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  • Sting: Approved Education Part 9 – (part 2 of 2)

    The second half of the images from Sting’s latest download “Approved Education Part 9” and the first lad in trouble is Doug Henshaw played by Leonardo King. 

    Henshaw is another pepetual offender. He is struggling to explain why he has brought a third letter about his unruly behaviour in class to the Headmasters study. Touching his toes as ordered he can feel his backside pushing tightly out causing the grey shorts to wrap neatly round his dangerously exposed buttocks.


    The cane thwacks down! It burns but now it’s going to really sting as the order to ‘take down your shorts’ is barked out.
    The unruly lad’s bare bottom will now take the full brunt of the well-oiled swishy rattan.


    The scorching stripes grow as do the howls that they cause.


    Henshaw feels humiliated and as he stands up rubbing his raw and painful bare backside he can’t help issuing a rude expletive. 
    The Headmaster will have none of this and furiously pulls Henshaw across his knee. The boy will now receive a stinging bare bottom spanking over his burning stripes he’ll certainly remember for some time to come!


    Harley (Brad) is another fighting rebel. This coupled lately with his very insolent behaviour has brought him to the door of the Heads study.


    Wasting no time and regardless that he is a senior he is soon over the knee and feeling the stinging slaps of the Heads palm. Now his underpants are tugged down and the spanking goes bare. 

    He really does deserve this and the Head intends it to be a scorcher. Slap after slap lands on an increasingly red bare bottom but unknown to Harley his sore jutting out cheeks are being prepared for the finale.


    This will come in the form of an old reformatory wooden handled strap, passed to the head by a friend and especially useful to deal with unruly seniors. Harley bends over the back of a chair his now raw bare backside ready to receive what going to be a severe exemplary leathering! This really is a hot one! 

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  • Sting: Approved Education Part 9 – (part 1 of 2)

    Approved Education Part 9 – featuring Leonardo King, Brad, Daniel Fliesh, Marco and introducing Kenny White


    The daily administration of discipline continues unabated at Bishopsfield Institution, a government Approved Educational and reformatory establishment. The young lads inside need constant guidance and good results aren’t expected but demanded in their retraining.
    In the latest episode of bad behaviour two lads, Hutchinson (Daniel Friesh) and Phillips (New Stinglad Kenny White) are both up in front of the Headmaster for fighting. Although mates they often seem to fall out over nothing.

    This time however enough is enough and both receive simultaneous spankings from the Headmaster and Housemaster together.

    Now with both boys furiously rubbing their throbbing bare bottoms they are left in the care of their Housemaster (Marco) for further guidance! This comes in the form of an old thick brown leather belt. 
    Being friends and bending over side by side doesn’t really take the sting out of the thrashing. The Housemaster is determined to make an impression and so he does.

    The belt cracks down mercilessly on the lads already inflamed bare bottoms. The stinging bands of fire leave the pair in no doubt they must behave in future!


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    Historical Note: Approved School is a term formerly used in the United Kingdom for a residential institution to which young people could be sent by a court, usually for committing offences, but sometimes when they were deemed to be “beyond parental control”. To some extent they were similar to a reform school in the United States. 
    ​ Running from 1933 until 1969, when they were replaced by the far less strict Community Homes,​ Approved Schools ​were modelled on ordinary boarding schools, from which it was relatively easy to abscond. This set them apart from borstals​ which were a tougher and more enclosed kind of youth prison.