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  • Sting: The Governor’s Choice 9 (Part 1 of 2)

    The Governors Choice Part 9

    For various misdemeanour’s the younger inmates are still taking advantage of being given a choice by the Governor, It’s on their record or off the record, if they commit a rule breaking offence. Most choose to keep their record clean and report to the punishment room to receive a spanking dose of correctional discipline.


    Today its the turn of two lads, the first being Horton (Louie Ashby returns) He knocks on the punishment room door and enters. His eyes are immediately drawn to the frame ready and waiting. He is ordered to strip and takes position over it. The governor picks up a swishy rattan cane and the boy grits his teeth in readiness! He feels it tapping on the very crest of his vulnerable rounded bare bottom. The first burning stripes are laid on.




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  • New from Sting – Up the Creek with a Paddle

    The latest release from Sting is Up theCreek with a Paddle – directed by Jonathan Fox. Set in a US 60’s College, unruly student Jack McConnighy (Louie Ashby) has finally caused the Principle to take action. Excelling more as a party animal than a diligent student the Principle decides to take some positive action to bring McConnighy round. After a dressing down he leaves him to the tender mercies of faculty head Mr Schwartz who proceeds to administer his polished paddle with relish.
    Feeling the punishment has yet to sink in Schwartz now orders McConnighy to take off his jeans and pants off to get another dose other the knee on his bed. His already paddled backsides now begins to buck and twist as it reddens further from the stinging slaps of his determined teacher.
    The principle is not so sure that McConnighy won’t reoffend again so he decides that a more ritualistic paddling should follow later in the Gym.
    McConnighy arrives late further annoying his teacher. Now ordered to the wall, shorts and pant off, Jack McConnighy will feel the deep biting sting of the holed hickory paddle on his tender bare backside.
    Now he’s really up the creek but with the paddle! 

    Movie trailer

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  • Sting – Sixth Formers (the new term) Part 4 (Last)

    As promised, here are the remaining pictures from Sixth Formers – the New Term by Sting. This download is an excellent mini-epic, at over one hour ten minutes and featuring nine different Sting boys, all on the receiving end of some very painful punishment, in most cases applied to already disciplined bottoms (Those boys certainly suffer for their art!!).

    It is classic Sting, but with an extra sting in the tail, I sure Sting fans, and others, will love it.



    Sixth Formers – the new term (Download)

    Stinglads Google group (fan group)

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  • Targeting Louie

    In the top two pictures Louie, one of Sting’s latest bad boys appears to be foolin’ around, so I thought I would do so as well (with PhotoShop) on one of the pictures.

    I am sure you will agree Louie seems to be very well cast as a bad boy, so perhaps he should permanently wear a target on his butt?

    Louie has so far appeared in the first Sting Plus movie “The Water Boys“, “Home not so Sweet Home“, “Sixth Formers (The New Term)“, “Bring Back the Birch” and “Up the Creek with a paddle

    The first set were taken during the making of The Water Boys

    Here are some more pictures of (a slightly blonder) Louie taken during the making of Home not so Sweet Home.




  • Sting Plus – The Water Boys

    Here are some images from the latest String Release, “The Water Boys” featuring scenes at Barminster College, and staring Martin, Sebastian, Louis, Keith and Dexter

    The Water Boys is the first of the new Sting Plus downloads. Sting Plus offers users two separate choices, depending on personal taste:

    Option 1

    A regular 29 minute Sting download, where various naughty boys including Louis, Martin and Sebastian get into trouble and are firmly punished for it.

    Option 2

    Is the same download but with Sting Plus at 49 minutes this version includes additional non-spanking gay sex content.

    The Storyline:

    The Deputy Head of Barminster College was in the habit of keeping a Diary. Since his new appointment to this prestigious college he has noted many of the student goings on & Some events were of a serious nature and the miscreants involved dealt with severely by the headmaster or if he was too busy by his youthful head of PE Mr Johnson (Dexter).

    One such pupil Chris Brookes (Louie) was forever in trouble. The diary entries on Brookes read like a charge sheet but among the many entries were several that caused some amusement. Hugh Curtis MA, the Headmaster, was not without humour but like all tolerant men could be pushed too far. Brookes was not the only lad who had recently come under the spotlight he was ably assisted by two fourth formers Stephen Grant (Martin) and Sebastian Collins (Sebastian) If ever there was a fourth form mafia these two certainly qualified as the Dons.

    Despite the punishments laid on for their erratic behaviour, detention, spanking, the cane or the strap a little pocket money in their direction would fix anything but this time in collaboration with Brooks they were set to gain an new title. The deputy heads diary had logged some extraordinary events but one would be forever remembered by both the pupils and staff gaining a legendary new nick name for young Grant and Collins, which in fact was going to cost them dear!…The Water Boys

    (In the Sting Plus version, the boys “comfort” each other after their punishment)

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    The Sting Plus version includes extra non-spanking Sexual content

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  • Louie in ‘Home not so Sweet Home’

    New at Sting Premium, Louis Ashby in ‘Home not so Sweet Home’ – and, yes that amazing ass is for real!!!!!!

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    Sting Premium will cease to exist in its current form as from January 31 2010
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