. I tell them in great detail how real it will be. The first time is always tricky as it is all new to them (hardly any of the lads have ever been spanked at all before) and they don’t know me and they clearly have a fear of the unknown. Of course, it might feel horrible at the time, but even a hard hand spanking will be a distant memory for them a few hours later when they are at home counting their earnings! 
    So that means the second shoot will always be better. They turn up without the added fear of walking into the unknown, they realise it will hurt a lot at the time but also understand that nothing real bad will happen. There is a also a real competition amongst the guys. For example, Oliver (pictured) recently, finally agreed to film a bath brush beating movie. He had refused for ages. On the day of filming he said to me that since he was doing this he wanted it to be the best one ever and to do what it took to make that happen (he was still sore 5 days later)!
    Q: As a Scot (like myself), although you are obviously far too young to have had the belt in school yourself, do you think you might ever do a traditional Scottish punishment scene: the tawse on the hands?
    Well you are quite correct! CP was already banned by the time I went to School! So I never experienced or witnessed the tawse on the hands. Would I film one? To be honest I’m not sure! I don’t own a traditional tawse in the first place. I’ve never actually seen a hand lashing so am not even sure how it works (though I have an idea). Lets put it out there. If you would like to see the tawse used on the hands either leave a comment below or drop me an email slukmedia@yahoo.co.uk!
    Q: Very unusual question, but I really want to know it! Dave, how big is your right hand in cm, length and width!
    Well I did say I would answer anything so here goes! I have actually quite small hands! So it is 9cm across (I didn’t include my thumb) and 19cm from the tip of my middle finger down to my wrist! 

    Who comes up with the stories? Is it you Dave or the model?
    Well most of the time I come up with it all. But I always speak to the model before shooting about their real lives and experiences. Very often they come up with idea themselves. For example, in Tommy – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home it was Tommy who told me that in real life he got into trouble for not picking his younger brother up from school. I thought it was a great storyline so that is what we used!
    The guys on your site look fantastic. It would be great to get to know a bit more about them.
    Well, what I can tell you is this. That the majority of the guys that are on the website have never done anything like this before. They were not even looking for modeling work. They are just regular guys with regular lives. This is really important to me and moving forwards I just want to work with guys that you would have never seen anywhere else before. 
    However, if you would like to know more about the lads, I have some interviews and even some full length spanking movies which you can download free of charge here!
    Well thank you Dave for talking the time away from spanking deserving lads to answer these questions!
    Oh it’s my pleasure! I truly appreciate the support I have been given from JockSpank. You guys have been great right from the very beginning! It means a lot. But I also want to thank all the mm spanking enthusiasts out there who have been with me for this rather crazy journey! You are always so supportive and say such lovely things about my movies. I promise you that as long as you are all there encouraging me, I will keep on making these movies.
    As it happens, I have a special offer running right now. So if anyone is considering becoming a member, now is a perfect time to do it. I have reduced the rate by $10 over the festive period. This promotion will end on January 3rd. This promotion is not mentioned on the website but you can get all the information you need by clicking on the link below:
    Mr X gets back to work!

  • Interview with a Spanker – Dr Skelpz

    JockSpank is delighted to be able to interview Dr Skelpz

    Hi Dr Skelpz, thanks for agreeing to give an interview to JockSpank. I plan to ask you a number of my own and then some which have been sent in my members of the Lads group.

    Starting with the Google group, you have been the moderator of the Sting lads fan group for a number of years now, are you a fan of Sting yourself and how far back does your association with Sting go?

    Answer: Thank you so much for asking to interview me. Looking at your previous interviewees I’m honoured to be included in such distinguished company. I was and remain a huge fan of Sting pictures. I should thank the Royal Mail for giving me the opportunity to meet Rich and Rob about eight years ago. Twice I had ordered large consignments of DVDs from Sting and twice the Royal Mail failed to deliver them. Rich offered to hand over the DVDs in person. We met, had coffee, got talking, discovered our mutual passion for film and soon Rich and I became firm friends. Some time afterwards Rich and Rob needed an extra pair of hands on the set for a shoot featuring Vex and David and asked me to help. I brought along my camera and took some stills. Next Rich and Rob asked me to join them on a Royale Tribute photoshoot. Gradually, I became the regular set photographer at Sting shoots.
    Rich and Tigger

    What always struck me on the Sting set, in addition to Rich and Rob’s total professionalism and commitment to the highest quality film making, was the sense of fun. With the likes of Tigger, David, Matt Mills and Barry bouncing around the studio, the laughter was continuous. I decided to set up an independent fansite. Rather than a site about the studio, I thought it would be more fun to run a site dedicated to the lads. Rich and Rob generously opened their treasure trove of old stills for the site and have been tremendously supportive from day one. Five and a half years and close to ten thousand pictures posted, Stinglads is still going strong.

    In 2011 you began to make your own videos which were released through Sting on a “Guest Director” basis, what made you decide to do this, is it something you have long wanted to do, or have you been involved in film making in the past?

    Answer: As a life-long film buff I had always dreamt of making my own films. I learned a huge amount about filmmaking on the Sting set. Rich always encouraged me as a photographer. On one of my many visits to Prague, Rich handed me one of his old video cameras and suggested I should think about doing some filming when I got back to London. On my return, Barry and I met to talk about doing some filming ourselves. 
      45 minutes later we had shot the first two scenes of Bad Week for Barry.

    Your style of film making is very different to Sting, and has been described as “Guerilla style” is that a style you particularly enjoy, or is it simply the result of the nature of the actors and the locations you film in?
    Answer: A bit of both, to be honest. I’ve always loved low budget independent film such as John Waters’ early work. Sting’s films are in the classic Hollywood tradition. Lighting, sound, camerawork, sets, costumes, editing and post production are all done to the highest professional standards. There is simply no way that I could make films to their high technical standards. What we do have here in London are cheeky streetwise lads and some great locations. I try to make films that are of the time and place. We have shot in the street, in offices at lunchtime or at the weekend, in flats when the missus is out, on an empty building site, anywhere we can find. We need to get in and out as fast as we can which, I hope, adds to the energy in the scene. This can lead to hilarious results like during the filming of Tea Leaves Scene One when the plumbers turned up in the middle of the shoot. Everyone just carried on with the job in hand! There is always a trade off between having enough kit to control lighting etc and having enough hands to set everything up (and make a hasty exit if needed!).
    Tim bares his bottom for the cane
    We have received a number of questions from Members of the StingLads Group which I will put to you later, however, two members, Swatter and Firmhanded both asked a very similar question, which I think it is appropriate to ask here. That is, how do you find so many young actors who are willing to appear in movies getting their bottoms spanked?

    Answer:All of the actors in my films have been brought along by their mates, brothers or boyfriends who had worked with me before. The shoots are fun, the lads have real input into the storylines, they make a few bob as an appearance fee and we have a pint afterwards. Still, we all greatly miss Clublads who unearthed one superstar after another.

    You have now set up your own studio at Clips4Sale, does this mean there has been a rift or disagreement between yourself and Sting?
    Rich O’Shea

    Answer:Not at all. It was actually Rich’s suggestion that it was time for me to spread my wings and develop my own identity. Rich and Rob have been incredibly supportive at every step, even offering to let me post the four films released by Sting at clips4sale. I look forward to my next trip to Prague once the weather warms up and we are hoping to do some shooting together in London before too long.

    What are your plans for the new studio?

    Answer:It’s all been a bit tumultuous since setting the studio up last week. The ten clips make up the whole top ten in the Spanking m/m chart at clips4sale, but even more extraordinary is that In Their Own Words Part 3 is at number 16 in the overall clips4sale top 50 and In Their Own Words Part 2 is at number 25. I’m really pleased that so many aficionados seem to enjoy the work. I hope to update the site with new material on a regular basis but, to be honest, all my energy has been focused on getting it set up so I haven’t thought much about the future.

    What were the main challenges you faced when setting up the new studio?

    Answer:Leaving the nest is always scary! Rich first suggested setting up my own studio before the release of Gotta Get Paid.
    Gotta’ Get Paid
     Putting together ten individual new clips was a challenge. It meant that some old scenes were dusted off. In the past, Rich had always tidied up my editing while Rob worked magic with the sound and did fantastic credits. They offered to help out again but I decided it was time for me to stand properly on my own two feet. Dealing with clips4sale has been very straightforward although they turned the site on while I was still working on GIFs and trailers completely catching me on the hop! It has been stressful but enjoyable.

