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  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper (Part 7) Athletic Model Guild

    The artist Copper’s series on the history of Male Spanking Movies continues.


    The very first company to ever produce all-male spanking films for commercial release was the ATHLETIC MODEL GUILD founded by Bob Mizer in December of 1945. Mizer’s career in photographing male nudes actually began in 1942, although it hit a major set-back when he was convicted of having sex with a minor who was modeling for him in 1947. Mizer was sentenced to a labor camp in Saugus, California, and then he was arrested again in 1954 for the unlawful distribution of obscene material through the U.S. mail.

    In spite of this, Mizer went on to become one of the true pioneers of “beefcake” photography, founding the “Physique Photo News,” but changing the name to “Physique Pictorial” in 1951. During his 50-plus year career, Bob would see society evolve, eventually allowing photographs and videos showing full-frontal nudity and bodily contact. In the winter of 1957, Bob expanded A.M.G. from simply still photographs to include films that were released on 8mm prints and sold for $12 each.

    In addition to his nude photography, Physique Pictorial also included many drawings by erotic artists like George Quaintance, Harry Bush and Tom of Finland. In return for allowing their illustrations to be published, Miser gave them free advertising for their own mail order service, and encouraged their creation of mostly taboo art. The example that I have included is the front and back covers from May of 1964 by Tom of Finland.

    In March of 1959, an A.M.G. film called “Bathroom Athlete” had a storyline with a bodybuilder flexing and posing in front of a mirror while his two younger brothers spy on him, resulting in the first-ever spanking scene in an adult movie. The reaction to the spanking was so good that Mizer continued making videos with similar themes.

    The vast majority of Athletic Model Guild’s early films were simply a single model posing in a G-string. Later, Mizer began pairing models together, again posing together, but eventually wrestling and spanking each other. In 1980, Bob Mizer began experimenting with the new technology of video tape, and in November of 1983 he released his first features on VHS and Beta cassettes. The cost of these tapes was $40 for a 30-minute tape $75 for an hour-long tape and $125 for a 2-hour long video.

    While some AMG Spanking Videos had very simplistic stories, the vast majority are simply two models spanking each other, usually switching positions halfway through. These videos are titled simply with the names of the two models, and they are not consistent (like alphabetically, in order of the spankings, etc.). In June of 1987, Bob Mizer wrote the following in Physique Pictorial:


    At first, we were surprised at the number of customers who asked us for spanking photos and films, and we were even more amazed at how many of the models really seemed to enjoy the action. Only a few have refused to take part in the action, though most would much prefer to be on the giving than on the receiving end. But at AMG we are democratic and make sure that both get to enjoy the fun.

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  • Vintage Wrestling and Spanking Clips by Bob Mizer

    Robert Henry (Bob) Mizer March 1922 – May 1992
    Bob Mizer was a gay filmmaker who began working in the underground film industry in America during the 1940’s and 1950’s, where he was predictably convicted  of distributing obscene (i.e. gay) material. However, despite the morals of the time, and pressure from Law enforcement Mizer went on to establish AMG (the Athletic Model Guild) and created some of the most iconic homoerotic images from the period.

    The video below features some early wrestling and spanking footage by Bob Mizer, it was recently posted to YouTube, but, believe it or not, was removed because of its content (seems not much has changed in the last 70 years after of – or if it has, it seems to be heading into reverse).

     Thanks to Scott Norway for drawing this to my attention before it vanished      

    (Mizer’s work pre-dates Title 2257 legislation)



     Dose anyone have any information as to what has happened to the AMG website?  It appears to have been taken down 

  • AMG – Athletic Model Guild

    The Athletic Model Guild, or AMG, was founded by gay pornography pioneer Bob Mizer in December 1945. During those post-war years, United States censorship laws allowed women, but not men, to appear in various states of undress in what were referred to, with a wink, as “art” photographs. Mizer began his business by taking pictures of men that he knew, both gay and straight. His subjects would often pose for pictures, which, while ostensibly meant to illustrate fitness tips and the like, were clearly produced and published as homoerotic material.

    Although much of AMG’s material was made up of beefcake posing, many iconic male on male spanking images from the 195o’s and 1960’s originate from AGM, who still sell their videos through their website AthleticModelGuild.com also a lot of their imagery is very evocative of spanking and corporal punishment.

    Please do not go to AMG look for material including realistic or severe spanking, but rather to visit a different and more innocent world and view the material which entertained gay men of our father’s and grandfather’s generations.
    To me, the very innocence of AGM’s pictures and movies have an innate charm and eroticism which today’s far more explicit material, for all is other virtues, has lost
    The first few pictures are from Military School Initiation staring Chuck Steury, Ernie Matthews as the pledge masters and Bob Jackson and Monte Hanson as the pledges. Monte Hanson, who’s looks were not unlike those of Sting’s Matt Mills, was on of the most famous of the early AGM models and Military School Initiation forms part of the compilation DVD “The Complete Monte Hanson”

    Of course most of AMG’s output was non-spanking, but still a lot of fun

    Fast forward to the 1980’s and AMG spankings were in colour! Spanking had become a regular feature and AMG currently offer 41 compilation spanking DVDs full of 5 and 10 minute spanking scenes of differing quality.

    Chris Todd (who famously got his butt repeatedly spanked in Filmco’s Spanking Master Part 1) and Jeff Mcbride fool about as Master and slave in one of AMG’s 1980’s scenes

    Along with many others, Skooter Edwards (above) appeared in a number of spanking scenes for AMG in the 1980’s six of which are on the AMG compilation disc
    Spanking #30

    As interesting additional image the list of symbols below was how Bob Mizer kept a record of the various models virtues, flaws and proclivities

    Note: Some, although not all of these images were originally posted to the much missed M_MSpanking Group.

    The pictures appearing here predate 18.USC.2257 requirements