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A JockSpank Visitor has asked for help in obtaining an early Mans Hand Film, which we believe may have been called “The Young Executive” or “Spanking the young Executive”. Please see a selection of images from the video below:

This was not one of the most recent Man’s Hand Films, but one of the early David Stewart directed films which I believe were sold onto another studio, which also no longer exists.

If You can help find this video, or any other early Mans Hand films, please either reply in the comments section below or by using the CONTACT US field in the left-hand column. Thanks for your help

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  1. I’m also interested in this video. If you find the info, please share

  2. When you are the oldest brother like Joe, you have no one around to keep you in line – or that’s what junior executive Joe thinks. Boss, Mike Hansen, has other ideas. After goofing off once too often, Joe finds himself being given a birthday spanking. When this doesn’t work, Mr. Hansen gives him the choice of losing his job or assuming the position for a real PADDLING on the seat of his jockey shorts. In the end it’s not only Joe’s face that’s red when he finds being ’62” and weighing 190 lb, is not too big fro his boss to treat him like a spoiled brat.

    This the film description it’s called Junior Executive and was the 7th man’s hand film in 1984 sadly I don’t have it but the really old man’s hands are the best

  3. Hi Ward:

    Callum has it right. The video is called “Junior Executive” and it was produced by Stuart in the 1980’s. Man’s Hand sold their entire catalog of spanking videos around 1990 to Bijou Distributing in Chicago, where they were repackaged into ten compilation tapes. Junior Executive was on the seventh compilation, called “My Brother, The Brat” that included the title film, along with “Below the Belt” and “Yes, Sir!” Unfortunately, both Man’s Hand and Bijou are no longer in business, so your only real hope would be to find a used cassette tape – not very likely.


    • Thanks to Copper and to Callum for the additional information, and the correct name. It is a tragedy that so much content has ceased to be available. Studios like Control T, Filmco, Studio 7, Red Moon and now MansHand are becoming lost treasures.