    Do you plan to concentrate the so called “Guerilla” style gritty urban themes or will you experiment with other themes and settings?

    Answer:It’s likely that most of my work will continue to be modern and urban as that’s what I enjoy making. The In Their Own Words series is different, with the lads speaking straight to camera, unscripted, describing being on the receiving end.

    Are there any of your movies do you feel most proud of and why?
    A bad week for Barry

    Answer:I’ve really enjoyed everything so far. Bad Week for Barry will always have a special place, as the first. Community Service with multiple actors and interlocking storylines felt like a great achievement. It Still Happens, especially the scene with Rich O’Shea playing completely against type as an abusive Dad, is when I first felt like a proper filmmaker. In Gotta Get Paid, I started to let the actors go for it – Jay Faith’s scene with Barry stands out for its raw energy. In Tea Leaves I’ve had five actors in a scene at once, night scenes and outdoor scenes so again it feels like I’m developing as a filmmaker. In Their Own Words is a completely new direction for me – I’m pleased to see that it has been well received and gives me confidence to try new ideas in the future.

    Can you allow us a few hints about the future story lines you have in mind?

    Answer: We’ve started shooting our most ambitious urban story yet with scenes filmed outdoors in an abandoned housing estate. Clips4sale lends itself to episodic serial type stories so the spanking version of The Wire might be on the cards! I hope to do a series called What If? imagining what might happen if corporal punishment was reintroduced. And there will be more of the In Their Own Words series.

    If I may ask a few more personal questions, have you always had an interest in Spanking?

    Answer: I’ve had an interest in spanking as long as I can remember. Certainly well before puberty.

    What aspects of spanking bad boys appeals to you the most?
    Answer : The aesthetics of spanking has always been the most important part for me. I love the sight of a beautiful backside turned rosy red. In terms of the films, it’s important that the scenes are realistic in that they either do happen, as in It Still Happens, or it could just happen, in terms of the urban stories.
    To what degree, if any, were you influenced by descriptions of corporal punishment and spanking in literature, in movies and of course in the, much less politically correct, comics and magazines of the sixties and seventies? (all of which would be banned now) Do you believe that any of these have influenced the videos you make

    Answer: Hmmmm, that’s a really good question. There is little doubt that comics, magazines, films and TV of the Seventies have all made an impact on me. I saw work by the Children’s Film Foundation every week at the ABC Minors. The Seventies was a very interesting time to grow up. We were not brought up to be deferential – quite the reverse, we were encouraged to challenge authority, especially unjust authority. Having said that, corporal punishment was still alive and well not just in the media but in schools and at home so there we all knew that actions had consequences.

    Do you have any spanking related fantasies or storylines which you would especially like to see made into a movie?
    Les Quatres Cents Coups

    Answer:Yes. Lots! As I said above I’d like to do the What If? series, with CP re-introduced to 21st Century London. I’d also love to re-make Francois Truffaut’s brilliant 1959 film Les Quatres Cents Coups except this time Antoine and his friends get their backsides tanned every time they deserve it!
    Do you believe that humour has a place in spanking movies?
    Answer:Absolutely. Humour and terror are very close to one another and I think both have a definite place in spanking films. Some of the most scary experiences at school were also very funny, in retrospect.

    How about humiliation? should the boy feel humiliated and embarrassed by what is happening?

    Answer: Not in my work. I don’t set out to humiliate my actors or the characters they play. For me, that’s where punishment begins to shade into abuse. I’m not against other people doing it or being into it. It just doesn’t float my boat.

    Do you enjoy the work of other spanking studios? And do you have particular favourites? Also, Do you feel that any of the other studios have influenced or inspired you?

    Answer: I think it’s fantastic that there are so many good quality spanking producers out there. Man’s Hand would have been the first I came across back in my youth. It was really exciting to discover that somebody was producing stuff I wanted to see. Seeing Sting for the first time was like seeing the work of Jean-Daniel Cadinot for the first time – adult movies as serious art. I have always enjoyed Get Your Trousers Down and the Magic Spanking Factory – good fun and seriously sexy. I was pleased to see Brett Stevens get into making films. I’d love to see more of the lads get behind the camera. I seriously admire everyone who has the courage and tenacity to make films and put them out there for other people’s viewing pleasure. Frankly, most producers are lucky to cover their own costs never mind get any sort of worthwhile payment for the time and effort they put in so good luck to everyone.

    I now have a number of questions which have been asked by members of the Sting Lads group. There were a few which you felt were inappropriate or too personal, so I have removed those: 
    Mark S asked: Will you be doing any school-type videos in the future? I ask as this is by far my own personal favourite scenario and I assume it is a taste shared my many Sting aficionados. Rich does a first-rate job it goes without saying, but it’s always nice to see another perspective?

    Answer:Perhaps as part of What If? All of my films are sent in the present time so that’s a bit of a barrier. Also, school scenes require costumes and sets to be realistic. Sting does these so well I’m reluctant to even dip my toe in that water. On the other hand, there is always the possibility of a collaboration with Sting in the future so never say never.

    He also asked: Will you be finding any more new London (or UK) models, a la Sting ‘golden years,’ in which such stars as Tigger and, my own favourite, the lovely Vex, were featured? British lads obviously have an advantage in that they can deliver dialogue in English without sounding like a Bond villain. Plus they have a better cultural understanding of the background of corporal punishment in schools.

    • Answer: I’m not going to knock the Czech boys. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of them and they are lovely kids. They are real troupers, taking some serious punishment on camera. I see no reason why films should only be made in English – many (if not most) of the greatest films ever made were in other languages. In addition to old stars Barry, Damien, David and Stephen, I’ve introduced new actors – Jay Faith, Alfie, Sean, Max, Alex and Buddy. I hope to have some more new actors in forthcoming films.

    Swatter had a number of questions

    1) At what age did you realize you were “into” spanking?

    Answer: From about eight
    2) Were you ever spanked at school?

    Answer: We didn’t call is spanking but every boy I went to school with received corporal punishment at some point

    3) I would like to see you make a video in which you interview the model about his true, real life spanking experiences at home and at school when he was growing up. Any chance of that happening? You could interview several models privately and individually and then put them all together in a single video.

    Answer: Not likely, to be honest.

    I have already asked you one of Firmhanded’s questions, his others were:

    Are all of the actors straight, or are some of them bi or gay?

    Answer: All of the above!

    2) Do any of them to any porn work and if so where?

    Answer: David has done a little solo work as have Barry and Damien. I’m not aware that any of the other actors have done porn.

    3) Do any of them admit to (or seem to) be into the spanking or is it purely for the money?

    Answer: You know, there are other ways to make money. Having said that, most of the lads seem to enjoy getting to act on camera most, especially when there is an urban storyline they can relate to.

    Cady asked: Will we be seeing more of Barry going OTK for a bare butt spanking?

    Answer: Yes, although Barry HATES getting spanked. He loves acting, filming and directing. He has written all the music for the films. He wants to stop getting his ass spanked but recognises that he has too big a fanbase out there to retire just yet.

    Bobby asked: Will you accept requests and suggestions for story lines?

    Answer: Yes please. Although I’m not interested in doing period or costume drama, nor have I got big budgets or a studio to build sets in but with those provisos in mind all suggestions are welcome.

    Well that is all the member questions, is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your plans for the future?

    Not really. I’d just like to thank all the lads and everyone I’ve had the pleasure to work with either in person or online and I’d especially like to thank Jockspank for your great work on behalf of the community. If there was a spanking New Year’s Honours list you certainly deserve to be recognised. I’d encourage everyone in the community to be positive and supportive of one another; it’s a small community and we should be seeking to encourage one another whenever possible.


    Dr Skelps videos are available from

  • Interview with a Spanker – Mr X of Straight Lads Spanked

    Posted on by Ward
      Mr X, Bailey and Brett in “Bailey the Humiliation”

    Hi Mr X. thanks very much for agreeing to do an interview for JockSpank. I have a number of questions I would like to ask, and have also included some questions from fans who have written in.

