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  • Sting Classic Special – Punishment Book – Volume 2

    This week’s sting classic special is another of Sting’s earliest releases Punishment Book Vol 2 famous for featuring the first appearance of Sting’s original super star Paul (above).  Paul’s story run’s through the full length 1 hour 15 minute video, during which the handsome bad boy receives  two canings followed by a bare bottom spanking across the cane marks.



    Volume two also takes a look at some of the punishment methods used abroad in colonial outposts such as East Asia and as featured in the top photograph the West Indies where discipline was very certainly top of the agenda. Some boys persistently offend and never seem to learn, so it’s down to the Heads office for a severe dose of the cane for thispetulant youth. Military school is also featured in this volume where life can be tough with the crack of the paddle an all too familiar sound! For one lad delinquency is not an option…. caught smoking the P.T. teachers punishment is swift and final!














    View the preview trailer Online


    Alternatively the trailer can be downloaded to your computer from SendSpace at the following link.



    (When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)


    The Punishment Book Vol 1 will be on special until Sunday October 19
    Links provided out of respect for Sting’s intellectual property rights Punishment Book – Volume 2

  • Paul’s Bad Report

    One of sting’s earliest Downloads was Paul’s Bad Report which focused exclusively on the first of their main stars Paul. In this short story he plays Davies and recalls his scrapes with discipline both at college and afterwards having been sentenced to a spell in a reformatory. As he sits once again in police custody the arresting officer reads through his past records and the punishments recieved for continually breaking the rules. Then in flashback we see Paul getting his tender young bottom spanked, slippered, caned and birched, all in one download. The pictures b

    The following pictures are taken from the birching scene

    Images from Paul’s Bad Report

  • Sting: Paul gets the cane (Part 2)

    Paul’s caning from Gray Shorts continues, and after a severe caning across his shorts and then his underpants, we find Paul with the thin layer of protection pulled down and around his ankles revealing his tender and already well reddened bottom. Unlucky young Paul’s perfect bottom will be bare for the rest of his long, hard and well deserved punishment.

    As a head boy, Paul had responsibilities and when he breaks the rules the consequences are severe!

    Young Paul won’t be sitting down for a while, especially after ………..


    The sequel to Paul’s Grey Short’s caning appears in “Asian Incident”, when Chris (played by Brett) recalls how his big brother Paul had been soundly thrashed at school, and then that evening had to take a note home to his father informing him he had been punished.

    Paul’s dad is a strict disciplinarian, and despite the cane marks which are still tender and clearly visible across Paul’s behind, orders his unhappy son to drop his pants and get over his knee, whereupon , to make sure the boy had learned his lesson, he delivers a further 60 hard swats to Young Paul’s still stinging bare bottom with the palm of his hard and well practiced hand

    No wonder Paul slept on his stomach that night!!

    In a later scene in Gray Shorts Paul breaks the rules again and this time gets a taste of the tawes, a set of pictures of which were posted here last year

    Gray Shorts 1 also stars James, Stephen, Mark, a young Brett and a number of oriental sting lads

  • Sting: Paul gets the cane (Part 1)


    As part of an occasional series celebrating Paul, the original Sting Lad, and to many the greatest, here is part one of the classic and lengthy caning he received in Gray Shorts. As head boy at St. Datchets, when Paul misbehaves the headmaster has to make an example of him, with a punishment which will leave a lasting impression on his young mind and tender bottom.

    First the cane is applied to the seat of Paul’s shorts, and then across his tight white underpants, and then ……. (wait for part 2!)

    Paul takes a severe hiding, and the sting in his tail shows on his handsome young face

    To be continued ………………!!

  • Paul’s sore bottom

    Continuning our celebration of Sting Pictures first Super Star Paul, in this flashback secene in Sting’s 2006 release Asian incident (which also reminds us of Paul’s debut appearance in Punishment Book Vol:2) Brett recalls that his older brother, played by Paul, once had to bring a note home from school, telling his father that he had received a caning from the headmaster.

    Naturally the father places the miscreant youth firmly over his knee and delivers a long, hard and well deserved hand spanking to Paul’s, already stinging, cane marked, bare behind.

    As a result, as we can see from the images below, Paul would have to spend some time afterwards sleeping on his front. (As all bad boys should)


  • Pictures of Paul

    Paul was the first of Sting’s regular young actors, who made memorable appearances on many of the earlier Sting Pictures productions such as Punishment Books Vol: 2, 3, 4 and 5, Asian Incident and Grey Shorts 1, in which his bare behind was reddened by everything from a firm hand to the cane, the birch, the strap, the slipper and the rubber soled gym-shoe, and in the process provided us all with hours of pleasure.

    Paul and his young family have moved on to a new life on a far away land, but many of us will long retain fond memories of Sting’s first Superstar.

    As a celebration of unforgettable Paul, I have posted various pictures of him, some spanking but also many non-spanking to the back up blog JockSpank II, and they can be viewed by clicking here.



  • Paul gets the cane

    Iconic Sting Star Paul gets a dose of the headmaster’s cane in an early Sting Pictures production. I believe it is from one of the Punishment Book Series, but I am not sure which one, can anyone identify which one?

    UPDATE Feb 7 2008

    These images are from Punishment Book Volume 2 in which Paul made his debut appearance and in which he first revealed his future promise by first taking a caning from the head master, and latter a thrashing from his father on his still cane marked bottom.