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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Brother in Charge (Part 6) – Dan and Oliver

    This movie follows on directly from Brother In Charge Part Five – Oliver and Dan images from which were posted here on Friday

    As Oliver is dishing out some revenge spanking to young Dan Lee, Dad walks in and catches Oliver red handed!

    Oliver’s father is furious and decides that this needs to be resolved once and for all!

    What happens next is the ultimate humilation for Oliver. Having his jeans and boxers puled down and spanked whilst young Dan sits and watches!

    Then what Dad does at the end is almost too much for Oliver to take.  Total shame and crushing humiliation as young Dan gets to spank Oliver too!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Brother in Charge (Part 5) – Oliver and Dan

    In Brother in charge part 4 – pictures from which were posted HERE previously, Oliver was soundly spanked by both his Dad, and by Andy, for supplying Andy’s little brother Dan with drugs.

    In this latest installment Oliver is furious that Dan spilled the beans (grassed) about the illegal selling! and, after being spanked and humiliated by Dan’s older brother, Oliver wants revenge!

    Still sore bottomed and angry Oliver confronts Dan

    Dan receives an over the knee, spanking from a very angry Oliver, first on his jean, then his underpants and finally …. bare bottomed!


    Unfortunately for Oliver his luck had just got a lot worse … to be continued …
    Part six will be posted on Sunday

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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Brother In Charge – Part Four (Andy and Oliver)

    Oliver and his Dad are having a nice quiet night in. Mum is away so the guys decide to order some take-away and have a few drinks. ​​G​ood, quality, Father & Son time!

    ​The peaceful night in is soon ruined by a ferocious knocking at the door!

    ​ ​
    Dad goes to see what all the noise is about and encounters a very angry Andy Lee!
    Andy has discovered that Oliver was involved in selling the ‘gear’ with his younger brother Dan and he is not happy.
    Oliver tries to protest his innocence
    But nobody is fooled
    What happens next is Oliver’s biggest nightmare.

    Total Humiliation


    A Very Sore Bottom!

    More from producer Dave.​Well when I first made Brother in Charge Part One I never dreamed that we would end up with a fourth part. I love how these movies have a life of their own.

    The main thing to tell you about this one, was how difficult it was for Oliver! He has had worse spankings in his time, but this was just total humiliation. Having to show respect to Andy and get spanked by him in front of myself was really difficult. In fact at one point I really thought Oliver would not go through with it.

    So of course, what we end up with are some delightfully real, awkward, embarrassing squirming moments from Oliver that we know are 100% genuine!


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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Oliver’s Bath Brush Beating


    At Straight Lads Spanked: Oliver’s life keeps on getting worse! This time he has stooped really low and took his mothers engagement ring to the Pawn Shop. His father found out and was not just furious but heart broken.

    The punishment had to match the crime and Oliver is given a hard hand spanking. That is not the end though…

    Oliver has to fetch the dreaded bath brush and he feels the devastating effect as every whack leaves a mark on his sore bruised bottom.

     At first Oliver denies all …
     if fact he starts out really arrogant and cocky….. 
     But then Dad finds the pawn ticket and Oliver realises the game is up
     He knows he is in big trouble.
     Oliver phones his Mother hoping she will persuade his Dad not to punish him …
     But he’s out of luck
     Over Dad’s knee …
     … for a stinging hand spanking …
     …. and then the bath brush!!

    Warning – This Movie Contains Scenes Of Harsh Punishment

  • Stolen Holiday Money – Harry, Oliver & Fred – Brothers Revenge!

    In Part One, Harry tole £300 from his flat mate Fred. Fred needed that money for the deposit of the holiday that he was going on with his brother Oliver. If Fred can’t pay his deposit then Oliver will also lose the money that he has paid.
    Oliver comes round to find out what is happening.
    Fred and Oliver discover Harry still in bed after a nights partying!


    Harry does not have the money!
    So this time Oliver decides to deal with Harry! £300 = 300 spanks! It’s hard for Harry to take. Especially from lads his own age. 

    It’s so embarrassing for him!
    Harry lies there getting spanked by Oliver whilst Fred encourages him!

    Fred wants a bit of the action though and decides that one hit from his flip flop = 10 spanks so  Harry gets 30 of those!

    The brothers leave Harry on the floor holding a very sore, red bottom!

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  • Oliver – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

    The sorry saga of Oliver continues at Straight Lads Spanked this follows on from Oliver – Stole From Dad.

    Oliver is sent to his room by his mother and told to wait until Dad gets home. 

    Oliver knows what that means and strips down to his pants and lies on the bed waiting for Dad.

    Dad is really angry! Furious! Oliver gets the worst lecture of his life!

    Soon though the belt comes out and Oliver feels it full force across his bottom. This is his worse spanking ever!