    Question 1: You first appeared on JockSpank’s radar working with Brett Steven’s at his Studio, was that the first time you became involved in making male spanking movies? Or have you made other adult films in the past

    Answer: Answer: I’m glad you are breaking me in with an easy question! I had never had any experience making films, adult or otherwise, until just a few months ago! I’m a movie making virgin! This whole adventure is brand new to me! ………….. (Ok there have been a few things I filmed in my bedroom on my camera phone but we’ve all done that before……… haven’t we)?

    What made you decide to start making male spanking movies?

    Answer:…erm, well I never really did make that decision. It just kind of happened. I was drawn into it! I have a feeling though we will go more into how it all began soon enough!

    Now a question which was submitted by PTB was “How did you meet Brett Stevens, and are your websites separate ventures?”

    Answer:Ok, so about Brett. First of all let me say that Brett is an awesome guy! It was a fairly random meet to be honest in the very first instance, we live very close to each other… However, some time after I first met Brett he got in touch as a bit of his editing software got corrupt and he needed somebody with a decent computer to help edit some clips. That is how it all began……. It was a blast doing some work with Brett and with me living so close I found myself getting out with some filming too. I really enjoyed the whole process and I guess that is where the ideas for Straight Lads Spanked came from.

    So yes PTB, Straight Lads Spanked is very much a separate venture from Brett’s work. However, Brett and I are still very much in touch and happily support each others studios and work. I feel quite sure that our work will cross over in different ways at some point. I can’t see any reason why Brett would not appear in further future Straight Lads Spanked movies (in fact I have some plans for that as we speak) or why Mr X won’t appear in Brett’s productions. In fact, Brett has already featured in new clip “Don’t Steal from Mum Part Two” on Straight Lads Spanks in an extremely intense and rapid OTK hand, belt and slipper butt blistering movie!!

    You opened your own Studio Straight Lads Spanked earlier this year, what made you decide to focus on Straight Lads in particular?

     Bailey in “Bailey Bullies Apprentice Part 2”

    Answer: Hmmmm, where do I begin! Ok, let’s focus on the spanking aspect first. For me spanking, in spanking movies always has to be a deserved punishment and not something done because either the person dishing it out or the person receiving it is getting sexual gratification. So in my mind having a spanking site featuring Straight Lads who are not attracted to men makes this situation more achievable.

    Of course there are plenty of popular sites offering more erotic spanking and that is great but not the direction I wanted to go down… I also appreciate that my theory is somewhat flawed in that it would be ridiculous to suggest that all gay men enjoy getting spanked and straight men don’t!!

    But why Straight Lads? Well for me as an individual and somebody who is attracted to men, I have always had a self-confessed……..erm……, fondness (my friends would say obsession) with straight lads. Completely ridiculous of course! Quintin Crisp describes it better than I ever could when he says…” The … problem that confronts homosexuals is that they set out to win the love of a “real” man. If they succeed, they fail. A man who “goes with” other men is not what they would call a real man. The conundrum is incapable of resolution, but that does not make homosexuals give it up.”

    The new studio appears to have developed quite a large fan base, what do you think it is about seeing Straight guys getting there bottoms spanked that is such a turn on for so many people?

    Answer: Well I think a lot of what I answered in the previous questions applies to a lot of people. However, more than that. I think there is something very rewarding about seeing masculine, straight lads submitting to going over another man’s knee for a spanking. Somebody once commented about Bailey saying that Bailey is type of confident (slightly arrogant) guy that they see in the gym or workplace that they would love to see ‘brought down to size’. Well on Straight Lads Spanked that is exactly what you get to see! As for having a fan base? Well that is pretty cool! 🙂 I like that a lot!

    What were the main challenges you faced when setting up the new studio?

    Answer: It all just seemed to just happen rather easily to be honest. The biggest issue was not having great cameras at the beginning. I look back with some regret on some early shoots that could have been so much better if I had better equipment. Thankfully that has been resolved! I remember clearly though the first day of shooting as Straight Lads Spanked. Bailey, Billy and Danny were all there. The support I had that day from all three guys was incredible. They could see I was bluffing it and doing my best and they did everything possible to help me out!

    Danny and Bailey in Office Junior Spanked

     It was like having an all day group hug from the guys! We were there for most of the day! Danny is a mate of mine anyway so it was great having him there. Bailey though was simply awesome that day and was actually a good influence on the other guys. So much got filmed that day as well. Office Junior Spanked, Graffiti Artist Spanked Part Two and the entire Bailey Bullies apprentice!. We reshot a lot of Bailey – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home that day too. I have no idea how we managed it all! I suspect all the lads stood up on the bus on the way home that day!

    To what degree, if any, were you influenced by descriptions of corporal punishment and spanking in literature, in movies and of course in the, much less politically correct, comics and magazines of the sixties and seventies? (all of which would be banned now) Do you believe that any of these have influenced your work? (if so are you able to give examples?)

    Answer: 60’s and 70’s????????? I mean 60’s! Really! How rude! How old does Jockspank think I am? Lol!

    I was born in the mid 70’s probably only started reading comics in the very late 70’s early 80’s. However, what I did read featured a lot of spanking! In particular there is a Scottish creation called ‘Oor Wullie’. That naughty lad was always getting spanked! I also read the Beano and recall Dennis the Menace getting slippered from his Dad! I’m not so sure they have influenced what I do now but they no doubt sparked an interest in CP!

    I also remember an old black and white film or maybe it was a TV drama. It might have been Nicholas Nickleby and it featured a rather brutal caning with a lad attached to some frame. I remember my Mum being shocked and switching it off. Which of course only made me more determined to watch it so I ran upstairs to my big brothers room and watched it on his telly!

    Another question from PTB was How do you compare what you are doing with the guys at Sting, Spanking Central etc?

    Answer: I’m not so sure I compare them as such or that I am in a position to compare. Let me say this though. What Sting do is superb. The attention to detail is something I aspire to. I think though the themes I do are a bit different. I’m very much aware of Spanking Central too. I think maybe Cliff’s work on Spanking Central is closer to what I do in that there is a more modern feel to it. Maybe the biggest difference is that with SC there is more of a big budget studio setting feel. Where as my stuff is a bit rawer and looks like it has been shot using a hand held camera in my home (which it has)!

    Do you feel that any of the other studios have influenced or inspired you?

    Answer: I have absolutely no doubt at all that I have taken (probably more subconsciously) ideas from other studios and added my own touch to it. I think I possibly spend more time trying to build a story for the spankings than most of the studios do. …… It also works in a different way, you don’t just get influenced in a good way. I have seen things on other studios and thought, “I really don’t want to do that”, or, “good idea, but if you had done this it would have been better” Of course all of this is subjective.

    “Give me some examples” I hear you yell!

    Ok, well some studios don’t have any reason or build up to guys getting spanked other than asking the model “why are you here”? …… “Because I need money to pay the rent and fuel bill and my daughter needs new shoes” …… “Ok, well get over my knee, look at the camera whilst I spank you to tears”!!!!

    Now let me make this 100% clear. I am not criticising! These studios are popular. It’s just not for me. I like my spankings to be about punishment. Not some guy just enduring so that they can feed their family. (I’m also aware all my models are doing it for cash but I try and present it in a different way)…. The other main thing I have picked up from some other movies that frustrated me was lack of facial reactions during spankings. This is incredibly important to me and I have tried to feature it in everything I have produced! It’s one thing seeing a bottom getting spanked, but as a viewer I feel you need to relate to whom the bottom is attached and how they are reacting to the spanking…

    Andy and Bailey in “Builders Gatecrash a Spanking Party”

    Two of the mainstays of Straight Lads Spanked are Andy and Bailey. They are two very masculine men, the personification of Straight Lads, what are they like to work with.

    Answer: They are an absolute joy to work with! But both in very different ways. Andy is definitely more of a joker. He really is full of fun. All the time! Put him together with Bailey and sometimes filming can be a nightmare! For example, on a very recent shoot (not yet released) I am trying to film Andy and Bailey together. There is no camera man that day so I am directing, filming and being Mr X. There was a lot going on! Andy had just had lunch so was rather, erm windy…. Which caused much disruption! Bailey had to leave the room gagging at one point! Then it comes to them both being naked. 

