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  • Kevin’s Comeuppance


    Kevin’s Comeuppance
    Here is the first half of
    This movie follows on directly from Part One, which was posted here recently.
    In Part One, Kevin found out that Fraser had been cheating on his girlfriend, who happens to be Kevin’s sister. As punishment Kevin demands that Kevin take a spanking from Mr X (the community spanker).  Kevin had found it really funny to watch Fraser getting his bare bottom spanked!


    However, half way through Fraser’s punishment Kevin stops laughing when it is revealed that he has also been cheating on his own girlfriend, by signing up for an online dating agency.


    Kevin has been exposed as a hypocrite! Having previously cheated on his own girlfriend, how dare he be so judgemental on Fraser! Of course Fraser takes full advantage
    of this situation and decides to order the same punishment for Kevin that he has just received.

    This is nearly too much humiliation for Kevin to deal with. He really feels that he has no choice and reluctantly gets over the Mr X’s knee whilst Fraser looks on. 




    The roles are reversed, Fraser is now in charge, he gets to decide what happens to Kevin, and he plans to enjoy every minute!!



    The over the knee spanking starts and Kevin feel every hard spank, even through the seat of his jeans ! 



    Kevin’s bottom does not have that protection for long as, just like he insisted Fraser did before, Kevin is forced to strip down to his underwear. 


    Wearing just a pair of tight boxers, he gets back over Mr X’s knee


    The spanking continuous, but now only the thin cotton of his pants cover his tender bottom.


    The camera angles show Kevin getting spanked and Fraser’s delight in watching, all in the one delicious shot!





    Kevin’s humiliation is about to get even worse. Fraser reminds Mr X that he was Spanked on his bare bottom.
    So Kevin Deserves a bare bottom spanking too!


    Of course, Mr X agrees …


    Kevin is now stripped naked and about to get a well deserved bare bottom spanking which just like the one he had earlier insisted Fraser receive


    Kevin tries to cover his nakedness with his hands as he reluctantly moves towards Mr X


    However, he can not hide his bright red bare bottom, which is about to get a lot redder


    Fraser is now calling the shots, he gets to decide what happens to Kevin


    No matter how much he protests, Kevin is going to get what he deserves


    No spanking is complete without a long hard bare bottom spanking


    and that is just what Kevin gets, as a delighted Fraser watches the entertainment








    At last the over the knee spanking is over, but if Kevin and Fraser though their punishment was over, they are very much mistaken, as Mr X reminds them that they had both paid for the other to be whacked with the rubber soled gym shoe.


    There is no arguing with Mr X, the lads know they will have to take the whacking.



    Mr X gives both Kevin and Fraser a good whacking with the gym shoe




    The two lads will be sore for quite some time


    They will both think twice before cheating on their girlfriends in future.


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  • Spanked Footballers at Straight Lads Spanked (Parts 1 and 2)


    This movie follows on directly from Kevin – Bubble Bath Blues and Team Punishment both of which were posted here previously Kevin & Fraser have been fighting! These two handsome footballers should be scoring goals for their team, but instead they have been fighting in the Locker Room!
    The Coach is not happy! The Team is not happy! The lads Parents are not happy! Both lads get sent to Mr X, the local community spanker for some proper punishment! Mr X happens to be a fan of football and he is also not happy!


    Kevin & Fraser arrive with a plan! Previous players have also been sent to Mr X and the lads have a good idea what is going to happen. Of course, they soon find out that they are in no position to start dictating their punishment!


    Mr X deals with these lads in the appropriate manner. With a long, hard painful over the knee spanking! Kevin really does not want to get spanked in front of Fraser! That would be way to humiliating for a tough lad like Kevin.


    In an attempt to hide his humiliation Kevin puts on an act of arrogant unconcern, laughing at Mr. X and being deliberately impudent – as he will discover, this is a



    Even when he is over Mr X’s knee Kevin’s cheeky behaviour continues 


    So far, Kevin has managed to hide how much his bottom is hurting. 




    Despite having been spanked once, Kevin is still, grinning, sniggering and trying to appear cool.


    Mr X is determined to wipe the cocky grin off Kevin’s face


    And he knows just how to do it. 





    A bare bottomed Fraser takes Kevin’s place


    Mr X orders Kevin to stand and watch what happens to Fraser, so he knows what he will be getting next.






    “Now it’s your turn Kevin!”  

    Be Continued …….
    Who will win the battle of wills, Kevin or Mr X? – Find out in Part 2




    This movie follows on directly from Spanked Footballers Part One
    Kevin and Fraser are enduring a well deserved punishment from the community spanker Mr X. So far both lads have been over the knee and Fraser even got spanked bare bottom in front of his team mate!