    Down with Oliver’s pants
    Exposing his tender bare bottom
    A perfect target for an angry dad
    The thing is though, Oliver already feels low, ashamed with himself. As his father continues to belt him the sorry lad can’t hold back the tears! 

    Dad pays no attention to them though and continues to belt the sobbing lad until is bottom is scarlet red.

    A very sorry lad
    with a very sore bottom
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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Footballers Out of Control – Andy Lee, Oliver and Jay

    Posted on by Ward

    From Straight Lads Spanked: Andy Lee, Jay and Oliver are three footballers that have been sent by the coach to see the community spanker Mr X! The lads have already been soundly spanked in Part One by Mr X but they still have bad attitude.
    So Mr X decides that they have to learn a different way. He tells that lads that they have to SPANK EACH OTHER!

    Wow! This changes things! The lads are not so cocky now! It’s one thing fighting with your mate, but another being forced to put him over your knee and spank his bare bottom!
    You can see clearly how awkward the guys are as one by one they have to spank each other!

    Three Fit Straight Lads! Spanking Each Other!

    Footballers Out Of Control!

    Straight Male Spanking Movie

  • Oliver & Fred – Brothers – Caught Shoplifting!

    New at

     Oliver is in trouble again!

     This time he has involved in his younger brother Fred as an accomplice! Oliver has worked out a master plan to steal from their local shop whilst Fred is the lookout!

    Oliver did not realise there were cameras in the shop and the boys were caught red handed. What makes it worse is that the local shopkeeper is a close family friend and has known the brothers since they were little. The shopkeeper is devastated at this betrayal! If it had been anyone else he would have called the police. However, he decides to give the sorry straight lads an option.

    Go and visit the local community spanker Mr X to be punished or he hands them over to the police.

    The lads choose Mr X! Oliver has been before, but has found the punishment so humiliating he has never told his younger brother Fred the exact details of what happened. If Oliver was too embarrassed to tell his brother that he got spanked, you can only imagine what it will be like getting spanked with Fred watching!

    The two sorry and shamed straight lads turn up to see Mr X. Mr X is furious! How dare they steal from the community!

    The look on Fred’s face when he discovers his fate is priceless!

    Mr X proceeds to properly spank the two lads. The sheer humiliation of them getting undressed in front of each other and getting spanked hard is almost too much for them to bear!

    Mr X does not seem to care though and gets on with the job in hand and spanking their bare bottoms hard!


    “””More From Mr X………. This was the first time that Fred had visited Straight Lads Spanked. He was actually quite nervous and it was really clear that these two real life brothers were not that comfortable with being naked in front of each other, never mind spanked like naughty kids! Which all leads to a rather marvelous movie!””””

  • Straight Lads Spanked – Oliver Stole From Dad

    (This movie contains lingering scenes of a handsome straight lad, naked, showering and getting spanked that some viewers may find highly erotic) 
    Life is not going so well for Oliver. His long-suffering girlfriend has finally had enough and kicked him out.Oliver really does love his girlfriend and is going to be a Dad in just a few weeks.This very sorry young man had no choice but to move back in with his parents.

    Finding himself living back in his old bedroom, Oliver gets ready for bed.Stripping out of his clothes he heads for the bathroom.

    Shower Time!

    Squeaky clean Oliver heads back to his room.

    …..and puts his pyjamas on.

    and settles down for the night.

    Olivers Dad bursts into the room and wakes up his sleeping son.

    “My son is a thief”!
    “You have stolen money from my wallet”!
    “I am so disappointed in you”!

    “You are not to old to go over my knee”

    “Sorry Dad”
    “I’m too old for a spanking”

    “Please not the slipper”

    “I’m to old for this”!

    “Dad, I only took the money to buy flowers for my girlfriend”!


    “Dad! No! I’m so sorry”!“Please not the belt”

    “I hope that has taught you a lesson”?
    “””More from Mr X……..when I started producing movies for Straight Lads Spanked I had a  picture in my head of the look of lad and scenario I thought summed up Straight Lads Spanked perfectly. This new movie,  Oliver – Stole From Dad,  fits that image perfectly. This was only the second time that I had filmed with Oliver and I thought he was simply perfect in this. Not only does he have a great look (both in and out of his clothes) the way he looks at his Dad with a combined look of fear, sorrow, embarrassment & resignation appears so real. Oliver, a lad, who is “too old to get spanked”. getting dragged over his Dad’s knee for a well earned spanking! “””
    Here are some of the comments I have received already:

    This is one of your very best efforts! Oliver could not be bettered, and for those of us with a foot fetish, the shots of his lovely bare feet make this a keeper. Handsome face, gorgeous bottom and perfect feet. Oliver is desperately close to being the perfect man! 

    I must say, I think I have a bit of a crush on Oliver! Could he be any more adorable? Great video! I am glad Oliver got over his shyness! The split screen is a great effect, and I hope you continue to utilize it. I look forward to many more with Oliver!

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