    Andy in “Andy Chinese Birch

    Now Andy is very blessed in a certain department so decides to do Windmill impressions with his willy! Bailey decides to join in! Sword fights are happening! I’m trying to shoot film! The ironic thing is that it crossed my mind that I should be enjoying this and finding it erotic….. IN any other situation I would dream to be in that situation! Instead all I’m doing is tutting, trying to get some order and shoot some film! With hindsight I wish I had it on camera to enjoy later! Bailey on the other hand is also fun but really serious and dedicated to producing great movies. I’m not saying that Andy is not but Bailey really seems aware of the production details and is not afraid to suggest ideas or different angles or retakes. I have gone from being rather scared of Bailey on the first day I met him to being really fond of him. Andy too!

    How do these two guys differ and what special qualities do they each bring to the movies you make?


    Answer: Ok so Andy brings his cheeky charm and of course his hot, muscled body! He also brings his friends and family! It was Andy that introduced me to Bailey (who was the best man at Andy’s wedding) as well as Liam and more recently his brother Patrick!

    Bailey brings really great acting performances. He plays the characters so well and convincingly. Also, if I’m shooting with other lads and Bailey is there he actually helps them with their performance. Bailey is also taking harder spankings and again, this is having a knock on effect with other models, so it is all good! Bailey (along with Andy) has been part of this since the beginning and he knows that I am just doing what I can with it all and that I don’t claim to be an expert. Whenever he is around he offers so much emotional support to. He keeps me calm and will help me position cameras set the rooms and so on. Oh and I’m sure Bailey will read this so I guess I should say that he also brings a hot body, an amazing butt as well as being devastatingly handsome!

    Which do you prefer? Bailey the spanker, or Bailey getting spanked?

    Answer: Oh tough one! Really tough! I will never tire of seeing Bailey getting spanked; however, he has proven to be a great spanker too. It’s almost impossible to compare them as they are so different. So I can’t answer. I will say though that for as long as he is happy to do this stuff, I will be using him in both roles…

     The interviews you have done with both Bailey and Andy were really very revealing; do you think they have changed the fans’ views of the actors and, by extension, their videos?

    Answer: I think so yes. I think Andy just reconfirmed what everyone guessed. That he is funny, cheeky, masculine and hot! I think Bailey possibly surprised people with just how friendly and charming he was. Both lads were so open about their own spanking experiences and how they viewed making the movies. Some of their answers even surprised me! It did actually concern me that with the guys beings so open that maybe it would detract from the viewers enjoyment of them in the films, for example, would people enjoy seeing Bailey getting spanked as much if they now think he is less moody, arrogant and deserving as they first thought, but I don’t think that has been the case…

    Someone who chose to remain anonymous asked if we would get to see Bailey’s “hole” in a future movie. How intimate to you plan to get with these guys?

    Answer: Probably not that intimate. Look, if there was a justifiable reason for including it in the story/film why not? But I can’t think right now of a story where that would happen. In addition a big selling point to getting these guys involved is that it is not overtly sexual…………….. Then again, there is a forfeit in the latest round of Spank Jenga that involves the loser getting spanked ‘diaper’ position (lying on his back with his legs in the air) which is quite revealing! ……. maybe next time Bailey is lying face down soothing is tender bottom after a hard spanking there could be more of a reveal!

    How about the other actors you work with, Liam, Karl, Kyle, Billy, Danny and now Patrick, what can you tell us about them and what they are like to work with? Are there any who present particular difficulties?

    Answer: Answer In no particular order then! Kyle was a one off. I’m not sure I will be in touch with him again! Liam is brilliant! Let me tell you about the first movie I shot with him. It was called Liam – Spanked for Fighting – Part One. So I needed a reason for him to be visiting Mr X. He was meant to be bringing some Army Cadet uniform. In fact, he never brought any of his stuff as he had stayed with this girl the night before, slept in and left his bag there when leaving in a rush! So I asked about his lack of uniform and a reason for him seeing Mr X and Andy said to Liam, “Go on, tell him what happened with the police”!! Well let’s just say that the reasons for Liam’s punishment in this scene is about as real as it gets! Liam really had been fighting and got in trouble.

    I never realised at the time, but when I watched it back I could see how real it was for Liam. Mr X was laying into him about how he had wasted his opportunities, let his Mother down and so on and you could see that Liam was thinking about all this stuff for real. I don’t think anyone had spelled it out to him before so clearly! He really seems genuinely sorry for himself and resigned to the spanking as if it is truly deserved. This also follows through into Part Two with Dr Barton! Then there was another incident with Liam when we filmed his “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”. Liam really got belted hard in this. Like really hard and for a long time. At one point I thought he was laughing a bit (a lot of the guys seem to revert to nervous giggling) and I gently said to Liam, “look mate, we are nearly finished but I need you to stop laughing” Liam said to me in a strained voice, “I’m not laughing”…. It was only when I watched back that I discovered that he really was not laughing and it was him on the very brink of tears/sobs. In fact, I’m 99% sure there were some proper sobs in there….(some viewer called it ‘emotional edging’ which I liked)!

    Billy is a joy to work with too. Friendly and easy going! He also takes a hard spanking! The clip “Brett Belts Billy” actually left his bottom bruised for days afterwards. You can see the results of this bruising in Graffiti Artist Gets Spanked – Part Two. Danny is a mate of mine. He has a long term girlfriend. I was there when he called her to ask permission to be in these movies. What a conversation that was! Quite surreal! I mean, can you imagine it….. “Hi love, it’s Danny here, erm, I just wanted to ask you something….., erm….. you know my mate Dave?” “Yes, I know Dave” “Well he is making adult spanking movies, do you mind if I get naked and spanked on film”??? ……….””Yes, love that will be fine, oh and don’t forget to pick up some milk on the way home”!!!!!

     Karl and Bailey in “Caught Spying on Girls”

    Karl! (Or 18 year old Karl as he is known around here)! Did you see the spanking that lad took from Bailey in “Caught Spying on Girls”??? Wowee! Even now I can hear the stinging slaps as Bailey really laid into him! That is nothing to what happens to him in the as yet unreleased follow up to this!

    Finally we have Patrick. Andy’s brother. Handsome lad! Bit of a young Tom Cruise look going on there… Patrick was the only model I have worked with so far where I got the feeling he was a bit unsure about it all. So I did the appropriate thing under the circumstances….. Which was to get as much footage shot before he bailed out! 🙂

    Which of the movies do you feel most proud of and why?

    Billy and Bailey in “Bailey Bullies Apprentice Part 1”

    Answer: It’s a hard to choose just one single movie. Ok, I’m just going to keep this selection down to movies that have so far been released and my answer has to be Bailey Bullies Apprentice! For so many reasons! A huge part of it is to do with the performances on the day. All three models, Danny, Billy and Bailey acted their parts superbly! I watched this again recently and they play it so real! But also, it was done at the end of a long and manic day and even though I knew everyone was tired and time was running out, everyone just went for it! Sure, I had the whole story worked out in my head, but every model brought their own extra thing to it! Bailey telling Billy to fix the boiler by looking at the instructions was unscripted.


    It still makes me laugh thinking about it now! Billy asking for some of Bailey’s drink was unplanned and Danny was a great boss! But then we had the big moment where Bailey lifts Billy up with one strong arm to shoulder height and proceeds to spank him whilst he is kicking around in mid air! Woweee! I couldn’t believe it was happening! (In fact Dr Barton emailed me about this saying he had never seen anything like it in Spanking Movies before which I was really proud of)!

    I actually showed this to my flatmate (straight guy) who has no interest in spanking. My intention was to stop it when the spanking begins (as he really doesn’t want to see that king of thing)… Here is what happened. First of all he just said how real it was. He got absorbed by the story! He was actually yelling at Bailey calling him names at the way he was treating Billy…. It came to the spanking bit and I stopped it…. “What are you doing, my flatmate yelled”? “You never want to see the spanking stuff” I replied. “switch it back on, I have to see what happens next” he ordered!……. anyway, when Bailey finally gets caught by Danny and ends up getting spanked in front of Billy, my flatmate punches the air and shouts “yes”!!!!!! ……………………..It never ended there. Later that night two of mates came over and one of their girlfriends. Flatmate insisted I put it on! I did! It was the same reaction. They were actually booing Bailey and yelling with delight when he finally got what was coming to him! It was a very surreal night for me!