    Fraser’s bare bottom was soundly spanked in Part 1 now he is ordered to stand and watch the next stage 
    Now it is Kevin’s turn to drop his underwear and fully exposed in front of Fraser has to bend over Mr X’s knee to have his already very sore bottom spanked further!


    And this timed it’s bare!!


    Up to now Kevin has acted in an arrogant and cheeky manner, disrespecting Mr. X. Consequently Mr X is determined to adjust the impertinent lad’s attitude.


    Mr X is an expert at attitude adjustment and Kevin will soon discover he in a contest of wills which he is not going to win.


    Kevin’s arrogant manner melts in direct proportion to the increasing sting in his bare bottom.


    Hoping to end the spanking Kevin apologises for his cheeky and cocksure behaviour 


    But Fraser and Mr X pretend not to hear him 


    Was there a strange whining noise?”


    After his earlier behaviour, Mr X has no intention of letting Kevin get off that easily






    Many smacks later, Kevin is ordered to apologise to Fraser for fighting with him 


    Mr X finishes off with a rapid fire spanking


    Fraser can hardly watch, he knows how much that hurts


    Finally, a red bottomed Kevin shuffles back to stand next to Fraser


    Eventually the ordeal is over! 
    Or so it should be!


    Mr X can see that the lads have still not resolved their differences. So he decides that if they still want to fight they can do it there and then! So in the final part of this movie, each lad had to thrash the other’s bare ass with a leather belt!









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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Fraser – Take a Cold Shower



    Fraser has had his phone confiscated by his Father. Naughty Fraser though is
    really missing having his phone and being able to text and contact
    his lady friends so decides to steal it back!


    The horny young rascal attempts to persuade local girls to send him nude
    pictures of themselves – but with no success 


    Fraser has also been missing being able to access adult movies!


    He is feeling very frustrated and uses his phone to access the internet
    and watch some filthy entertainment!


    Dad walks in just at the wrong moment and and catches Fraser in a very
    embarrassing situation.


    Dad is disgusted at what he finds!


    It seems that Fraser has a serious issue with the type of material he is
    watching and this is affecting his relationship with the opposite sex.
    His father can see that extra lessons have to be learned!



    Fraser is given a very hard over the knee spanking.



    But that is just a warm-up leading to good, hard whacking from a wooden
    spatula which he is sent to collect!


    Fraser just knows that is going to sting…


     … it does!!


    The punishment progresses as Dad pulls down Fraser’s underpants ..


    and spanks him on his already stinging bare bottom



    which stings even more!!


    That horrid spatula is back in action




    and now that really hurts Fraser’s bare bottom


    Dad is intent on giving young Fraser the punishment he believes his son




    Almost 14 long minutes of non – stop spanking leaves Fraser a very red, sore
    and sorry lad



    But we all know Fraser, as soon as the sting from this spanking is
    forgotten, he will start earning the next one!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Fraser Bubble Bath Blues

     Fraser Bubble Bath Blues follows immediately on from Fraser Spanked Footballer, which  as you may recall ended with Mr. X, the local Community Spanker, informing Fraser’s dad that he has had to punish his 22 year old son. 
    Now read on ……


     Fraser is not having a good day! This handsome straight footballer has
    just received a stinging bare bottom spanking from the local community spanker Mr X and now he faces
    more from his Father!
    Fraser was thinking things could not get
    any worse, but he realises how wrong he is when he opens the door and sees Dad is waiting for him to gets home.


    Fraser is wearing his filthy football kit so Dad orders him to clean up! So Fraser strips off and gets into the bath.
     His tender 22 year old bottom is still red and sore from the earlier spanking




     Any hopes of a long leisurely soak are soon forgotten about though as Dad reminds him he is waiting for him in his bedroom.
     Fraser reluctantly gets out the bath and goes to see that Dad has in store for him.
     It is not fun! Fraser gets taken over Dad’s knee for a very hard hand spanking over his already sore bottom! 



     To really get the message home, Fraser also gets some from the leather paddle as well!


     Soon the towell is removed and the punishment continues on Fraser’s 
    bare bottom




    We then see this tall, muscled lad squirming and kicking over Dad’s knee as the spanks rain down on his tender bottom!












    After two long, hard and well deserved, bare bottom, spankings in one afternoon, young Fraser will not be sitting down comfortably for some time!But has he learned his lesson? .. We’ll see!




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