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  • TPLF – A treasure lost – Part One

    Over the years, various studios have come and gone, some of them missed more than others. For Male Spanking enthusiasts those who are missed most include studios such as Filmco, who made the wonderful Spanking Master Series, and of course the one time leader of the Pack Control T, both of which decided to move away from producing Spanking specific movies, largely because of the scourge of piracy, a crime of which some members of our community were at one time exceptionally guilty, cut so far into their profits, that it ceased to be worth their wile to continue (members of the Scandinavian Pirate Party please note)

    Another sorely missed studio, which was cut down not by piracy or by its customers ,but by one of its own, was the uniquely Gallic TPLF (Le Clef) Studio. Allegedly bankrupted as a result of an employment claim against it by one of its actors. TPLF went out of business earlier this decade, and is still sorely missed by those amongst us who enjoy their spanking porn with a touch of class.

    100% French language (which challenged some of us), but professional, well made and well acted, with skilled camera work and a delightfully French sense of humour, TPLF produced some memorable and enjoyable spanking videos, which are still treasured by those who were lucky enough to have bought copies. In terms of Quality TPLF was, in my view, second only to the outstanding Sting Pictures (and that is praise indeed).

    Over the next few nights, as tribute to the sadly missed TPLF studio, I will post a selection of images from their movies. (Some of which may still be available somewhere on the Internet, but sadly I do not have a link).

    Gentlemen (and ladies) I present to you TPLF.