    Can I choose a second favourite please?

    Andy and Lewis

    It has to be Clean the Apartment – Andy and Lewis. Andy talks about this in his interview. We have Andy spanking his good mate Lewis in this clip. Let me tell you about the location. This was filmed in Lewis’s apartment. I turned up with my filming gear and Andy greeted me downstairs. We walked by one door and he said casually, “this is where I live, my wife and baby are inside” !!!!!! Then we walked to the flat above where his good mate lives. The whole things was madness but yet so normal. I’m thinking, so I’ve turned up to meet Andy, who has left his wife and baby downstairs, to go upstairs with me and get spanked alongside his real life mate!

    I was not sure how to make two real life mates spanking each other look real and justified. I was quite worried about that. But Andy and; Lewis played their parts brilliantly and really laid into Lewis! By the end of it Lewis had struggled off the sofa as Andy was still holding him with one arm and spanking his bottom so hard!! The only time we stopped filming was to chat about how Andy should remove Lewis’s underwear. It had to look right and fitting for the situation. It is a big deal for one straight lad to be pulling down the boxers of another guy (never mind spanking his bare bottom) and Andy was asking how he should do it as it felt weird. I just said to Andy, “Look, imagine you were in this situation, Lewis had stopped you getting laid that night and you were furious, how would you do it”? Andy thought about it, looked at me and said, “Ok I got it, start filming”………………………….. Andy then held Lewis down and just ripped his boxers off and then laid into him! Every reaction from Lewis was 100% real. He was squirming, struggling and protesting and Andy just carried on! The colour of Lewis’s bottom at the end shows exactly what he went through!

    I just never thought I would get these straight lads spanking each other, never mind it looking so real! All I had to do was stand there and film!

    I could go on but I think I did well keeping it down to two movies! 🙂

    Which movie did you most enjoy making and why?

    Answer: Other than Bailey Bullies Apprentice it has to be the very recent Spank Jenga movies. I liked it because I got the guys doing things I never thought would be possible. (including lying in the diaper position) I also liked these because I could take a back seat and just film. They just about direct themselves…

    Bailey takes a Bath

    Second to that would be a yet to be released movie called Baileys Bubble Bath Blues! In this movie you get to see not only Bailey in his pyjamas but also his Dad too! But this movie was also filmed directly before Bailey’s Bath Brush Beating and there was a certain feeling of ‘calm before the storm’ in the air! There is also a moment in this where Bailey gets caught by Dad looking at naughty mags and Bailey’s face in it is priceless

    Oh can I have another favourite please? How could I forget Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party??????????

    Builders Gatecrash a Spanking Party

    This is where we get to see Mr X and the legendary Dr Barton in a scene together. Part Two of this has Mr X and Dr Barton each having a builder (Andy and Bailey) over their knee getting spanked simultaneously! The lads had no idea what was going to happen. It was filmed in one take and I just loved it! So did the audience it seemed by the amount of emails I got about that clip! There was one particular section of Part Two of “Builders Gate Crash Spanking Party” which I remember fondly. This entire scene was sprung upon the two builders, they really had no idea what was happening next. So Mr X and Dr Barton come into the room and announce that both lads are going to get spanked. Now Bailey had been spanked earlier by Dr Barton that day and knew how tough and hard he spanked and you see Bailey nearly run towards me (Mr X) to get spanked rather than face Dr Barton again! Very funny!

    Do you have plans to use different spankers and authority figures, for instance, will you be working with Dr Barton on any future movies?

    Answer: Now that I have Bailey (and to some degree Andy) spanking I am not too bothered right now about other spankers. However, as for working with Dr Barton again. You better believe it! I love working with Dr Barton! He brings something special to everything he does! I love how he lectures and tells the lads off so well! I have also built up a nice friendship with Dr Barton which I treasure.

    Things may change but right now (with the exception of the very youthful Dr Barton) I am trying to stay away from the elderly Uncle/Dad/Headmaster spanking the lads. I have nothing against it in principal but I am just trying to take Straight Lads Spanked in a different direction.

    Now a question from Welshboy: “I would like to ask Mr X what scene he would like to film, that he has not done before?”

    Answer: This is an easy one to answer! It is something I have wanted to do from the beginning but I have still not found the right location……. So picture the scene! We see a group of lads out on the field/park/football pitch playing football! Next up we cut to the locker/shower room where the lads all pile in, strip off their muddy kit and take a group shower. There is a lot of horseplay going on, with the lads hitting each other with towels and so on….. Then the coach comes in! He is angry because of the lad’s poor performance! Then we basically get a lot of spanked lads in the changing room!

    I have a very specific changing room in mind though. The kind you would find at an amateur or semi-professional club this is a bit grimy and old fashioned! If anyone has ever seen any of the football films from Triga you will know exactly what I mean! So, I might as well take this chance to ask! If anyone has any ideas for a suitable location within the M25 area of London, please let me know!

    Do you think humour can be appropriate in a spanking scenario, or do you prefer the scenes to be played seriously?

    Dr Barton

    Answer : Oh I am all for some humour! It has to be right though of course! I guess the closest thing I have come to humour was “Builders Gatecrash Spanking Party” Dr Barton’s face at the very end of Part One when he opens the door and says “Ah Mr X! Come In” still makes me smile! Also, the Spank Jenga series is quite funny. The spanking is not being delivered as a punishment, so we can have some more fun with it. Sometimes the whole, “you have been a bad lad and need to be punished can get a bit weary”. Bring on the laughs! Also, thinking about it. The whole sequence leading up to the spanking in Bailey Bullies Apprentice is very funny indeed! Well it makes me laugh a lot anyway!

    PTB has asked if it would be possible to see the actors in shorter and tighter sports gear?

    Answer: I think this will happen. I am still on the hunt though for a changing room/locker room venue to film in and it will happen for sure. Then again Karl (or 18 year old Karl to give him his full name) wears some Speedos in Caught Spying on Girls!

    I now have a question from Bayonette who says: My favourite movies are ones like Bailey the humiliation or Wait till your father gets home, where the spanked boy is embarrassed and humiliated by what is happening to him. Do you plan more embarrassing and/ or humiliating ordeals for your actors?

    Answer: Answer Yes I do! It is this aspect that seems to appeal to people the most. I think especially when you are dealing with masculine lads like Andy, Bailey and Liam. I suppose when you are dealing with Straight Lads getting OTK spanking there will always be a degree of humiliation involved but I certainly plan to make that a main feature in further movies.

    Bailey waiting for his father

    Is part of what appeals to you about the “Wait Till your father gets home” theme, the manner in which it embarrasses and humiliates a grown man by making him revert to being a young boy waiting for his spanking? If not, what is it that appeals to you about that theme?

    Answer: OK there are a few reasons as to why I like the Wait Till Your Father Gets Home scenario. From a purely practical point of view this set up works well in having a scene where it is not necessary to show Dad’s face. Which means I can play the part of Dad without having to bother with the mask (I have a feeling we will discuss the mask more later) so if I’m being honest, that was the original motivating factor behind this theme. It’s not so much that I am desperate to be in these movies doing the belting but it means that I can arrange a shoot without having to bring in another actor to play Dad. As I have gone on to do each new Wait Till Your Father Gets Home they have evolved.

    For example, with the Bailey one (which is still one of the most popular movies I have released so far) you had Bailey talking to his Dad on the phone before the spanking, pleading with his Dad and protesting that he was too old! I really think that added to the clip… Then in the latest release with Liam we finally have Dad talking all the way through it. Really laying into Liam and telling him off. The Liam one definitely features the hardest belting as well…. I have just filmed one of these with Andy too! So that will be released at some point! But yes, a huge part of the appeal for me of these movies is the waiting for the Dad getting home part. The lad knows what is coming and can’t see any way out of it and knows that he is just going to have to go through with it! The fact that he is now a grown up means it’s gonna be bad and he knows this too!  One other reason why I like these movies is that they are perfect for capturing facial reactions! In fact, I have just remembered that was an important contributing factor with regards to making the first one. Having the camera on the bottom of the bed capturing not only the lad reacting to the whacks from the belt but you can often catch the raised bottom in the background and see the hits all in the same shot. Visually I love that!

