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  • A Message from Copper – Introducing Gay Spank Art

    Hi Friends!

    I bear good news. Many years ago a good friend from Northern California had a website called “Strictop” that featured an amazing collection of male-spanking art. Sadly, it went away, but Strictop never stopped collecting images (including a large number of pieces that he personally commissioned by a variety of artists). He and a friend have now created a new on-line Male Spanking Art Archive. The new website contains thousands of images by both well known and fairly obscure artists, and they are all clearly organized and easily accessed.  Additionally, when he discovered that Man’s Hand Films had ceased publishing Red Tails Magazine in 2019, Strictop purchased the publication rights, so now over 110 issues are available for viewing in their entirety, featuring over 5,500 pages of spanking erotica, original art, photographs, Q&A columns, opinions and related articles of interest.

    Over the past two years, Strictop borrowed not only my printed copies of Red Tails Magazine to scan, but most of the Man’s Hand archive of original artwork by Jonathan, Franco, C of Sweden and others.  Many of these images lost clarity when they were originally printed, and while many of the originals were drawn in color, they had to be printed in black-and-white for the magazine. But now they have been re-scanned to restore them to their original beauty.

    Also, in cataloging all of the art, we discovered a number of “lost drawings” by these artists – cartoons or illustrations that somehow never got published, so it’s like finding some “brand new 40-year-old art”!

    And best of all, Strictop is sponsoring the website so that everyone can enjoy this amazing collection at absolutely no cost whatsoever. You will need to log-in and create a password, simply to satisfy the legal age requirement, but Strictop has assured all of the artists that this is a free public archive and that no one is attempting to profit from their work. So in addition to the incredible collection of images here on Jockspank, viewers can now also enjoy thousands of pieces of spanking art, in addition to having access to every issue of Red Tails Magazine that was ever published. All free of charge.

    The archive can be found at www.gayspankart.com – and while I encourage everyone to check it out, I am not responsible for immeasurable hours of lost life that you may experience while exploring it.


  • Vintage Jonathan (Part 1 of 3)


    When Copper recently posted a series of articles called “The HIstory of Male Spanking Videos,” he realized that some of you would rather have been seated in the back of the classroom, reading comics.  So to satisfy your interests, he has submitted a vintage comic series by Jonathan that was originally published in Red Tails Magazine in 1998. “The Perils of Bruce Fletcher” originally appeared in four different issues, and are being seen together for the first time ever here on JockSpank!

    The Perils of Bruce Fletcher

    To Be Continued

  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper – Printed Periodicals (Part 2)



    Following in the footsteps of the Woodshed, Hot Bottoms and Red Tails, other enterprises decided to try their hand at publishing male-spanking magazines. Here are a few of the most notable:


    I have very limited knowledge of this publication, but know that it was compiled by “Victor L.” of Antioch, Tennessee, and published by C.F. Publications in East Setauket, New York. Compared to the competing magazines, this one lacked creativity. There were only a handful of spanking stories that were lightly illustrated (normally by Paul Michael Davies). There was one-page of “Spanking Producers” that only listed eight resources – including one video producer and one spanking supply company. All of the resources listed in this publication were male/female and they are all listed by their street addresses (no emails). Manhandled Males was published in the mid-90’s, and the few copies I have are 40 pages long with a colored card-stock cover and center-stapled. The samples I am attaching are from 1996.


    “BOUND AND GAGGED” was a very popular bi-monthly magazine that specialized in bondage scenarios. The summer edition in 1990 featured a 40-page “Special Fraternity Issue” with lots of paddling stories and art. It must have been a hit, because the following year the editor, Bob Wingate, published a magazine-size 68-page black-and-white anthology called “PLEDGES & PADDLES.” I was illustrated with photos from some of their films as well as drawings by the Hun, Malex and R.A. Schultz. While regular issues of Bound & Gagged sold for $5 per issue, Paddles & Pledges was priced at $11.95. It too must have proven profitable, as Paddles & Pledges 2 was published in 1993, followed by Volume 3 in 1996. Starting with the second issue, talented artists like Cavelo, Ira Smith and Sean were commissioned to add their expert touches to the stories. Out of print for nearly a quarter century, copies of Pledges and Paddles can still be found in shops that carry vintage porn.


