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  • Leaving comments on postings

    The facility to leave comments is now working. Although we have tried to enable Anonymous comments, unlike Blogger, the option of commenting Anonymously is no longer available with this system and you will have to quote a name and e-mail address. However, you can use any name, and the e-mail address will not be published, so your privacy will be maintained.

    For the time being those who wish to continue commenting Anonymously can, of course, use the link posts at the old JockSpank, however, those may eventually stop.


  • Commenting on Postings

    As regular visitors may be aware, we have experienced some difficulty with the comments option on this new blog, and, in particular, have received a number of complaints from visitors who have been unable to comment on the new PhotoShop work by Mark.

    We have also had requests from some to be able to comment Anonymously – At the moment you need to give a name an e-mail address and have the option of linking to a personal website if you wish to (the e-mail address is not visible to other visitors and you can use any name you like)

    While we are working to resolve the problems, I would be grateful if anyone who has been unable to comment at this site would post your comments on the old JockSpank blog HERE for the time being, and we will manually post them to is site for you.

    You can still comment anonymously on the old blog.

    We willo let you know when all issues are resolved. Thanks for your cooperation


    NOTE: As far as we can tell, the comment option is working fine on the new Feel the Sting, but if anyone is having difficulty polase let us know

  • A request

    Tell us what you think

    Yes its another request for comments, if you enjoy what we are posting here please let us know.  It really is quite disheartening to look at the blog statistics and see that between 3,500 and 4,000 people are visiting this blog every single day, and we are really lucky to receive one or two comments.
    I do appreciate that comments are currently moderated, which I know discourages some commentators. However, there really is no option because of the amount of Spam which blogger is currently receiving, not to mention the occasional trolls. However, there is usually someone here to approve comments quite quickly, especially at weekends
    I feel particularly sorry for artists and those who create PhotoShop images, because, whereas film makers can, at least judge from sales whether their work is popular, artists and PhotoShoppers have no way of knowing if there work is well received, except if you tell them.
    Therefore, if you enjoy a picture or a video trailer, just now and then click on the comments link beneath the posting, and say so. Please?
    (As usual unkind comments left anonymously will not be approved)     


    Bruce and Ward