    I believe your most successful video to date was Bailey’s Bath Brush Beating; it certainly went further than most of your videos, what can you tell us about making that movie, and how you felt about inflicting what must have been a significant degree of pain on young Bailey?

     Bailey’s Bathbrush Beating

    Answer: Yes this has sold more than any other movie I have made and it has not even been out for a month yet. To answer your question though about how I felt about beating Bailey so hard? Well I hated it! Truly I did! It’s not really in my nature to inflict serious pain on another person so this was actually a big deal for me… Ok, how did it happen? Well I guess it comes down to business and supply and demand! I am well aware that there is a market for harder spankings like this and I was getting asked more and more to go further.

    So I decided to approach Bailey about it. It was funny how it happened. It initially emailed him about it and he replied fairly soon. It was late at night and he told me that he was with his girlfriend and that she had actually offered to pay his fee so that he didn’t feel the need to go through with it! How cute is that??? Anyway, it went ahead because of Bailey. His attitude to it was brilliant. He was up for the challenge.

    Actually, I think this is what got Bailey through it. He saw it as a challenge to overcome! Boy did he rise to that challenge! If you have seen the video interview with Bailey you will know the behind the scenes story with what happened regarding filming on that day. But I’ll tell you again here anyway……. So on that day there was some tension in the air! Bailey was naturally nervous, as was I! It’s quite a big step from picking somebody up from the station having a coffee and a chat to then beating their bottom with a hairbrush! I was also using a new camera…. So we shot all the initial section with Bailey coming into see Mr X (incidentally, I think Bailey is awesome in this section. He plays it so well. I really feel that you can sense the dread in the air). So then it was time for the spanking. We decided that I would really go for it over his jeans, hard! It makes sense, at least he has some protection and it would look good on camera.

    So I did! I really went for it! I paused and asked if he wanted a break and Bailey told me just to carry on. Now on this day there was no cameraman. The camera was high on a tripod. So I got up to adjust and too my horror I discovered it was not recording! I also had another camera set up for the face shots and that didn’t record either! I was devastated! Bailey was brilliant about it and just said, well let’s go again! So I did, I went through the whole thing again of beating Bailey over his jeans………. My nerves were getting worse by now! I then stopped and checked the camera and realised that once again it was not recording!!!!!! I actually was close to calling it off at this point. Bailey was a real trooper though and was calmer than I was. So we recorded it for the third and final time! This time all was good! I discovered afterwards that the face camera footage was poor quality and too dark to use. However, I had shot a lot of additional face camera shots with the main camera so there was more than enough to make it work….

    As it happens, I have been working on the face camera footage and found out it caught the second take which I thought was lost. I have also managed to improve the quality of the image. I may well release this at some point and include some behind the scenes footage and producers notes and so on….

    There was one good thing about the whole video though…….. Mr X decided to rub some soothing cream into Bailey’s bruised bottom afterwards. I would be lying if I said I never ‘appreciated’ that moment! 🙂

    Another successful video was “Karl caught spying on Girls“, what do you think it was about that movie which made it so popular?

     Bailey and Karl in “Caught Spying on Girls”

    Answer: I think there are many different elements that appealed to people with this movie. Ok, so this was the first time we had seen Karl. He really is just 18 and has a very fresh faced, cheeky look about him and I know that certainly appeals to many. Plus we saw him wanking in the shower! So for people who like to see a bit more of the models well you had Karl hard and jerking! Now add into the mix, Bailey as the spanker! Wow! What a great combination. I loved how Bailey played this as the swimming coach as he was lecturing Karl prior to the spanking. Beforehand we had only seen really nasty and arrogant Bailey. In this movie though he was much more like a caring big brother. I thought the chemistry between Bailey and Karl was fantastic!

    But then we have the spanking! Boy did Bailey dish it out! In the editing the sound waves of the spanking were pushing the red peaks! This was the hardest OTK spanking filmed on SLS so far (maybe only Brett’s ‘Don’t Steal From Mum – Part Two comes close). Bailey really got into he spanking and at one point close to the end I could see it was enough and Karl had enough and I was trying to get Bailey to stop but he was so focused on spanking the lad’s bottom that he never saw me frantically signalling. I ended up walking forward with the camera and tapping him on his head!

    I was actually talking with Dr Barton about this clip too about why it was so popular and he suggested something else. There is a generation of people out there that grew up with spanking (or at least the threat of getting spanked) as a part of every day life. They feel that if this was still the case the youngsters of the day would be a lot more in control and respectful. So actually seeing a cheeky young scamp getting properly punished is pleasing! In this movie you are seeing a very real spanking!

    So I think it was a combination of all of the above that made it such a hit!

    Now here is some exclusive news for you. I have already filmed a rematch with Bailey and Karl. If you thought this clip was hard, just wait till you see what Bailey dishes out, they way he dishes it out and how much Karl takes! It makes the original movie look like a warm up!

    Mr X about to deal with Bailey

    I would like to ask you about the character of Mr X, what made you decide on that persona, and how much like the real actor is the character we see. Are we ever likely to see the actor behind the mask?

    Answer: I’m astonished it’s taken so long to ask about Mr X!! When you first asked for people to submit questions on Jockspank for this interview I was expecting loads of things along the lines of “when is that freak gonna lose the stupid mask”???

    So let’s talk about Mr X then. It was quite simple how it started. Brett wanted to make some new clips, it was a spur of the moment thing and there was no ‘spanker’ there at the time. I was not prepared to show my face on film (more about this later) so for necessity more than anything else the character of Mr X was created! It all happened in a few minutes really. How much am I like the character of Mr X? I’m not 100% sure I’m the right person to ask! I’ll broach this with some of the models next time I see them. I can tell you what Dr Barton said after seeing Mr X on film and then meeting me for real. He said that he never expected me to be so nice!

    Clearly Mr X is just a character I am playing so I would hope I am not like that in every day life. However, it is easy for me to play Mr X. I don’t have to think too much about it, so I guess everything he does and says is an extension of me. I’m not given lines to read by somebody else so I think there is a big part of me that is Mr X.

    So let’s talk about the mask! Ok, let’s say that there really was a Mr X. A guy who lived in the community that was paid to spank unruly lads. Well I guess he probably would wear a mask. A bit like a public executioner used to! It would mean that Mr X can still visit the shops in his local town without fear of retaliation from some previous person he has spanked. So as far as the character goes, I am fine with him wearing a mask.

    However, from my point of view as the producer/director of these movies I would much prefer it if Mr X was not wearing a mask! I’m not a big fan of it! I think facial reactions from both the spanker and spankee are very important and can enhance the movie.

    “So why do I insist on wearing the mask I hear you yell”?

    Well let me explain! I actually have a real job! Well I have two real jobs in actual fact. One of which sees me in a very caring, trusting and very hands on profession. I work for a highly professional company. My work in Adult Movies does not tally to well with this. In fact, there is every chance I would be fired if discovered. Which is unfortunate!! Otherwise, I am very open and proud of the work that I do on SLS. My family (including three brothers) and close friends all know what I am doing and are very supportive. I feel no shame or embarrassment about it at all.

    From a very practical point of view, having me doing some spanking makes sense. It often means that I can make movies with just me and one model. It means I can film at short notice and so on. However, as you have seen and will see I am getting the lads to take over and do more spanking (like Bailey did in “Caught Spying on Girls” or Andy in “Clean Your the Apartment”). There is another reason that I still do some spanking. When working with a brand new model I spend a lot of time on email and phone conversations building up trust between us when trying to persuade them to do this work. On their first shoot they are understandably very nervous and I feel that having me (somebody they have got to know) doing the spanking makes the experience a whole lot easier for them. I think they feel safe in my hands! lol!

    So will I ever lose the mask? Yes, I think it’s more than likely that I will. It will take a bit of time though. I am going to wait until I get SLS to a situation where I am actually making a profit for a few consecutive months. I’m not sure if people realise how small the market is for what I am selling. If anyone thinks there is loads of money being made I can assure you that is not the case.