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  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper – Printed Periodicals (Part 1)

    Following on from Copper’s outstanding series on the history of Male on Male Spanking Videos here is an extra-credit class on the early History of Male Spanking products. In addition to all of the videos we recently reviewed, there were also a number of printed magazines that were available by subscription or in adult bookstores. Here is a sampling from Copper’s vast collection:



    The three early competitors in the male-spanking business, Studio-7, Control-T and Man’s Hand, all produced spanking films but they also realized that not everyone had movie-projectors or video-players, so they also published magazines to highlight their spanking erotica. Long before the internet, these magazines also provided the invaluable service of providing personal ads, allowing subscribers to exchange contract information with other. While they all contained similar content, each magazine had distinctively different styles. Here is a little history and a few samples from those early magazines.


    In 1983, San Diego based Studio-7, began publishing WOODSHED MAGAZINE, featuring ads for their video products, fiction contributed by readers, and “Personal Ads” for subscribers who wanted to meet other guys into spanking. Each issue featured a couple of illustrations by artists like Steve Burke and C of Sweden. Originally, Woodshed sold for $5 per issue, although by the time it was discontinued, the price had gone up to $10, or $48 for a six-issue subscription. The magazine was discontinued in 1995, after publishing a little over 50 issues.


    In 1985 Control-T Studios began publishing HOT BOTTOMS MAGAZINE Each issue was approximately 24-pages long and was printed in black-and-white, with covers on colored card stock and stapled along the left margin. Hot Bottoms featured original fiction that was occasionally illustrated, photos from their videos as well as some fan-drawings. The personal ads for readers was called “The Ads, Sir!” After Control-T was sold, the new owners did not share the passion for male-spanking, and the magazine quickly began to deteriorate. The stories that were originally packed tight in small type, were now set in 14-point type with huge headlines, wide margins and oversized illustrations to help fill-up the 44-pages. Stories from past issues were often re-used, and a quarter of the magazine was just advertising. In 1998 Control-T decided to stop Hot Bottoms, after publishing almost 60 issues. The magazine originally sold for $5 per issue, and by the time the run ended, the price had gone up to $9.50. Annual subscriptions (6-issues) were available for $46.95 per year. NOTE: The first male-spanking illustration I ever had published (shown below) appeared in Hot Bottoms in 1991.


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  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper (Part 15)

    Enjoy the final part of Copper’s fascinating series on the male on male spanking films



    Picking up where we left off…


    Originally called KATSAM PRODUCTIONS, this provider of fetish films created a library of over 40 videos with a variety of fetishes that included bondage, watersports, body shaving and occasional spankings like “Beat Me, Daddy” and “The Spanking”. Although they were based in New York City, they had a series of punishment videos that were shot in Southern California and starred “Sonny Boy Jacobson”. These began with “Self-Abuse” (1988) that had Sonny slapping his own butt with a variety of tools. Based on its success, they then released “Self-Abuse 2 & 3”, which led to another series of five videos called “Mo Abuse” in which older men would take turns spanking, paddling and strapping Sonny in a number of positions. As part of the fifth video, shot in 1994, Sonny was introduced to one of the earliest versions of a spanking machine – a pneumatically driven cane that would strike his ass as he was lying on a massage table. The videos originally sold for $59.95 on VHS, but haven’t been available for many years. I will include a half-page ad for their videos from a leather magazine.


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  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper (Part 14) Various




    While we have reviewed most of the early production companies that specialized in male-spanking videos like Control-T, Studio-7 and Man’s Hand, there were a number of other fetish studios that occasionally offered a video inspired by corporal punishment fantasies or short-lived companies that only turned out a few products. In this segment, as well the next, we will briefly touch on a few of these part-time providers.


    Based in San Francisco, KINK VIDEOS has been around since the early 1990’s, and true to their name, they specialized in a variety of fetish films including BDSM, tickle-torture, foot worship, shaving and – of course – spanking. Over the years Kink Videos produced just under twenty spanking videos. These include: “Bad Boys Get Spanked”, “Butt Punisher”, “Command of the Hand”, “Discipline Delivery”, “Good Dog”, “Jason Miller Ready for Hard Punishment”, “Make It Hurt”, “Over My Knee”, “Punished Good”, “Punished (Part 1 and 2)”, “Punishment”, “Spank Me, Sir”, “Spank My Ass”, “The Spanking Zone”, “Torture Clinic” and “Tortured Senseless.”

