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  • Uncle Andrew Spanks Naughty Nephew Lee

    18 Year old Lee has been staying with his Uncle Andrew whilst attending college. Uncle Andrew was not happy to receive a phone call from Lee’s college tutor explaining that Lee had been caught setting off Fireworks in the college grounds. 
    Uncle Andrew was waiting for Lee the minute he returned home!
    “Have you been misbehaving?” 
    “No Uncle Andrew, I didn’t do anything, it wasn’t me”

    “What’s this in your pocket then?”

    Uncle Andrew tells Lee that if he is going to behave and tell lies like a naughty schoolboy, then that is how he will be treated!
    Lee is told to go for a shower and put on the clothes that his Uncle has left out for him to wear.

    Lee strips off and takes a very revealing shower!

    “Lee can’t believe that he has to put on a school uniform!”

    “You will write out, I must not be a naughty boy”

    “Get over my knee”
    “No Uncle Andrew, I’m too old to be spanked”

    “Stand in that corner and think about your actions”

    “Please stop, my bottom is really sore”

    “I won’t stop till your bottom is bright red”

    “Now you will go to your bed without any supper”

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