    You appear very experienced at what you do. Have you always had an interest in spanking and corporal punishment?

    Answer: Do I? I feel like I am making it up as I go along! 🙂 I suppose it is always something I have been curious about and never done much about. So what you have seen on screen has been my own learning curve!

    What is it about Male on (Straight) Male spanking that you find most interesting / appeal / exciting?

    Answer: Hmm, well I think I kind of answered this before to some degree! I have a self confessed obsession with Straight Lads anyway! So just having a lad over my knee is a thrill! I think it is more to do with the guy submitting, unwillingly to the spanking than the actual administration that appeals to me. Gosh! It’s a difficult one to answer. I mean, why do we like anything? I guess we just do. I’m not sure that I would find it so thrilling with spanking a willing participant that was getting spanked for their own enjoyment.

    Do you have any plans to open your own web site?

    Answer: Yes I do! Clips4Sale has been a great place to get started but it’s expensive!

    Let me explain. Clips4Sale deduct 40% from every sale I make. So if I sell a clip for $10.00 then I only get $6.00 from that!!

    So as I said before. This is not something that really generates a lot of cash. Some clips can only sell around 20 copies. The money I have made so far has been spent on model fee’s to make more clips! The whole SLS venture is funded by my other jobs!

    Actually let me bring up another subject whilst I’m at it! Pirating! Recently it was pointed out to me that a few of my clips in their entirety had been downloaded onto a free site, by the time I found out 1000’s of people had already watched them. It’s such a shame really because all that will happen if this continues is that I will have to stop making the movies! The real losers of course would be the models that I use who get well rewarded for their work! So may I ask! If anyone sees any of my work (or any of the other studios on Clips4Sale) for free on other sites please let me know ASAP!

    So back to the website question. Yes, I certainly do plan to have my own Straight Lads website where I can sell the clips directly without having to go through Clips4Sale! I do of course have my blog which can be found at www.straightladsspanked.com which acts as a website in the meantime. I update it all the time with all sorts of stuff including free previews and screenshots and so on!

    Actually if there is any website designers who want to offer their services please get in touch! straightladsspanked@yahoo.co.uk

    Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your plans for the future?

    Answer Ok; I have two other projects on the go at the moment! One is 100% happening and will be live soon! I have been filming some more, erm, intimate footage of some of the models. I will be keeping this separate from the spanking store and opening a new studio on Clips4Sale. I think the title pretty much gives it away. It is going to be called Straight Lads Wank!

    The other project is still in planning stages so I won’t say any more about it now. As soon as all is confirmed, Jockspank will be the first to know!

    Also, I get lot’s of people asking if any of the models from SLS are available for private CP work. Well this could be an avenue I explore more at a later date. However, for now, let me answer it this way. Many of the models, in principal would be available. There are many terms though. The main ones being is that you need to be in and around London and be able to accommodate either at home or in a Hotel.

    I also get asked if Mr X is available to dish out punishment to deserving people! Well, again, in principal yes. If you are genuinely interested in any of this please drop me an email. straightladsspanked@yahoo.co.uk

    .. erm this seems to be the end of the interview??

    Can I take this opportunity to first of all say a massive thanks to everyone that has supported the movies so far? THANK YOU! Every time you buy a movie it allows me to make more! It’s as simple as that. Once the filming day is over the rest of Straight Lads Spanked is fairly solitary. So I’m gonna be honest and say I love comments on my blog. It’s great to get feedback. Even just a simple comment makes my day! I really do read everything and respond to most. Also, if you see me posting on any of the google groups I always appreciate it if you add a comment too. Especially if I am promoting a clip and you want to say something nice about it! It bumps the post to the top and generates interest. Also, If you have any ideas for movies feel free to send me an email. Oh, and this is important! I need new locations! Around London. I’ll consider anything! I’d love the football changing rooms I described above. Also though, how about a pub that is closed in the daytime? A factory building (disused is fine). An office? A plush apartment? A gym? If anyone has ideas and wants to get involved please let me know!

    Finally. I’m gonna save my last thank you to Jock Spank and in particular Ward. Ward has been a massive support from day one. The stuff he does behind the scenes for Straight Lads Spanked mainly goes unmentioned. I so appreciate it and to be honest, would not have got this far so quickly without your help! Ward you are truly amazing! Not only with the tech stuff but you have kept me grounded too! Thank you!

    I will be reading this on Jockspank, so if anyone has managed to get to the end of this. Well done! I would love to hear what you think, so leave a comment! I would be happy to answer any further questions too!

     Thanks to Mr. X  for such a full and open interview.  I am sure our readers enjoyed it, and hope they will let us know.  If anyone has any comments or additional questions for Mr. X please leave them below:



  • Interview with a Bad Boy – Brett Stevens

    Posted on by Ward

    Jock spank is delighted to present an interview with the handsome Sting Star Brett Stevens, who was recently voted the most popular of all the Sting lads in a recent JockSpank poll. Brett has appeared in a large number of Sting videos, DVDs and downloads, invariably “ending up” with a well spanked red bottom (usually taking more than one bare bottom spanking). Few actors can have suffered quite so much for their art, and Brett has taken a lot of whackings over the years.
    And it seems he is going to continue giving us the pleasure of watching him getting his tail toasted, as he now offers his own spanking clips via Clips4Sale, and also plans at least one further trip to Prague to shoot a new film with Sting.
    Brett kindly agreed to do an interview for JockSpank, which I hope his many Spanking fans will enjoy. Here it is
    Brett, you have been posing for adult pictures since you first turned 18, for instance with ClubLads, as a straight guy, how did you first get involved in what is mainly gay pornography?
    Paul who appeared along side Brett in Gray Shorts 1 (above) and Asian Incident

    Answer: My older brother Paul on Sting Pictures was doing it first, and asked me if I wanted to. So I thought if he could I could, and the modelling just followed

    Apart from Clublads and, of course, Sting, I know you have worked worked for a number of other other studios, do you enjoy the work? And do you have any favourite, apart obviously from Sting?

    Answer: To be honest didn’t really enjoy the nude modelling, it was ok, but not for me. The c.p. was different and challenging. Of the other studios. TD monthly were ok, I did a few bits for them they were decent, but yeah always gonna’ be a true sting lad ‘lol’

    Brett in some early nude posing for Clublads

    How did you feel about first getting involved in Spanking movies?

    Answer: nervous but it was a challenge, so was fun

    What was the first spanking scene you appeared in? Was it with Sting or with a previous studio? What was the experience like?
    Brett in the Naval caning scene from Instruments of Persuasion

    Answer: It was with Sting, the first Instruments of Persuasion, I think I was in a navy uniform. Well at first it was hard, and I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but Sting were very good about it they never made you feel uncomfortable

    Brett from a familiar angle

    Was being spanked for movies your first experience of spanking, or had you been previously spanked at home?
    Answer: My mum used to chase me with the slipper I used to run, but I usually got caught. I was the only one that would run though, my brother and sister would firm it, but I used to get it more then anyone ‘lol’.
    Brett in three scenes from Grey Shorts – Skool Days Diary

    You took some tough discipline right from the start. For instance, in one of your earliest Sting movies “Grey Shorts – Skool Daze Diary)” you took a caning, then a hand spanking on a recently caned bare bottom and later in the same movie you were bent over the gym horse for a very realistic, and obviously painful, bare bottom birching. When did you first discover that you, or at least your bottom, was capable of taking so much punishment?
    Answer: Well I do heal fast and I try to switch off when I’m being dealt with. My marks go strait away within hours, unless I take a real hard caning then they may last a day or two. Sting used to get annoyed as my marks would go so quickly when they wanted to take photos afterwards.
    Inspecting the damage

    Since Grey Shorts you have gone on to become the owner of one of the most well spanked bottoms in Britain. Do you have any idea how many times you have been spanked?

    Answer: I would love to say hundreds but I reckon its pushing a thousand “lol”

    That’s a lot of spankings, all well deserved I am sure!

    Answer: ‘lol’ guess so!

    The classic Brett Stevens pose, which we have all seen in any number of Sting movies, features you bent over with your bare bottom on full display, either waiting to be spanked or in the act of being spanked. How do you feel when you are in that position? Excited? Nervous? A little humiliated? Turned on? Or is it just “part of the job”?
    Answer: Well it depends. When Dr. Barton would be behind me I would really try zone out as he delivers well but very hard. Most of the time I’m little nervous but you know it will end soon.