    Kink Videos were originally released on VHS cassettes and later on DVD’s that sold for $59.95. Currently Kink Video (kinkvideo.com) still maintains a membership site that includes about eight of their spanking titles. Memberships are $19.95/month, although they do have a 3-Day Trial Membership for $4.95. On their website, Kink Video also has a link to their studio on Clips4Sale where you can find the same spanking videos to download at a cost of $29.95 each. (TIP: If you want to search Kink’s Clips4Sale site, start at the end and work backwards, since the spanking videos are some of the earliest offered).


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  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper (Part 13) Red Moon Videos

    Not to be confused with RedBoard that Copper reviewed a couple days ago, RED MOON was yet another early company that produced all-male spanking videos. Red Moon is covered by Copper in the latest instalment of his journey through Male Spanking history



    Starting in the early 1990’s, Close-Up Productions was based in Los Angeles and specialized in a variety of BD/SM films. While many of their videos like “Slave Workshop” or “Roughed Up” included punishment scenes with paddles, straps and floggers, they really didn’t emphasize spanking until they released a series of videos under the label RED MOON in 1995. These videos featured traditional spanking situations that inevitably led to overt sexual activity.

    Each video contained from one-to-four different stories, and all Red Moon videos were directed by Nick Jordan. In all, Close-Up Productions released twenty different “Red Moon” videos. In alphabetical order, they were: “Ass Cracks”, “Barracks Butt Beatings”, “Butt Bruisers”, “Butt Spankers”, “Czech Out His Ass,” “Don’t Tease Me”, “Don’t Tease Me 2”, “Hell Weekend (1&2)”, “I’ll Give You Something to Cry About”, “Intense Training”, “Laying Down the Law”, “Military Ass Spankers”, “Punishment Asylum for Incorrigibles”, “Reformed”, “Smack My Ass”, “Smacked Red” “Spank Me, Mam”, “Spank Me, Sir”, and “Spanked and Paddled Slave.”

    Red Moon Videos were released on VHS cassettes with running times between 60 – 120 minutes. The tapes retailed for $59.95 and they later re-released a number of their products through Zeus Studios. Although I am unsure as to when Close-Up Productions went out of business, the last Red Moon video was shot in 2002.

    A search of the internet for Red Moon products resulted in only similarly named female/male spanking sites (such as “Shadow Red Moon” or “Red Moon Rising”).

    There were a few of the original Close-Up Production videos on pay-per-view sites, although none of them were spanking oriented. There is now a new production company called Close-Up, although it is strictly twinks having bareback sex.

    Attached are a few examples of their advertising flyers and box covers from the 90’s.

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  • A Spanking History Lesson From Copper (Part 12) RedBoard Video

    The Spanking artist Copper continues hie extensive examination of the history of Male on Male Spanking videos


    Founded by Alan Shustak in 1990, this San Francisco based company made thousands of kink and spank oriented videos, although the vast majority were heterosexual with young women being punished by older men. Shustak’s wife, Kim Wylde, appeared in more than 50 videos for the company, as well as other fem-dom video producers.

    as well as being credited for directing most of the male/male spanking videos.

    Between the years of 1994 and 1999, RedBoard produced a number of all-male spanking videos, the majority of them featuring Terrance Hawke as the top, spanking younger twinks. Almost all of these videos were directed by Kim Wylde. The videos were originally available on VHS cassettes that were about 60 minutes long and retailed for $39.95 each.

    In all, RedBoard produced 21 gay spanking titles. In alphabetical order their male videos were: “Bad Boys Get Hurt”, “Come to Blows”, “Frat Bottom Boys 1 and 2”, “Fresh Boy Thrashings”, “The Hard Way”, “Hot Young Asses 1 and 2”, “Houseboy Training”, “Kinky New Meat 1 and 2”, “Making Him Pay”, “Pounding Peters”, “Rawhide Red”, “Rock Bottoms”, “San Francisco Bondage Club 1, 2, 3 and 4,” “The Tender Spot” and “The Upper Hand.”

    The company officially went out of business in 2005. There is an active Video-On-Demand site called “RedBoardVOD.com” but this has nothing to do with the original Red-Board video company and all of the content is of females. I can’t find any existing links to the original gay content anywhere.

    I am attaching a couple of RedBoard’s original black-and-white advertisements, in addition to a few color photos that I found lingering on the web.