    I particularly enjoy watching you being spanked over the knee, as, to my mind, it reduces a strapping young lad to the status of a naughty boy. From the actors point of view, is it different being spanked over someone’s knee than it is for instance bending over a gym horse, or in the traditional bending over and touching your toes position?

    Answer: I think being over the knee is more close and personal. and being bent over something is completely the opposite. You don’t feel close to the person at all
    You must have heard the line “You won’t sit down for a week young man!” a lot of times, are you someone who recovers quickly after a spanking or does your behind sting for a long while afterwards?

    Answer: No buy the next day I’m fine. I joke about it all the time as I get called ‘Rhino Hide’ as I don’t flinch, move, cry out, nothing!

    I believe that part of “Asian Incident” was filmed on location in the Far East, if so, that must have been great fun? Is that one of your favourite movies or are there others which you particularly enjoyed making?
    Answer: Asian Incident was the best movie ever, I never wanted to leave Thailand, it was one of the best moments of my life and I thank sting for that. It’s the only Sting movie of mine I have in a frame, the lot ‘lol’!

    (click here to watch a trailer for Asian Incident)

    You have said in the past how much you enjoy working with Dr. Barton (Mr. Andrews) who I will come on to shortly, however, could you tell us what it is like working with Rich and Rob from Sting.
    Brett take punishment from both Rich and Rob in Troopers in Trouble

    Answer: Well Rich and Rob are both great. They helped me through bad times, great pair. On working with them. well were do I start? they are both good at what they do, and both have ideas all the time, both thinking angles, scenes and new ideas, during the making. So some times they may get stressed but very easy to work with. They also always make sure they feed me, I usually eat them out of house and home, I’m a proper ‘fridge raider’. They are a good team, and they have got better working together as time has gone on good luck to them both!

    I believe you guys have a lot of fun while making Sting Movies, is that true?

    Answer: Well I don’t stop, I make jokes silly posses all the time. The amount of out takes there must be just of me would make a full length movie on its own. I get the giggles a lot and, as I’m now really close to Rich and Rob, when were all in uniform it just cracks me up when I chase Rob round with canes, straps, anything I can get my hands on. Rich just bends over and takes it like a man.
    In the various films you have made with Sting you have been spanked on the bare bottom with with all sorts of implements, canes, birches, slippers, riding crops, belts, straps and tawses, and of course a hairbrush in “The Loose Cannon”, the new movie you made with Dr. Barton, which do you find easiest to take, and which is the worst, and why?

    Answer: Can I just say that the hairbrush in “The Loose Cannon” cost like £2 from Boots, so I was told by Dr Barton (its his) but it is the worst thing ever. Seriously if you think you can take it just try it. It’s a killer! It gets me every time, and it takes a lot to get me! Apart from that its all ok, if I had a choice it would be hand as that’s it nice and easy but i’m fine with almost everything else, except small whippy things, and I also had a carpet beater used on me once, that was horrible also.
    Speaking of “The Loose Cannon” you have recently set up stores at Clips4Sale and Images for Sale, could you tell us more about these and what you are planning to offer there?

    Dr. Barton, Brett and David in one of Brett’s clips “What was it like?”
    Answer: Well its been talked about for a while. I’ve wanted to do it for years, I’d like to move on to the bigger stuff, but for now till I raise some capital. I will continue doing the short ones, I’m planning more domestic scenes, and stories set in everyday life. The 50s school thing is Sting’s domain, they’re the best at it and you would have to be stupid to try beat them at that. But I’ve looked and there are holes in the market for certain styles, and I want to fill them. I plan to do a lot better then my last lot. Hopefully you will see some big things from me, fingers crossed.

    Do you have many ideas for future clips and photo shoots you plan to make? or are you open to (sensible) suggestions by your fans?

    Answer: I am always open to suggestions, but yes so far I’ve come up with lots of ideas. Like the ragtime spanking clip, where students, this time David and me, raise sponsorship on their backsides, it will be an ongoing thing with different doms every time. If anyone has any suggestions just email me at brett-stevens@hotmail.co.uk

    Dr Barton Canes Brett in one of Brett’s clips

    With your new project you have worked a lot with Dr. Barton, from whom you have received a couple of famous hidings in previous Sting Movies (“Approved Education II” and “Borstal Correction II (Back inside”) there seems to be a very good chemistry between you and he, how do you enjoy working with such a strong character, and what is it like to be spanked by him?

    Dr Barton ‘delivers hard and on target’
    Answer: Well he is great to work with and over time has become a great friend now. At first we didn’t jell but by the second time he spanked me The friendship kind of fixed itself. He delivers hard and on target! He’s great so I really great couldn’t ask for better.

    David and Dr. Barton in “Stop Smoking”

    The popular Sting actor David has appeared in a number of your new clips, is he a mate of yours away from the spanking scene?

    Answer: I trust David plus he can take well. I only recommend people I trust. David is great to work with and gives you and I what we want. but yeah he is a friend of mine, you will see a few old Sting faces, and backsides. popping up

    In at least one of the scenes with David, you play the role of the spanker, which is a role you have played in a couple of Sting movies, such as “Reformatory USA” and “Tales of St Datchett’s Academy”, which role do you prefer, being spanked or doing the spanking?
    Answer: I prefer being spanked, but I don’t mind I’m very easy going and I enjoy my work, what can I say? ‘lol’
    A slippered soccer player in Red Card Red Bottom

    (This next question of particular interest to Spankfan, who also posts at JockSpank) In the recent clip “Red Card Red Bottom”, you were spanked in your football (soccer) strip, do you plan to get spanked in your football kit is future clips or movies?

    Answer: Yes, I do plan more like that, as I don’t see a lot of sporting spankings maybe other sports too. We should be doing one soon funnily enough

    You are a straight man with a young family, however, you also spend a lot of time being spanked by other men, do you gain any pleasure from being spanked by a man? If so what is it you enjoy about it?

    Answer: Well yes I do spend a good bit of time being spanked by men, of course I must enjoy it. But I’ve been doing it for so long its like a job in its self, but one I enjoy. I think I enjoy the challenge of it. You don’t know how hard or in some cases how soft a guy is going to spank you ‘lol’ plus its great meeting fans, you’re all brilliant

    Do you ever give or take spankings from men other than in movies? What are the circumstances and have you ever had any interesting, are even bad experiences?

    Answer: Yes all the time, I do private stuff, all you need to do is email and we would work something out I’ve got a fair few people I see regularly ranging from professionals and celebrities to average Joes. I’ve got loads of stories, but i will tell you a bad one, someone asked for stuff that I wasn’t willing to do and tried to hold a knife to my throat. But I was born in South London, I was the only white kid in my year at school and used to have to fight all the time just to be who I am, so I know how to look after my self so I disarmed him and left. So I wasn’t harmed, but that situation would and could have been much worse.
    Brett …..
    In a recent poll at JockSpank you were voted the most popular Sting Star by quite a large margin, how does it feel to know you have such a large fan base of people who enjoy watching you get your behind spanked?
    Answer: I think its great! I couldn’t believe it shame I didn’t get a trophy ‘lol’ bet that would have been an interesting one! but I must say thanks to all my fans didn’t realise I was that, big to be voted most popular Sting star. sure it wont last ‘lol’
    …. and from another angle
    Do you have any plans for the future, for instance will we see you in another Sting Movie, and do you intend to continue making spanking clips in Britain?
    Answer: I’m hoping to go to Sting soon, its being arranged as we speak, but I’m also planning to do more and more stuff of my own. I’ve loads of ideas and open to them also but yeah i will continue till you all get bored lol please feel free to email me your ideas but please put the word ‘ideas’ in the subject box of email. I will try and use your ideas but, of course, I can’t make promises.

    all the best

    Brett Stevens

    An interesting view from Troopers in Trouble

    Thanks for a great Interview Brett, on behalf of everyone at JockSpank we wish every success in the future, and hope we will carry on seeing you and the most spanked bottom in Britain carry on getting spanked for a long time to come.

    The End
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